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  1. Proper impressed with the Barnsley commentary during the last six minutes.
  2. I asked and I got https://www.flickr.com/photos/ironmonger/16407985776/in/photolist-qZVdwu-pj9g1q-BDm6FQ-Bd4REn-Bcsn8x-BCDyS4-AGGfDb-AZpd7w-zLxs6J-yeeV8d-xLnzrL-x15UjN-xG3Nb6-wJpHDs-xoHf73-xoGAJC-xoP5GF-xAaMTf-xjuwPx-xxsPAC-x44ih4-vYowE8-wSUfke-vW2HED-wAgENC-wSVThe-wzUKMM-vUt3ep-wDcxTs-wszkCw-uAeYeE-usqg4w-tR5iAo-tCup5F-sxWKjN-rCTand-rbgroD-rGPxYM-rEAGdq-rgj2BF-rxE7sD-rxxEWv-qL5hPW-q698ze-pPCuuF-pAS5cd-pXUt65-pN77KY-pKRXhK-oNk9bJ
  3. My dad had this SWFC watch in the 80s which went black and then clear again to reveal the numbers and owl motif every 15-30 seconds or so. instead of a second hand it used a polarised transparent pair of discs presumably. I was fascinated by the thing.
  4. IIRC he managed the reserves for many years as well
  5. Sorry if mentioned already but the gold socks and trim make it look like the pig players are all wearing borrowed PE kit that’s 5 sizes Too small
  6. First game of the season. oh, we look $h1t
  7. My point didn’t bring the owner into it — just the punishments are not aligned
  8. Quite but I just don’t get the weird cabal of people here almost happy we are punished and find it funny.
  9. That’s a separate point to mine though. it’s not about our guilt or otherwise. Just that the punishments aren’t aligned
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