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  1. It’s often said that clubs lose their connection to fans because he owners aren’t football men and the coaches and staff they hire have no previous history with the clubs they work for. I’ve heard it said here (and said it Myself) that we don’t feel at all connected to the club in what is a difficult time in our history. Fans want their ‘legends’ to return to the club in one way or another Bringing in Pressman as a coach would be another step in the right direction to rebuild that. Whether he’ll be good or not, can’t really say, but surely he can’t be much worse than th
  2. Here’s the thing. Without the -6 points off, we’d be in 19th place on 14 points, only two ahead of the relegation zone. With the squad as it is it’s probable that this will be our level for the next 18-24 months unless there is an incredible January transfer window that sees three top strikers (and reinforcements on the wings and in holding midfield as well?) brought in. This job is going to require a lot of deep surgery, possibly even a whole new squad of players long term. Nobody wants it to be like that, but the grim reality is we look set to
  3. At least Fletch won’t be able to stick the knife in. Then again, Fox is likely to play..... Both sides will be very defensive out of possession so this will come down to who is most effective going forward. And considering our dearth of options compared to the likes of Gregory and Campbell, we'll do remarkably well to win this one. Heart says 1-0 win for Stoke, but of course I’d love to be wrong. UTO.
  4. Unless he’s already found a club or gone back to his homeland, I wouldn’t mind another look at Jackson Irvine to fill one of those two CM gaps. I’ve seen him play further forward supporting strikers and further back helping the defence in his previous teams. Not to mention he’s a big fella, likes to win headers, and works damn hard. I imagine he fits Pulis’s image of what he wants the squad to be in the centre of the park.
  5. For what it’s worth, I’d like Paul Cook. Pulis will probably do a job short term but I get the sense it’ll be costly short term fix. Cook won’t necessarily be prettier to watch but it would feel like a 3-4 year project with a guy who does have a decent championship record, gets a lot out of the resources he has, and did amazingly well under impossible circumstances last season.
  6. My gut says I don’t think we’re beating Brentford tomorrow. All the signs seem to be in our favour; They are slow starters and are missing some key personnel in midfield (Noorgard has been a big miss for them) but even without Benrahma and Watkins they’ve still got bags of goalscoring potential in Toney and Mbuemo. Keep it tight, don’t let them dominate the ball and territory, and utilise the Paterson/Windass(Marriott) front two efficiently and we’ve got a very good chance at it.
  7. This doesn’t quite show pass percentage completion, but it definitely shows that we sh*t ourselves in terms of stringing a controlled chain of passes together. The low average was probably down to that last ten minutes.
  8. “......Garry Monk SPEAKS OUT after the Birmingham game and does NOT hold back with his thoughts....” Garry Monk SPEAKS OUT.....NOT..... Clever....
  9. Even with all the new boys coming in, the team seeming to take shape, and the much better than expected start, it’s not too far off to suggest that the season could actually be defined by how well (and how often) Luongo plays. He looks so natural in that’s midfield three. No surprise, there’s a lot of similarity to the role he performed at QPR in what he’s doing here: gets forward when there’s a chance, but mostly stays further back and bolsters the back line. If he stays fit and keeps up this level of performance in his current role then we’ll be easily shooting for mi
  10. Apologies if this has already been dissected and settled. Just noticed that this and out today, seems like a fairly easy explanation of what’s going on. Article begins: Sheffield Wednesday’s owner Dejphon Chansiri is in the process of securing a debt against the club’s Hillsborough stadium, with a search to protect a “pending charge” made at the Land Registry on September 30. But what does it all mean, and what are the implications for the club? The Athletic explains… What has actually happened? Until June last year, Hillsborough was owned by Sheffield We
  11. Yes, Windass back in our squad 100%. He was a rare bright spot in a dismal end of season run.
  12. Well, beg my pardon Sir. Spoilt is a ridiculous claim. I’ve been watching us since 1989 and I’ve known nothing but failure aside from a year or two of Francis (which i have fleeting memories of) and a year and a half of Carvahal. I’ve been to games in the Prem, Championship, League 1, Away FA cup games at Southport and Scunthorpe, you name it I’ve been there. All I want is a club that’s run properly by someone who knows what the hell they're doing, and funnily enough I’ve never seen that. Shame on me for petulantly wanting my club to be in good standing. My
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