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  1. If you think the fireworks that followed pulis was good just wait if Keane lands here( don’t think there a chance myself) no way will Keane and dc see eye to eye about anything...... be good viewing tho
  2. We don’t seem to have much or no money not saying he would solve our problems cus he probably wouldn’t but having watched him at a match a few times he’d put himself about more than our current crop and that includes Paterson? I’m not sure wot our budget is and hope we can either loan some quality or pick a diamond up from abroad fingers x
  3. To make matters worse( if it could be) there now seems to be 2 advising wot could possibly go wrong
  4. Think we had no option but to take him back under the loan agreement? Can’t for the life of me understand why we’d chance zohore all summer then pull out last min and go with Marriott? Hardly like for like are they ? Mind you all our business this summer made no sense? Signings the coaching staff coming then sack? We really are a basket case
  5. Think harris getting sack mite put brakes on Murphy going anywhere now? To me big mobile striker the most important thing we need ? When the ball goes up front even Paterson doesn’t keep hold of it? We need someone like Nuhiu ( let’s not get started on that ? ) that can hold it and get rest of team up the pitch
  6. I said earlier in thread gnundulait cheap and although he not played at our level is a big mobile handful ? Wickham has undoubted ability but is hardly fit? Came back after lockdown looked strong fit quicker scored in first two games then got a knock again and back to square one? If palace looking to unload maybe him aswell as another??
  7. Well flint won’t kachunga doesn’t look like he is and brown although looks promising is never fit ! That leaves the prolific Paterson to carry us through our summer rebuild ress as my was a shambles! Even chased a 6”4 mobile target man up to last day then pulled out. As nd signed a 5’9 replacement instead! Who wasn’t fit then also got injured couldn’t make our transfer activity up
  8. Qpr away in cup last season don’t know if that was his last game but hobbled off after being one of being one of best players on the pitch? He still got something to offer even if just till end of the season? Like Westwood we look a better side when they play
  9. Think with hutch we all know barring injury he was one of our better players? Deal till end of season no brainer? And be same as Westwood the team will look stronger for it
  10. The players already under contract are not affected, it’s the new signings that will be capped
  11. Biggs saying what’s been said for quite a while now? We all keep saying get someone to help run the club properly but until dc stands back and looks who’s been doing the advising and who he been listening to for the last 3/4 yrs since it’s all gone wrong then we’ll continue in our downward spiral ? Do I think dc will? Probably not but he now listening to another person which is a start ? Let’s hope this is the Start of change but sadly don’t think so
  12. Not signed for anyone yet just had a look? Not saying he’d be good enough but mate lives in Blackpool and I been couple of times always looked a handful raw but back then we’d got all our better strikers ?
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