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  1. Disagree on bannan, I think he has shown encouragement and criticism where needed. Also, bannan and lees have easily played well enough to be amongst the first names on the team sheet.
  2. If what you describe did happen, strong characters will do as you say. In fact my response would be to pin him against a wall and knock his teeth in. However, not everyone can deal with it as you describe. Let’s say both wildsmith and Dawson both complained of bullying, what would you do then? Tell them to go and prove him wrong? That would be very poor management. As he is the issue it is him that needs to change or leave.
  3. That’s what I said! They have to be dealt with. And I never said he “was” a bully, just said “if....”
  4. Wow, didn’t know you were a fully trained and leading human behaviour expert! The point I’m making is this, you don’t have to suffer bullies, they need to be dealt with. You cannot allow the bad behaviour of one person to infect the team.
  5. No, not looking at his stats in the Dutch and English premier leagues
  6. I was referring to the lad time up to it. Hey ho, all watter under t’bridge nah.
  7. I think we’ll have to agree to disagree then. Of course, we both hope that Westwood has a fault free game tonight and we pick up 3 points. WAWAW
  8. No! D1ckh3ads need sorting out in all walks of life. Bullying is just not acceptable.
  9. Just watched it. You were out on the timing. 3 minutes in poor back pass from Palmer means he has to rush his clearance and it hits a Wycombe player. Not quite the same as lobbing it to an opposition player in the box with 75% of the goal open
  10. Oh I see, everyone has to “tough up and get on with it”? Great attitude - not.
  11. Disagree, Wildsmith has kept 2 clean sheets in his last 2 games and done nothing wrong.
  12. That’s a bizarre thing to say, what’s your thinking behind it?
  13. You say we’re using games to get mardy up to speed but yet that’s the right thing to do until January. I totally disagree, we can’t afford his mistakes.
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