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  1. On the bench for Kosovo? Hmm.
  2. Dem blades

  3. Recognition for Adam Reach

    Clearly better when paired with the right defender on that wing.
  4. Caption Competition

    "If we get down to his level, we might spot him practicing free kicks"
  5. Stunning insight there.
  6. Them boards

    They said they'd reduce the brightness at the steering meeting.
  7. Youre obviously VERY excited about it. 8=====-
  8. They should really call it an introductory discount. That’s okay.
  9. What are the adult sizes like? Come up big? Small?
  10. PC BS everything sterile and inoffensive.
  11. Just sums up the direction society is going in. Depressing.
  12. Anniversary watches

    Dad had a Wednesday watch that used to show the owl logo and go black over the space of a minute or two.
  13. That front right tyre looks like summat off Herbie Goes Bananas
  14. Anniversary watches

    I think they’re quite nice and I considered my purchase of one as my bit to help the club.