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  1. Akinfenwa shouldn’t be playing in a match to determine who should go into the championship
  2. MK Dons are trying to match Wycombe for effect and aggression but as I said earlier they are not as good at it. They are are younger team compared to Wycombe and are a bit naive. Now they are down to 10 they will be lucky to keep it down to 1-0
  3. Wycombe are dragging MK Dons down to their level and are much better at it.
  4. I have Membership I’m not a Foundation Member. My membership details were showing under my personal details. It was straightforward for me once the match details were shown against my account.
  5. Well I’ve tried but there are not match details showing. Anybody else had any luck.
  6. I am a member and according to the instructions should be eligible to apply from 1.00 pm today. However when I log in it says no event. I currently have no access to availability. Hopefully this will change at 1.00 pm or I am doing something wrong.
  7. I wanted more goals as well. When the 6th went in I wanted 7, 8 or 9. But it was right that we made changes but after we did the front two were not as good and we were less of a goal threat. Also the rest of the players would have eased off to protect themselves and be ready for the next game.
  8. The fund is increasing slowly but does need a donation from someone with some serious money.
  9. Thank you to all who have contributed. Please keep spreading the word as the appeal needs to find new people who will help to reach the target.
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