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  1. Not sure taking out a few wonga loans makes one an expert in corporate refinancing.
  2. Look at the size of the flippingarms
  3. I haven’t read the whole thread but tbh whilst I hate the pigs and everything they stand for, I have no problem saying congrats to our rivals who in fairness have achieved something for once.
  4. Dawson jumped over the ball. He should have saved that tbh
  5. Hector has been the difference recently at the back and it gives Westwood the chance of a clean sheet if he makes a few saves. Before, it was chaos.
  6. I think it doesn’t help we play complete dross pre season
  7. I think we will be 5 points short
  8. Its pretty much his ability. That’s half the humour in it. Unless you’re Man U and threatened him with legal action for drawing a rough copy of the badge
  9. I’d say clattering of jugs on the bars and wolf whistles
  10. Refs usually have a big part to play in derby games one way or another.
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