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  1. Started a thread about him while back. I picked him up ( taxi driver) took him to training ground. He said he was signing that day so don’t know why it’s taken so long ? He said reading had offered him a contract lower than he was on before because of their financial predicament.we have to get lucky with one of these kind of signings
  2. Bet the guy who seems to have worked very hard ( can’t remember his name ) at trying to patch things up will be banging his head? As soon as the big cheese lands things start to go south ? He’s so far removed from reality it really is scary ? Just wrong on every level
  3. Exactly needs steaming out altogether? How much in a game is wasted nowadays
  4. We did some time wasting at Accrington tbf? It’s all part and parcel of the modern game and needs stamping out ! But some teams seem to have a real art in this department. As for the ball crossing the line we sit on north 1st block kop end ball was clearly over the line and Lino had a good view of it aswell! They seem reluctant to give throwings when not entirely sure and leave it to ref so giving a goal I’d guess was never gona happen
  5. The one thing is he makes things happen? Soon as he gets the ball he’s straight on the front foot… we have missed a player like this since Carlos days ? He’s green sometimes shoots when he should cross and is obviously in a learning curve with us and long may he develop as long as it’s with us! He was clearly knackered last 10-15 mins we sit on north near Kop and he was dead on his feet at one point. But fair play to lad kept going and chose RIGHT option at the end
  6. It was definitely said we had to stick to a confirmed business plan as in frees and loans ? Now the fee for Byers and maybe Gregory seem to have been swerved by maybe not paying until we can or allowed to start paying fees ? Maybe end of this season
  7. Gota get lucky with one of these punts sooner or later?…………..
  8. How many thought loovens was past it when he turned up? This guy falls into same bracket ( ok touch older) but he organisers does the basics very well and is vastly experienced? Surely in our predicament atm we can’t turn a player down on a short term deal till end of season? As posted above imagine dunks getting injured now …….
  9. Scariest part is that whether this is true or not ( I don’t think so) it’s just a shrug of the shoulders from me and a large percentage of the fan base now? Apathy been setting in for a while now and nothing would surprise us with this regime in charge! As someone posted above go to match now more out of habit unfortunately
  10. Should never have been pushed back into midfield? We had options at the time to play in that position? If he comes back fully fit cb and stay cb! Moore wants to play out from the back and hutch comfortable and composed in that position and imo one of best at the club in that role ….leave him there
  11. Gregory still runs the channels gets his body in between defender and ball. Brings others into the game and still is managing to score at a decent return? He’s lost his pace which is why he now playing in league one with us? Berihino struggles to do all of the above is Miles quicker and younger than Gregory but seems to lack the work rate and intelligence of someone who’s played in prem? I know they different types of players but was really like playing with ten men Sunday.hope he comes good but can’t see it atm unfortunately
  12. This is his level ? Also he’s better in the centre or the right hand side ..not playing on the left which you can see he’s totally uncomfortable with? Some players it doesn’t matter others it does . As someone said atm palmer and Johnson have enough pace to cover most mistakes. But hats off to him he looks a lot better than a few weeks ago
  13. We ain’t england tho are we? This is league one simple teams simple tactics? Hope he comes up with something that works soon for all our sakes
  14. Then why not try 442? The defence wasn’t conceding? Admit systems need to change in games because op managers change things to make our life difficult? Gregory has lost his turn of pace but still scores and his overall link up game is ok? Moore trying to find his best system but he keeps trying this one over and over which isn’t working
  15. At the start of the season we had a flat back 4 hunt iorfa hitch and palmer? Now I would have like to see brown there because of his natural position but…palmer was steady enough. The keeper looked confident and that because the whole defence knew and were comfortable in wot they were doing. We were scoring enough at the time and looked like we could improve in that area with shodipo and windass to come back into the side at some point. Moore then changed the structure of the side for not much apparent reason? Hutch wasn’t injured when he picked him to play midfield? We all know hutch should never play that position again he charges around over stretching over committing and getting himself injured? At cb he calm collected and brings a pa passing range moore desires when playing out from the back! At the moment not just one but several players are being played out of position and we look totally out of sorts which you’d expect with that level of uncertainty within the side? We have one fit cb he still wants to play 3? It’s unrealistic to ask players to keep performing to their best when not playing in their natural positions and until he goes and picks square pegs in square hole then disaster will continue? Will he change ? No unfortunately I don’t think he will do we’ll continue to trundle along because we still have players that on their day will conjure something up to get a result or two !! Sad sad times that moore has broken the optimism that for the first time in a few years was flowing the the fan base
  16. Could try going back to flat back 4 like start of season that would be a good start ? Didn’t look like conceding many ? Try Theo and shodipo down either wing who look like they might score ? Hopefully find a system that works cus we should be getting more out of this group of players that’s for sure !!!!
  17. It’s not a new team, it’s some new players added to ones who have been here and folded before? Wildsmith palmer iorfa dunkley Bannan ? We have been conceding regularly in the last 5 mins since monks tenure ? It’s gota be a mentally thing god knows how we sort it getting rid of moore might help but they’d not guaranteed is it? Although he doesn’t at the moment seem to know how to grind the results out and considering he was a big cb who took no nonsense when he was playing you think he would know wot it takes
  18. Totally agree we just ain’t set up right imo we have no style of play no passages of play where you think there’s a goal coming ? Everything is dependent atm on luck ( one of our players doing something) mistakes from their defence and scraps for our forwards to pick up? Doncaster 2nd half fleetwood first 30mins shrewsbury first 30 we looked ok? I’m only going on home games but when op manager switches things around to match us up or stop us that’s it....nothing from moore to try to change it up again? I can understand 4-3-3 away but at home we need to have a go . Most of us will be ok with us having a go and if that’s not good enough then fair enough but he always seems more worried about other team than setting us up to actually have a go and win
  19. Been no lack of effort from Gregory re movement the problem is he’s isolated apart from Wigan where Paterson got up there with him and we looked a far better side? Also had brown in that side who may lack the quality of shodipo buf works twice as hard ? As been said before moore doesn’t know his best 11 and worse still certain players keep there shirts regardless? We really should be at least 5/7 points better off if we’d taken our chances in certain games but you can see the op lift their game when we run out of ideas and the manager seems to have very little idea how to mix things up whist the game going on
  20. Until he plays players in their right position he on a hiding to nothing? If they not comfortable they won’t relax and play to their best ability? He also chops and changes every week which doesn’t help the dropping of brown after Wigan well that one takes some doing? Hope things turn around cus he seems a naturally nice guy but that don’t win football games . Think he also more worried about opposition than saying to our lads go win it, and with the squad we have we should scare the poo out of most teams we play
  21. Add the uncanny knack to concede in the last few minutes of games no wonder we haven’t had much success last few yrs!!
  22. Exactly feels like moore doesn’t know his best 11 and also refuses to change system even when clearly not working in certain games . Agree 4-3-3 seems to work in some but in others 4-4-2 or 5-3-2 might mix it up and give op manager something to think about ? I started thread on Jayden yesterday and although can’t see him being an expensive gamble he another one to add to conundrum
  23. Could do with bringing a tall striker with him Lucas summert or other done deal been told we’ll see never heard of him till hour ago?
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