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  1. My point didn’t bring the owner into it — just the punishments are not aligned
  2. Quite but I just don’t get the weird cabal of people here almost happy we are punished and find it funny.
  3. That’s a separate point to mine though. it’s not about our guilt or otherwise. Just that the punishments aren’t aligned
  4. And that’s the point. If those things attract the same punishment then hugely overspending For a season to the point of bankruptcy then taking a pre pack admin is now hugely attractive.
  5. The unlimited part likely just aligns with how much someone puts in “illegally”. if someone came and pumped a billion into a club, they could fine them inline with that. unless Man City then it’s all ok
  6. in fact, you could argue that he is bringing funds from outside the U.K. into the U.K. economy rather than effectively stealing money from the taxpayer and the local folk in Wigan it’s nothing to do with being a fan — it’s just common sense
  7. feels a bit like you’re answering someone else’s posts
  8. Or it will encourage clubs to do a pre-pack administration and a chance to start over from scratch with very little inbound investment management needed.
  9. You genuinely believe there’s no united fans on the site?
  10. You’re missing the point most of you. One financially affects Chansiri, the other stiffs the local and national economy and the tax payer. I don’t really get the “haha we deserve it” nonsense — pig infiltration warning.
  11. Go into Administration - stuff over suppliers, government, local people and staff = 12 points breach p&s for 1 year on a technicality around ground sale, no actual financial harm done to nation or locality = 12 points it’s not right.
  12. The camouflage represents the status of the club accounts.
  13. Apparently they based the pattern on the accounts.
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