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  1. Also, I am 48 and haven't been jabbed as I have no underlying health conditions. We all want to get on with things but need to do this gradually. My family has been affected by Covid and lock down stopped me and the kids doing fun things with my wife before she died so affected us massively. But I can also see the need to balance things.
  2. I get the mask thing if it affects you physically. Not sure about the conspiracy theory on the apps! If the government wants to track you your phone is a much easier way and they can see what you look at, what you search etc if they really want. Unless you are doing something pretty bad you are of no interest to them. If using the app means no more lockdowns and a quicker way to control outbreaks just use it. It's not impeding on your freedom as it doesn't stop you doing anything!!!! Perversely, if all pubs and venues etc require you to 'sign in" and you have made a personal decision not to en
  3. Just curious.......why will you not go to venues where you need to sign in via the app?
  4. I posted in another thread that it must be hard to be motivated playing for us due to the mess we are in. I stand corrected as it seems yesterday's performance was spineless and everyone commentating on it.said we have no fight, no desire and no urgency. I was hoping the players would show some professional pride but it would appear they do not care what happens to the club. So frustrating!
  5. Paul Merson is watching our game on sky sports! Saying we have no urgency and he can't believe the lack of effort taking in to account we are 2nd bottom.
  6. I think we all know that football players are overpaid and do not necessarily live in what we ordinary people call the real world. I guess to an extent it is relative and it must be hard to sray motivated to produce your best work whilst the company that employs you is imploding, your boss is changing every few weeks, you are never sure if you will get paid on time, the chairman is a clown and you will possibly lose your job in the next few weeks! Yes, the majority of the players are probably financially set for life so the money side should not be a concern, however it will all be reflected
  7. Not sure I stereotyped anyone at all. I talked about the demographic of Sheffield. In my job I deal with lots of companies across many sectors. You are right that certain sectors are enjoying a boom as the government will need to spend its way out of debt via infrastructure investment for example. There are some people that have built up cash throughout the lockdown no doubt, but if they are worried about their job they may decide to hang on to that cash if tickets are expensive. That's all I was saying.
  8. I don't know what the financial standing of all our fans are but I have a pretty good idea of the Sheffield demographic. When furlough ends and employers need to pay back CBIL loans and deferred tax etc to the government I think there will be a lot of companies struggling and this will filter down to job insecurity and redundancies. The club can not expect fans to carry on paying the prices as they are now. It will be too much of a financial burden/risk for many, especially if we end up in league 1! I know the price of tickets has been done to death in various threads a
  9. Yes, plenty of family around and the kids (7 & 9 years old) keep me going!
  10. Cheers for all the comments, means a lot.
  11. Agreed. My wife has just passed away after battling cancer for the last few years and the frustration of not being able to do anything she enjoyed in the last few months is beyond words. As per the previous post, there is more than enough space to allow a handful of fans to socially distance and if it allows them to do something they love in the last days/weeks/months of their lives then get it done. Even if it will make their eyes bleed!!!!
  12. 100% correct on the forecasts and scenarios. People may say that the club carries no external debt and Chansiri has no one to answer to. Maybe that is true to a degree but there is a legal charge over the ground that secures debt to a lender from before his time. In my job, if I was approached by a management team that operated a business half the size of SWFC and they had not prepared detailed forecasts and assumptions I would not touch them with a barge pole! It is what you pay a FD to do alongside your accountants and professional advisers. Whichever way you look at it, it smacks of incomp
  13. Just got mine Neil and seems brilliant. Only question is, what does the menu button on the left controller actually do? If I press it nothing seems to change so not sure if it doesn't work (all other elements of controller do), or if it just has limited uses?
  14. As things drag on it is obvious Chansiri is a poor leader, both in terms of business and man management. One piece of advice that always sticks with me in terms of management is "Know your weaknesses and recruit a team around you that is better at doing the things you are weak at". However this does require confidence in your own ability, confidence in the ability of your team and most importantly, the ability to delegate, trust and let go of the reins occasionally. Chansiri either (a) Cant see his own weaknesses or (b) Knows what they are but just can not relinquish any control. Either way,
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