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  1. How is this thread still running, lol. Me shud speak wrongly a greater percentage off Tim
  2. No stop, the point stands the tread doesn't. Another time another thread. Plus he is doing well for Huddersfield.
  3. Okay, this is just to see how angry people get... At sensible things
  4. Toxic masculinity? You don't have to be ashamed, we are all friends here.
  5. Thanks for your contribution, but I support you in your sexual choices. It's very brave to come out in a forum like this. I'm not against waving a pink Wednesday flag...
  6. Just because I'm not making any real point doesn't mean we can't have fun. A penguin told me the next bond will be an owl.
  7. It won't hurt the pitch. And maybe I just like the idea of surprising Kevin with new friends, because we all live in the 90's. God, what if I'd mentioned... Monster Trucks!
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