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  1. I find the fact we don't have one, hard to swallow. We just have to take it on the chin.
  2. I sat in that away section that day when it was on the side. Had to pinch myself.
  3. Suffer?? It's a bloody game. A pastime. A hobby.
  4. What factor allows you through? Not being facetious, just curious
  5. The guy two doors up logged on the same time as me. Only difference was his was his daughters dodgy laptop on wifi. His crashed, mine didn't. Bizarre. I'm not disputing you. I'm just wondering if it's a factor.
  6. You think it might have been people logging on too late? I was logged on about two hours before and used a network cable to the router to keep a solid connection.
  7. Ifollow was perfect on Sunday. I think a lot of the issues is people's IT set up.
  8. My issue was knowing both goals were coming because the neighbours who were watching on Sky, celebrated about 20 seconds ahead of me.
  9. The one on his left arm. What do we think it says?
  10. Clear as mud isn't it? I'll log on soon and just see!
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