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  1. Until deleted, sad... Who doesn't want to talk about Wednesday via the medium of marmite
  2. Love it or hate it we are all league 1 (checks with producer [off] ''we got that right league 1'')
  3. Well it sounds fun at the pig stye, ifollow radio seems to want to cover that game rather than us...
  4. What's going on we are better than this? Aren't we, I'm not sure anymore.....
  5. Chipping it over the keeper in training is great, were is that skill today?
  6. What do we do in training? We are always worse for having extra time between games.
  7. Aston Villa in the prem is all I get from Radio Sheffield... Maybe I am sleeping, wake me up once we've won.
  8. It's almost surreal losing to Plymouth, I'd hate to see us take on a bag of badgers, hopefully we know how to fight. Big second half coming up, wawaw.
  9. Don't see where the goals are coming from, all three of them, happy to be proved wrong
  10. It's not gonna be easy, this league, teams will know what we are about and if we're not at the races we will get punished.
  11. Agree with the majority of that. Hopefully we never find out about his shot stopping ability with Iorfa and (hopefully) Hutch back soon. Possible the easiest route to our clean sheet record ever, lol.
  12. So preseason I defended the idea that our pre-BPF keepers were good enough. But with the clean sheets and the confidence I have with him and the defence, I'd like to say I was totally wrong. We did need a new first team keeper. So glad to have BPF. Anyone else have something they were wrong about Wednesday related... Otherwise we can all just get of track and talk about marmite again.
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