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  1. I’d take any style of football to get out of this division. Then hope that we would adopt a more attractive and attacking style of football in a higher division
  2. I have also noticed in league 1 that referees give fewer fouls for physical contact. In the premier league and championship they blow for the slightest contact. I don’t think the referees are as good but they let the game flow and ignore physical challenges. In many ways it’s better but any team trying to overplay are going to find it difficult against a physical team. You have to get the balance right between passing and moving and being direct and physical. I think in a higher league the challenge on Gibson in the 1st few minutes against Bolton would have been a foul. We need to adapt to this league and to date I don’t think we have done.
  3. Does anyone know when we might expect tickets to be on sale for our home game against Oxford on 2 October?
  4. I signed up for membership and included postage three weeks ago. I have received a confirmation email but not received a card yet. I guess I don’t need the card but that’s not the point. They are slow at processing this sort of stuff though.
  5. I don’t think we should worry about where players should fit in, it’s good to have options. We have about 6 players injured now and this could be the case all season where players are injured or need resting. It also gives us the ability to change things around to suit opposition or if we need to make changes during a game.
  6. I don’t think we need any more numbers in but Moore will be looking for any player that is available and would improve us. It could be a worry that 3 of our centre backs could have a recurrence of previous injuries but with Gibson and Palmer as an emergency cover hopefully we should be ok. Maybe at the next transfer window we could sort any shortfalls.
  7. Patterson will be a key member of the squad this season. He will play his fair share of games and contribute with goals and assists. If we go up and want to compete with teams at the top end of the Championship we may need better.
  8. As I started this thread I will give my opinion. Since we signed him Reach has been one of our better players, there were more far worse than him. He worked hard, had some good games and scored goals, some spectacular. However his form deteriorated, the same as the team. Maybe because of the large outlay and wages we expected more. It was right that he moved on and we parted company. It’s a shame we didn’t get a fee for him but he has freed up wages and I think our current squad is stronger with the changes made. Reach is not a poor player he has some qualities but he is not without weaknesses.
  9. It was a great result against Rotherham so stick with same team as far as possible. There may be a doubt with Luongo’s fitness if so go with Adeniran. Also maybe Gregory for Kamberi.
  10. He worked hard for the team. He couldn’t be faulted for effort and commitment. He covered a lot of ground up and down the flanks. However the quality of his final ball and crossing left a lot to be desired. His shooting and finishing was woeful.
  11. Many to choose from. The best for me have been Iorfa, BPF, Bannan, Adeniran, Gregory in that order. Therefore Iorfa for me, he has been immense considering he has come back from a bad injury, closely followed by BPF.
  12. Surely details of match day tickets arrangements will be announced today. Isn’t it also today when International call ups are finalised? I am away this weekend and would have preferred to have got my ticket beforehand. There must be so many issues with call ups and international travel which is causing the delay.
  13. Not gone too well for Adam Reach and West Brom tonight. I’ve not watched the match, how has he played anyone.
  14. What is the situation regarding parking in Morrison’s car park or at the Barracks
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