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  1. Wanted a ball playing cb and got one, remember him pinging some reight balls from one side across field to the other first cup games, unfortunately that was about all he was good at ? No good in the air for his size, no pace, couldn’t tackle, no positioning, no idea wot was going on around him and got bullied in nearly all his games ? Apart from that great signing for the reported 4 m..we was after Morrison from Cardiff same time, that was the type we needed
  2. Sign the right striker/target man ( easy said than done admitted) and play windass off him think windass will contribute enough to have us challenge? Matt Smith be my choice big ugly Handful that still scores and occupies defenders which should allow others bit of space, league one will be 46 battles and need players willing to have a go
  3. Exactly! Works ok when you have a trusted team of analysts and scouts who only interest is doing their job and putting forward players that will make us a better team. Not exactly how it seems to work here is it ! Let’s hope it changes ...I’ll get me coat !
  4. Only one I’d keep ( as hutch already signed ) is urighide? Looks a real prospect and us being us will have probably let another one go. He’ll end up somewhere in London probably qpr or millwall
  5. Defo take sonny Bradley, chucks would offer us something different. As someone said can’t see Bannan fitting in with Moore’s preference? If the right offer comes in can see Bannan getting sold to fund the rebuild ( maybe windass too) need a proper striker for this level cus still can’t see Paterson or green getting the required goals from up top
  6. As much as I dislike dc for the way the club has declined both on and off the pitch at least he is still funding us atm( admitted) know which one of the two evils I’d rather have ? The one that’s useless with money that’s got money , or .......
  7. Well only one I’d keep out of those whose contracts run out? As long as he plays cb he’ll be one of best in that league ? Him iorfa should be our starting two? We need a cb with experience who is comfortable with the ball no slouch and has a bit of an edge? There you go, also knows the club the club know him no brainer for me! As for rest thanks for everything see you later
  8. Weve got a great chance to finally get shut of all the dead wood , Bannan will probably leave and out of the rest hutch urighide only two I’d keep ? Urighide probably on his way back to London who can blame him should av been tied down. Westwood too injury prone, Rhodes will score in league one but will get a deal in championship somewhere. If Bannan Rhodes Westwood lees reach van aken leave that’s well over £100k a week in just those players not counting all the others . You would think moore would be able to sign 5/6/7 players young hungry fit and eager to impress to add to the players still
  9. If just a few more had cared and tried just a bit harder then we would have stayed up. Watching a fair few of them go the motions when we were in the shitzle was painful to go through! Bannan having a go shows he cared just a pity it all came to nothing . One of just a few who can hold his head up high for the entire time he’s been here . Gone from playing with good players to playing with this shower . All the best Barry which ever way it goes
  10. Can’t see him being here for much longer some championship team will take a punt on him ? He still created still looked the best player in a lot of games ( Watford away) just one , he will still be a stand out performer for a better side with better players around him, can you imagine going from hooper ff and co to last seasons static movement! At least we’ll get a fee so we’ll done Bannan for at least making sure we get that if he goes
  11. I’d refuse to come to s5 aswell! Colley or concord park bit of a come down!! Only kidding yes that’s the problem until signed sealed and delivered owt can happen
  12. Just can’t believe that things can get worse........then you here more and more? No wonder half of players ain’t really looked bothered? Now I fully understand the argument for them giving their all and do they should for the amounts they get paid but let’s be honest how many of us if going into work and not getting paid correctly would give 100% ? If you know the firms going under and your likely to be out of your job you wouldn’t be bothered would you? Every season the car crash gets worse . Just hope dc decides to sell up cus unfortunately we’ve probably not bottomed out yet .
  13. Nothing will change at this club till dc sells up and moves on . Let’s hope his family can convince him to go because his pride certainly will not ! And it’s his pride that’s stopping him doing the things nearly all the top people in football have been saying for the last 3/4 yrs . Unfortunately don’t think it’ll happen ( fingers x it does) and don’t think we’ve bottomed out under this regime either
  14. And yet his main ‘adviser or advisers’ are still sat at the side of him ? ..... now that is the main question that needs answered? Why ?
  15. Always thought the statement “we have friends “ in dc very first interview was a weird one to make? The fact stuffing man is still in a job after so much bad advice makes you wonder who exactly owns pulls the strings? Best we can hope for is his family ask ( persuade) him to cut his losses and sell up? Provided he can find a buyer in these worrying times. Dc is so erratic you just no idea what’s round the corner in any way shape or form. I for one am not confident about next season ( league one probably) cus can’t see that any forethought about recruitment or who does it coming off! Hope to b
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