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  1. Didn't anyone see the effort he put into the game . Listened to it on Iplayer ,Rotherham commentry and they really rated him . He wants to win more than the rest of the bunch put together . For Brentford - a very good footballing team -to want to pay £1,500,000 shows his worth . Anyone who cannot see this must have voted Pele-cat man of the match
  2. Had to be Bannan by a country mile . His workrate was incredible and is the only player who can pass a ball more than 10 yards
  3. Only he and Bannan looked like footballers tonight
  4. Watching Match of the Day with United giving the European Champions a good game AND seeing Leeds playing great attacking, flowing football . Earlier watched us lose to a pxss poor Luton team in a match whose standard was light years away from the Premier . When will we ever get back to their levels ? We need overall from top to bottom otherwise we have to get use to watching dire matches at Championship level ...if we are lucky
  5. After supporting Wednesday for over 30 years through thick and thin ....sadly more thin than thick!! Today's performance means that until Monk goes I shall go into hibernation . Izzy looked a good player against Leicester so today we play him out of position and he looks average . The whole team looked average against ....Walsall .it was like watching paint dry . If anyone can see anything positive about the future then delusional is the only word . Penney played well .However he will be playing centre forward next game . Rant over ,however untilt he man with no clue goes sadly I
  6. 65 mins . Just lost internet connection AND the will to live . Another dreadful season in store
  7. Just read Wigan supporters comments on him . Seems universal that the are very happy to see the back of him .Not what we need to hear
  8. This is what we have to pay for Windass as Wigan still owe QPR this amount . Not for me .
  9. When I win the Euro millions I will get rid of Chansirii , get rid of Monk ,bring back Stuart Grey ,invest in the team and begin to feel so so much better than i do at the moment .
  10. Not if youare a Wednesday supporter in this present climate !!!
  11. Another mistake . Great impact player and one who cares about the club . Real shame
  12. Sorry should have said Fulham commentators--- am still in shock from QPR match !!
  13. Was watching on ifollow today with QPR commentators . When Adthe came on they said .... Wednesday now have a goal threat ..vastly underrated player .They were right
  14. Obviously a Leeds United fan rubbing it in !!!!
  15. Somehow someone has voted for Joey . Didn't know he was on the pitch . Dave followed by Murphy
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