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  1. Des walker last one I saw
  2. George Boyd

    Way too much porcine infiltration on here these days. Don't react.
  3. Forest's bogey team

    What I noticed about Forest was the coaching staff (not so much the manager) screaming at the players like school teachers. Never a good sign is it?
  4. Caption competition

    "Woah, the altitude up here is making me light headed"
  5. Lucas Joao vs Jordan Rhodes

    Rhodes + Once scored lots in a team who conceded more - runs like he's wearing a brass victorian divers helmet and shoes - girly handwriting Joao + speaks the same language as Carlos - false tooth Is that what you meant?
  6. your 1st game you went to

    Struggling to remember but probably from the 91 cup run.

    I don't really like the new shirt, but the way the shirt is being managed now supply chain wise I'd bet a lot more of the cash goes straight to the club. So for that reason, I'll be buying one regardless.
  8. I think around 10th or 11th this season. Just don't look like scoring many and a makeshift defence.
  9. Caption competition

    "Have you had 'em done?" "Yep"
  10. Caption competition

    "SWFC unveil their 1867-68 shirt a little later than planned"
  11. Next season kit

    Those arrival pictures are photoshopped!
  12. Caption Competition

    Or "Yeah, I'm on the blue and white striped boat, mate!"
  13. Caption Competition

    Pirlo, not pedalo you fool!
  14. Scott Oakes was a good call above.

    "Barry, get down from that 6 foot ladder and stop taking pictures of me"