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  1. If? Like a lot of player who rely on pace once they start getting niggles their game struggles ? Hope he does come back 100% well see
  2. Someone to cover for Johnson ( purrington) and another 2 cb that do for me ? Loan market to top up if needed
  3. Think the reason he only played few games he simply couldn’t get in Fulham’s team? And stay there? Would be a real coup for us in this league However don’t think we’d be able to get anywhere near what he will want and that’s if he’d drop into this league? Was good at the time he’ll get a championship move on championship wages
  4. As posted above there were times when we needed to change system up during games but couldn’t?
  5. Said it before can be no excuses this season the way moore is being backed ? Purrington and 1-2 more cb we look to have a really strong squad? Especially with new sub rule
  6. Wot ever happens from now on we’ve gone and strengthened areas we was weak in last season? And done it early? Yet again despite me and most of the fan base not liking most of wot dc has done , you cannot fault him for at least trying to back the manager? Get wills in and whoever else it’ll will have been a great window and moore should have no excuses for the backing he’s had . Over to you Darren .
  7. Still no confirmation Rotherham lads resigned? They probably have but be great if they about turned again if we’ve offered more ! I know the 3 digit fingered fool who works with me is gona get some stick !!! He not said owt to me yet cus it’s not cut and dried
  8. Still there lurking in the background? Cup others last season seemed bit left field? Kamberi and sow ?
  9. Which one not true Matt? My guess the smith one? Keep the articles coming good reading? Think vaulks will sign ?
  10. Matt brown been very on the ball with his stuff so that would suggest that ex Rotherham lad is a top target now
  11. Regardless whether moore wants to play youngsters the pressure from the top AND the fan base will not allow a slow rebuild? Brentford have slowly over a period of years with a good scouting network and good coaches , even when changing manager they have kept to business plan and strategy that has got them to the premier league. They have managed it because their fans accept they are a small club with little expectation of getting to where they are now ! We are a bigger club than a few in premier and bigger than a lot in championship and with that comes pressure to deliver from managers and fans , We are in a mess because the chairman shock the dice and was 90 mins away from achieving the goal. Now we are paying for that gamble
  12. Another one who until he came here was very rarely injured? As soon as he came back into the side regularly we looked far more effective ! Going to be really difficult to replace him? Adenarin looked half decent then bang another one injured. That camara from Plymouth might be able to do loungo job but that involves a fee and Plymouth selling him to is
  13. Hector couldn’t get in that Fulham side tho could he ? Just can’t see him dropping into this league ? Be an unbelievable signing at this level if we were able to pull it off
  14. Looks like reading in same position we was in last year? Frees and loans only ? So if they even sell joao can’t go out and buy a replacement? They might decide to stick with him rather than sell hoping he scores enough to keep them up this coming season. So might not get any money this season from them
  15. No way will hector sign for us , he’ll have plenty of options in the league above ? Pity can’t see it happening? Dean we might have a chance if Brum decide to let him go early to get him off wage bill and he wants to come here? Gibson I can see us going for again, but although he looked half decent he’s had injuries at wotever club he’s been at and id steer clear now ? Beevers is one that we might go for but although he’d do a job he’s in his 30s and yet more older legs? Guess we’ll see
  16. Bet he’d love to give young ones a chance….unfortunately the pressure from the top to go up is too much for a slow build
  17. Can’t see dingles letting us have him? They just got a new manager in aswell ?
  18. Think hunt the only one who will sign? Love loungo to stay but can’t see it
  19. Looked good when he first got fit then flattered to deceive a lot of the time? Always got the ability to change a game and do something different but 1 in 4/5/6 games is t enough? Be a good squad player but really think we’d get better for the wages he’ll probably want now?
  20. Thinks it’s been said Rotherham cart /ain’t offering him another contract? It’ll oil down to ££££ nearly always does ? Fingers x we sign him cus don’t think we’ll get a better target man proven in this league without paying a fee
  21. He’ll go where it suits him, whether that be financially cus likely this will be his last big move, or like you said other reasons? Modern footballers are mercenaries they usually go where the money is! Let’s hope he not that way inclined and he’ll choose to come here not uproot his family and play a big part in our seasons? We’ll soon see
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