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  1. 3D Printed Hillsborough

    Would they be happy sharing the STL file?
  2. Hutch Hutch Hutch

    Just watching the match back, Hutch was everywhere.
  3. 5 at the back?

    Still think we'd be missing a very good left WB.
  4. Why didn't we get Pulis?

    The Jeremy Corbyn of football management.
  5. Wish there were more pics of the city centre in the 80s and 90s
  6. Dont (just) rely on BBC Weather. Their new meteogroup models are somewhat different to the rest of the other forecasters right now.

    The play on towards the end was insane.
  8. Jordan Rhodes ruled out

    At the weekend, the line was he was very sick, and ill. SO probably more likely some sort of bug or something.
  9. It’s a bit crap how they get home advantage regardless of draw in the semis
  10. Caption Competition

    “Ever heard of Doyen Sports? No? Good.... “
  11. Tonight's Highlights

    There now.
  12. I can feel it in my bones. *they're playing Qatar in a friendly
  13. Caption Competition

    Lucas and Dave Explain Perspective — A free workshop for the simple minds of Barnsley
  14. Nah he’s mellowed in his old age.