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  1. They are doing a right job on us here. Can't get the ball down in midfield and no link up play to the forwards!
  2. Still better than the Chelsea club shop after today!!!!
  3. The charge will be logged at Land Registry and the record is available via Companies House. The first charge doesn't have to be removed and lenders often don't remove their charge when a loan is repaid. It sometimes goes unnoticed until the asset is sold.
  4. The booze and gear is no excuse. Loads of lads can, and do, go out, get smashed and still have a good time without being complete idiots. Even if yoy are on the gear you don't have to act like a complete moron!
  5. Regarding the timing of the filing of the accounts.......as stated above, you don't need to file last minute. In fact, many companies that are trying to improve their credit rating, reputation or to demonstrate financial wellbeing file early. The fact is, we haven't filed ours, it sets alarm bells ringing and whilst it's still conjecture it would appear that either (a) the auditors won't sign off on a going concern basis, or (b) they show yet another breach of FFP and once published will lead to further sanctions.
  6. Totally agree. I wonder if LondonOwl has actually seen someone die in front of him. Its horrific to see even if you do know/accept that people die. Main point is that the guy looks like he is on the road to recovery. How people feel or react to what they saw is irrelevant. Everyone is different and handles situations differently.
  7. As others have said, maybe some other clubs are struggling. Still doesn't make things ok for us being part of that band. And we seem to be the only club that is in the news day after day, week after week with news of unpaid players, furlough requests, broken boiler that we can't afford to fix, cash flow problems, not owning the ground, a lender who we owe a huge wedge to later this year having a mortgage charge over the ground! Our list is endless!!! Would you do business with a company that had our reputation and rumours/facts flying around as detailed above? Pretty soon no players, suppliers or service partners will want to deal with us for fear of not getting paid. I don't know if the chairman or his family can get any more cash in to the football club but it sure as hell doesn't look like it to me.
  8. Probably means we will, on paper, double your wages. However when it gets to pay day and you check your bank account we won't have actually paid you. But don't worry, in paper you are better off than you were at Donny!
  9. It would be interesting to know what most footballers and agents think when a SWFC representative contacts them about a transfer. Us fans can see what a shambles things are so the "inside word" within football would be an interesting topic of discussion. Maybe we aren't the only club not paying wages on time but our problems run much deeper than that! Would you swap employers if your existing firm was relatively competent to a firm that was a total mess? Doesn't matter how "big" we think we are, I just don't see us as an attractive employer, even in L1!
  10. Look at the connection between the owner, the manager and the players! If Chansiri got invited on to the pitch after one of our games the players wouldn't be hugging him, they would be asking when they were getting paid. Two clubs that are poles apart I am afraid.
  11. Whilst the comment above is painful to read, unfortunately for SWFC you are correct. Until our club is run properly, either by a new owner or by the existing owner putting a proper infrastructure in place, we have little chance of returning to the championship never mind the Premier league. Irrespective of the above I will still support the club, even though I don't support the current owner!
  12. Our lack of a cutting edge is beyond ridiculous. Can't see where a goal will come from!
  13. Also, I am 48 and haven't been jabbed as I have no underlying health conditions. We all want to get on with things but need to do this gradually. My family has been affected by Covid and lock down stopped me and the kids doing fun things with my wife before she died so affected us massively. But I can also see the need to balance things.
  14. I get the mask thing if it affects you physically. Not sure about the conspiracy theory on the apps! If the government wants to track you your phone is a much easier way and they can see what you look at, what you search etc if they really want. Unless you are doing something pretty bad you are of no interest to them. If using the app means no more lockdowns and a quicker way to control outbreaks just use it. It's not impeding on your freedom as it doesn't stop you doing anything!!!! Perversely, if all pubs and venues etc require you to 'sign in" and you have made a personal decision not to enter any of these places, you are affecting your own freedom by refusing to go in!
  15. Just curious.......why will you not go to venues where you need to sign in via the app?
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