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  1. It’s already ended. it’s the long trudge towards admin, f-ing over local businesses and someone starting again
  2. Yeah. But at least his wife’s letters to the fans with his name on make up for it
  3. There will be a proper meltdown on here if Bannan and Reach go. life itself will end when they leave the club
  4. Yet players still hug and high five etc. it’s just moronic
  5. the point that still gets missed because you bought a shirt with Reach on it. we have to move forward as a club and I think it means a new midfield
  6. Nowt like a working class human rights QC and KBE. Would never vote for him, but a damn sight better than Corbyn.
  7. If you have a background in software performance and load testing and design / cloud app performance, then I have "remote" perm roles going. DM me if you think you might fit the bill.
  8. I don’t think it’s right to laugh at others’ misfortune. *stifles belly laugh*
  9. Still slower than a Tesla that orange monstrosity,.
  10. Wilder planning on staying after hearing about this very fast player called Lambo.
  11. According to Okta, Bannan and Reach have NEVER lost a match as managers" Unbeaten.
  12. Well if you’re insisting that’s what it’s only about... facts speak for themselves - reach and Bannan got us to two play offs, playing well. we failed twice, we’re bouncing around relegation, the team is not moving forward
  13. You’re *still*’missing the point spectacularly. it’s not whether they score goals or assists — it’s about the mentality of the players and club. we need a fresh start on and off the pitch. stats can show whatever you like - how many goals has reach scored in last 2 seasons?
  14. Biggest bum in professional football.
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