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  1. Borner, dear oh dear. Shocking pass. Let the comedy start now dele is on.
  2. Very scrappy game on a poor pitch. Borner an absolute car crash, not done one thing right. Penney not much better. Green shown a few promising glimpses and Palmer has done well. I would take pessy off and put luongo on at half time and then bring Harris on mid way through the second half.
  3. Urhogide having a great game. Borner having a nightmare and sleeping on the goal. Green looks lively and Paterson and reach doing ok. We are still in this.
  4. It will force him to sell up as he realises the support isn’t there for HIM
  5. I want the guy gone, 100%. However, I did see him getting abuse after a game a few seasons ago, and it has been recorded and put on YouTube. A small crowd had gathered around him and the other guy. He didn’t back down and told the other guy that if he didn’t like it don’t come.
  6. When will we all wake up and realise that chansiri doesn’t have a clue, and is dragging us down, deeper and deeper every day. This will carry on while customers () continue to buy season tickets, iFollow and club merchandise. Don’t buy any more. If everyone did this he would immediately get the message that we don’t want him in charge any longer. Away to Coventry with zero iFollow ticket sales will get back to him. I live too far away but I really hope someone gets The Wednesday FC up and running. I’m sure it would attract the quality of players to start off in tier 8 or 9.
  7. I was in the home end as well, stood behind the goal. You’re right, Horst bossed everyone that night, was magnificent
  8. Let me check the club website to see if he’s injured, got Covid or is self isolating.
  9. Fantastic today, and what a run for the second goal. Well done young man.
  10. I don’t agree with that. Been caught out of position several times and distribution poor.
  11. When I was taken as a young lad, by a friend of my parents, he took a tin of snuff to the game. When Wednesday scored the tin would come out and he’d pass it round his mates and me. Brst sweets for a game though has to be lindor chocolate balls, go perfectly with a hot coffee.
  12. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. So Meat Loaf tells us. Not sure you can apply that to football though.
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