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  1. Won't state the obvious .....however more worrying is the decision by Moore to play him . Paterson or Rhodes needs to go upfront to help the ball stick . Again worrying Managerial choices . Sadly .... Moore may not be leader we are looking good for next
  2. Some of Bannan's play today was exceptional ..... particularly the through balls ....for those who cannot see that you really don't have a clue . Imagine watching Wednesday in League 1 without Bannan ....that really would be horrendous . Enjoy his skills whilst he is still here
  3. To complete the story . Stuart Gray wanted to sign him .......the rest is history .....
  4. Against Luton first half excellent performance ...then awful second half Today exactly the same ......... As soon as they are asked questions they bottle it . Relegation assured . Need young ,hungry players for next season . Hopefully Moore's experience will help
  5. When Bannan does not play well .....tonight , Coventry . Then we have no creativity whatsoever and look a very poor, team ...that lumps the ball forward at every chance . When he is on his game he brings Reach and Harris into the game and we do play some attractive touch football . I know he has his detractors but if the other players had his ability, running power and commitment we would not be in the position we are . Before any criticism of him ask the question how does Joey and Kachunga get to be on the same pitch ???????
  6. First 20 mins last night was best he has played for Wednesday . Then he resorted to back passes and finally ran out of steam after 50 mins . Shaw and Luongo better engines,box to box players who can score . Nothing against Joey , always give 100% and seems a positive and popular character with other players . However not a Championship player player
  7. By luck we have found a Manager . Results going well . Players responding to him ...even the "difficult" ones . Younger players given chances . No expensive backroom squad to be brought in . Wednesdayite. Knows the club . Happy to let D.C control . Knows the players and their capabilities ..... no-one thought of playing Urhoghide could play left back .!! Deserves the job until the end of the Season at least !!
  8. When Tony Pulis was made Manager I advised back all Wednesday League games less than 2.5 goals . 9 matches less with only 3 more.. Therefore with this Profit back Thompson to be next Manager (for the rest of Season) after another encouraging performance tonight . 5/2 at present . Thompson is a perfect fit for D.C ....cheap ....happy to let D.C be the main man ,,,,,,getting the results with the players support . D. C may wait until after Saturdays result ...but the 5/2 will have gone . Lump on NOW
  9. Hello again .... Yes I would love to sign a new, young , exciting prospect . However my point was that at this present moment ,any money we have should not be spent on a full back but on a striker whose goals can keep us up .
  10. Wednesday have at present Galvin .....looks a very good prospect Penney ..... experienced and untapped potential Palmer .......experienced and at times looks better on the left rather than right . Why are we prepared to pay money out for another left back WHEN it is obvious we desperately need a goal scorer . Typical misguided Wednesday transfer policy . However not sure there is one any more
  11. Happy with him !!! Has the team playing some good football tonight . .Playing youth ,who are playing with confidence .Sensible substitutions. Remember when under Monk we played Man City with 11 men behind the ball even when 2-0 down . Remember Pulis . Experienced Managers who did not motivate the squad . #Give him until end of Season . The players obviously play for him .
  12. Showed touches of class .Was confident on the ball . Needs better players around him
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