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  1. metaframe

    Caption this

    5ft 2, Doctor, write 5ft 2
  2. Isn't Theater of Breams actually Breamhall Lane? We could do EELsborough Stadium.
  3. metaframe

    Energy for Sunday

    Yep. Agree at this stage of the season it shouldn’t be a problem having three days rest. No different to a Wed -> Sat
  4. metaframe


    I suppose, but it does seem odd. Mind you having two number 1s vying for the spot is no bad thing.
  5. Another clean sheet. For me I can’t really understand why he isn’t playing in the league.
  6. metaframe

    SWFC Crop Circle !

    They haven't, unfortunately. mastered perspective in photoshop, though.
  7. I dont really understand why he's switched Wildsmith and Dawson though.
  8. metaframe

    Club 1867 ?

    In all seriousness, they should do a debenture scheme and allow resale of tickets etc. Would be a lot more appealing.
  9. metaframe

    Has Sam Smart...........

    Did Jon Bestwetherick? Wait, hold on.
  10. Sterling doesn’t look interested one bit.
  11. Yet people blat hundred quid on a night out that they literally wee wee up the wall. Or a poo tattoo
  12. Hope they sell the better ones again
  13. OK. Unsure if joking or not. But thanks. Feels like a good purchase if only for the fact it boosts the club coffers.
  14. metaframe

    Caption Competition

    Nope. No Snow. I fcuking knew it.