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  1. On the few occasions Bannan played with FF and/or Fletcher he would always look for them ,confident t they would be productive /creative . He has now established the same relationship with Reach . They are our only two creative players . Unless we sign quality then they will not sign new contracts .. We really would be a Div team then Next few weeks vital for our future .
  2. The touch of a Rhinoceros . The heart of a Lion . Makes Joey look like a real footballer BUT he scores goals . Perhaps Wednesdays worst signing in years OR their saviour . His name is Paterson . Opinions please
  3. Until we know if Pulis did meet with DC and told him his demands then we cannot know the whole picture . If the meeting took place then we really are in a mess ........obviously no money for players with no good manager in their right mind touching us. If however DC saw that Pulis was a dinosaur whose team were producing the worst football since the Eustace era (many moons ago ). Then there may be hope for us ....a young manager with money to buy players would be the kick start we need !!!!
  4. In these day of possession football ..... Pulis is to be congratulated upon creating a new brand of football It's called ..... Big Kick then back into defensive formation .......with a lone forward chasing around like a demented hare . May keep us up but..... even after Covid the stands will remain empty whilst the fans prefer to watch paint dry !!!!
  5. Every time someone runs at our 3 ..... Palmer, Oddjob and Van ..... they are taken to the cleaners . What has Penney done wrong ?? Oddjob ,in an attacking wing back role ,is much happier and has put in some good performances this season . Keep him but others have to be replaced ......
  6. Much ,much better . However Van is not a defender and Oddjob not a fullback . January incomings needed in those areas
  7. At Boro they had some quality players and were expected to get promotion .Bearing this in mind 31/46 does not bode well for our future entertainment even after we have bought attacking players .Lump on until Jan transfer s then hopefully we shall score goals .
  8. Until the January incomings TP will not change his strategy . Therefore to ease the burden of watching defensive,non creative football ... Back under 2.5 goals on each match at the Bookies I have done this on all 3 matches and for a £10 stake am now now showing a £32 profit . At least the kids can have a Merry Christmas .
  9. Then fast forward 2 and a bit seasons . Finally Pulis contract up . We desperately look to leave our Stoke City of the Championship tag behind us . Yes we did stay up and yes we almost reached the play offs . However our fan had dropped to 10,000 and and play involving 3 passes inspired wild cheering .. Sorry but today we saw in the first 15 minutes..... the future .
  10. No brainer .... and entirely expected . Very good news
  11. When TC said he wanted to be a true friend to DC . This implies that he feels DC has been stitched up by previous advisers s/managers . Kept mentioning ...little return for amount of money spent . Feeling much more confident after Interview that we are on the right course !!
  12. I never said I wanted Pulis . Merely trying to get some form of positivity towards his appointment . Would love Howe,Cook. Pearson etc
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