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  1. Part 1 questioned Moore's tactical ability . Last night again raises that question Yes Windass is very rapid , yes he is a goalscorer BUT to forget our passing game ( excellent against Portsmouth) and lump it forward everytime in the hope that he would break through ...was nonsense . Our goal was .....ball on the floor ... then Bannan's skills . Please don't say Sunderland didn't allow us to play our normal game ..they are a useful Div 1 team not Man City Look how Alex Niel has transformed Sunderland ....enough said
  2. At beginning of the Season when we signed midfielders, we were raving about signing Wing and mentioned in passing Byers hair style At the end of the season Wing has flown (sorry) and Byers has had a great Season,looking a proper footballer However of late he has looked jaded ,therefore best to rest him for the Play offs (Mathematically almost impossible to fail.....though we are Wednesday...) Thoughts ???
  3. As the initiator of this Topic ....I can say I am not a racist,I am not a Moore hater and I have supported Wednesday since being a youngster in the 1970's. At the beginning of the season with the squad we had ,I did believe that we would be Champions ..injuries to key players ,particularly Windass , prevented this . My 2 main points were that a more positive , aggressive attacking style would have been more successful ...tippy tappy football allows weaker teams opponents to defend in depth AND when we went ahead continue to attack rather than PANIC and become defensive allowing teams to take the initiative . Over to you ..
  4. When we attacked/went at Fleetwood in the first 15 mins we could/should have been 3.0 up (Fleetwood Match commentators words) . In the second half when we again went at them /attacked we were all over them (same Commentator). This season we have played lovely,flowing,passing football and our opposition have put men behind the ball and waited for us to .. launch the ball into a crowded area (crowded by defenders). Problem with soooo many passes is if one goes wrong ,or intercepted,or lack of concentration then we are open to the counter attack . How many times this season have we lost/drawn matches and the opposition have had only 3/2/1 chances . When we go ahead we...defend and PANIC and kick the ball anywhere and bring Dunc on to head the ball anywhere . Please don't mention that we are in the Play Offs (hopefully) ...with this squad and a more attacking style we would have been Champions weeks ago . Adopt a more attacking tactic and we shall win the Play Offs
  5. Looking very strong ...happy that Berahino is starting rather than Sow ... finally glimpses of him showing ability Very confident of good win !!
  6. Top quality player ..incredible energy ....Wednesday legend ....please don't anyone mention penalty miss ....that would just be silly !!
  7. r once we got it right ....kept Byres and let Wing go ....
  8. Could someone tell Patterson that the pantomime season is over ...oh no it's not ..oh yes it is What a character ...great to have on/around the team
  9. Obviuosly BPF but he made me so nervous I wobbled
  10. Looked really off the pace ....Almost gave them 2 goals tonight plus penalty . Was nervous from early on when he should gave slid out an attacked the ball on the floor Sadly goes from hero to zero ...not something you want in a keeper
  11. we shall get promotion this Season ...Bannan , Windass, Iofa, Luongo . Backed Wednesday at the beginning of the Season in the belief that these 4 would dominate Div ! Sadly injury has prevented this ...however there is still time . However belief/expectation in Moore has dipped . They may save him
  12. Vardy offered to Wednesday when Pearson was the Manager at Leicester. Gray wanted to sign him ...the rest is History
  13. 100% commitment to the Cause ..so frustrating for him playing with non footballers ....only Hutchinson on his wave length today ...
  14. Sadly was able to watch the game (Portugal) . Hartlepool played some nice controlled football , confident on the ball and .....we chased shadows . After Saturday had a nice glow ..... tonight all change against a makeshift Div 2 team Forgot the joy of being a Wednesdayite ...after 40 years of supporting them ...silly me !!.
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