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  1. Yes - though not the same blood limit, it’s based on behaviour.
  2. I think more than anything he lost what pace he had. I don’t think I’ve seen a professional footballer look* as slow when running as Rhodes. * not just raw speed but the relative speed to size and role
  3. Looks like the EA works after last time helped
  4. Partly because he’s a miserable arsehole and the translation takes so long it’s like a comedy sketch.
  5. And straight to the Leeds players post match. Worse than Look North.
  6. Complete flipping rip off. I am literally so sick and tired of football cheats.
  7. I had to send the flipping Butler to measure this “Florence and Fred” garb.
  8. Not me - just based on the level of conversation in here I didn't dare say Aquascutum .
  9. I’m normally an XL or XXL T-shirt and that’s fine for bands fc size. I need a 4XL for the 19/20 shirt. Stupidly small.
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