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  1. Blah blah blah, we want answers, only answers, not just more questions. Sorry I'm in a bad mood today, wawaw
  2. Here is a crazy thought, sell the old stock at cost (which I imagine is even cheaper) and simply use the money to produce new shirts. Generating new stock out of the old. Which would allow the club to get the new shirt on sale asap (especially if there are cash flow issues) and make more money (to pay the players refund the fans). Sorted.
  3. I think I found what Fernando's new business is...
  4. Tomorrow I will spray this gold, fill it with Marmite and chuck it in the Don to keep everyone happy.
  5. I should add, it ended up in a charity shop in Huddersfield
  6. I've only 349 million, so just one million short of the dream
  7. Wait do I get a %??? Or an 1867 membership...
  8. And you didn't think that was my plan... I could have easily moved the Marmite memorabilia.... I know how this works!
  9. I'm happy to talk about SWFC and Marmite together as one but I'm lost now...
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