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  1. Ruffled a few feathers here I reckon. I’m still behind the players and the staff on the ground, so there’s no flounce about it. The question itself implies a binary choice, so perhaps it’s been (rightly) taken as such. Hyperbolic? Yes. There are other measures and outcomes of course (new owner Chansiri finally sees sense) that would be more favourable, but it’s a hell of a long way back to recover from the mess we’re in. The club means a lot to me as it does to everybody here and I can’t stand seeing it being dragged through the dirt the way it is. It’s n
  2. Title says it all. I’d rather the club folded than continue with Chansiri throttling it. Horrifically poor recruitment of players and staff, constant cash flow problems, total disrespect shown to the supporters, and a childish refusal to accept responsibility for the damage he’s caused have sent the club past the point of no return. The name can always be re-used in some way for a Phoenix club if it comes to that, but that comes after the fall. No Wednesday is better than *this* Wednesday.
  3. Would anyone be surprised if Chansiri made up the narrative of “I offered him a (short term) contract and he turned it down. End of story, forget about him, let me choose someone now” to try and show he at least ‘tried’ to keep the fans happy? I’ve no proof of that before anyone says anything, but Chansiri seems to be intentionally alienating the supporters from the club as an property. He really doesn’t care about the fans (customers) at all. He doesn’t understand the mindset of the asset he’s bought and the community and feeling around it. It’s a child’s view of what football is
  4. After Chansiri? The Nuclear Option. The club as we know it is finished. what will probably happen is a rebuild from the ground up in League 1, League 2, or possibly even from the non-league. a fresh start in a lower vs. a continuous death spiral? Not a difficult choice for me.
  5. Any good side needs at least three players for each position in the whole squad (I’m not talking about the selected 25, I mean the entire setup). To only have one good LB and another who is promising but not the finished article in our squad is concerning. Plus, also consider that he is a very good player in League 2/League 1. Perhaps it’s wise to look in those markets as well since....y’know.....
  6. For goodness sake, move him on. He’s done.
  7. I’ve always liked Lukas ‘The Duke’ Jutkeiwicz at this level. He would answer a lot of the questions we have about the striking and goal scoring problems we have if we brought him in. can I use the term ‘Missing Link’ in a way that doesn’t imply he’s a Neanderthal?
  8. He’s the biggest creditor for sure. However, administration procedures can be started by any creditor(s) within the club. If Chansiri is the *only* creditor then there’s little chance of a voluntary agreement. However, there is a possibility that the club may be put into an enforced Administration CVA if it’s deemed to have overstretched its resources (like Leeds in 2007), or if the owner decides to withdraw all funding or refuses to/cannot provide sufficient funding for the operation of the club (like Bury in 2019). Not saying that any scenario is likely here, only pr
  9. That Newcastle team shouldn’t be struggling as badly as they are, there are some quality players in there. Listening to some Newcastle fans podcasts and YT channels and I feel terrible for them having to put up with the dross I’m seeing in the highlights. Bruce looks like he’s lost but doesn’t want to resign because he’ll supposedly get a £1.5 Mill payout, Mike Ashley won’t sack him because he’ll have to spend more money on a club he wants to sell. Its a bad situation that is quickly spiraling for them. Bruce wanted to leave us, that’s fine, his choice. Afte
  10. I might have said this before Christmas, but just in case I didn’t.... Administration is in no way a good outcome, however it may be our only way out of the hole we’re in. Chansiri won’t sell up for anything less than two or three times what he bought it for plus the price he’ll put on any resale of the stadium, so a forcible acquisition by Administrators may be the only viable option. There could be a ridiculously wealthy US/otherwise foreign businessman or oil sheik who decides to purchase us. That in itself is a huge gamble since the next guy could be worse than Cha
  11. Luongo and Westwood won’t play on Sunday, seems we’re saving them for Coventry. The others are supposedly in the frame to play. I’d be tempted to play the 11 that beat Exeter and start the returnees on the bench with an eye to bring them on later in the game solely to get minutes on the board in time for the Coventry game.
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