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  1. Oh to go back 30 yrs not only for the team we’d got then but for just how football was before sky? Most teams that got promoted to league one( now prem) kept most their players and could compete? In the space of 10 yrs all became more or less closed shop between the so called big clubs.Wonder how many clubs now looking over their shoulder ? Sad sad times
  2. Agree totally about him ....but we can’t pay a fee for a player whether it’s down to efl or us that’s that ? Think moore has done better than I for one ever thought we’d get this summer. I expected fee young loans from prem couple of freebies and not much else tbf! I don’t this saido will knuckle down and fire us up the league he has the ability but think he’ll be another Nile ranger ? Hope to be proved wrong btw. And who’d have thought buying the kid with one of the best goal ratio records outside the prem would flop so dramatically!!! That’s probably because in no way was Rhodes gona fit into our style of play at that time . Let’s hope this kid proves us all wrong would love it if he does
  3. Never said he not done well out of where he’s gone it’s all about money and if you got offered more you’d more than likely go as I would ? As for shaws dad well he didn’t tell me to keep my nose out when I asked him and I wasn’t only one there when he said it go in a certain pub not too far from Asda at handsworth they’ll tell ya same no doubt he wasn’t happy at what had gone on but there you go
  4. Spoke to shaws dad he said he didn’t ask for the world but wot they did offer him after relegation clause he wouldn’t have been on much more than he was on original contract....said stuffing man didn’t have much time for academy at all .his dad also said one prem club had shown interest but wanted to loan him straight out to league one anyway .when I spoke to him it was before it became public he’d signed pre contract with Celtic also said urighide was on his way that was dec/jan time
  5. When all we can sign is freebies self imposed or efl imposed it seriously restricts your levels of who you can get? Said before don’t think it’ll work out re his past history ( might be ok to start with then slide) but I’ll give him a clean slate cus he now plays for us and as the ability to rip the league so go on kid prove most of us wrong and fire us up
  6. He’s our player now regardless off wot he done before I don’t think it’ll work out but willing to give him a chance get behind him and hopefully he’ll score more than enough to get us up.......then I’ll slag him to bits if he doesn’t do all of above
  7. Anybody seen Lewis Gibson training? Thought it but unusual he didn’t play other night?
  8. Sooner or later we’ll get lucky with one of these kind of signings? Will be this player...have my doubts think it’ll be another Andre green scenario? We all make mistakes in life and sometimes you’ve made it before realising wot you have done. It’s learning from them and not doing it again that’s the important part . It’s never too late to change and hopefully proved me and 1000s of others wrong knuckles down bangs loads in gets us up maybe gets himself a big move again ( might be part of deal if all goes right) . I have my doubts just my opinion.....go on kid prove me wrong
  9. Another challenge to test us? Would have taken a draw last week and really should win today? Is it the old Wednesday that turns up and rolls over at a little team/ground that wants it more or a new Wednesday that stands up to be counted we’ll see
  10. Get used to abject failure because following Wednesday we have more failures than success!!! I told my son my dad told me no doubt my grandad told him? Enjoy wot bit of success comes along cus it’s not often
  11. For Mendez Laing better than sims who was rumoured to be joining? Better goal scoring record played at a higher level I’ll trust moore to sign who he thinks best ? Only problem I can see is keeping them all happy ?
  12. Think that’s wots gona shock a lot of teams we come up against? Iorfa has already got himself out of trouble a cup times putting after burner on? The shock on donny forward face after iorfa gave him few yards start then shot past him to clear was funny to say the least
  13. All the players were trying to set hirsty up to score and get him off the mark
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