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  1. This photo popped up on Twitter & it reminded me of one of the strangest transfers in Sheffield footballing history. I was genuinely gutted & suprised he left us for them lot seeing my hero go to the unclean was a bitter pill to swallow at the time . He’s publicly stated since he went to wind Beet McGee up due to the contract he was offered & the fact the blunts offered him more he went for those reasons not footballing ones he also stated the blunts fans hated him & he hated them & had little motivation in blunts shirt during his time at the stain he regrets the move ever happened .the fee was set by a Tribunal at 100,000. Don’t worry TC your legendary status at S6 is Immortal
  2. Imagine going in the 93/94 season the bookies favourites to win the then premiership after signing Des Walker then a bit Later Andy Sinton turning Arsenal down in the process . Yes football has moved on massively since then but that squad massively under achieved apart from the “ waddle game “ which for me still today was the most complete WEDNESDAY performance ever . The first half of that season we was so inconsistent then came good in the second half a bit like last season . At least we won a prem steel city derby that season
  3. With all this hot weather it got me thinking about Ipswich away in 1990 the start of a iconic season in our history & the hottest I’ve ever been at a football match it’s was unbearable the heat that day crammed in that away end with 5-6k fellow WEDNESDAYITES spilling on to the pitch when Willow bagged brilliant memories. That kit was a thing of beauty & so was the style of play we played Atkinson’s Barny Army . “ yellows yellows “ . Just imagine if we pull Ipswich away first game of the this season Just hope it’s not a 4-1 opening day loss like the last time we got them on the opening day
  4. Larry May & Ian Cranson name me worse CB partnership for us I’ll wait or wait a minute Ashley Westwood & Danny Maddix
  5. Remember playing PSV 2-0 down & getting a 2-2 draw in 2000 Sure there was about 5 psv fans in the leppings lane or did I imagine this
  6. David Jones Butterfield Van Aken Abdi Kachunga Fox Pelupessy Odubajo Wiggins Emanuelson Rhodes Paterson
  7. Which away ground have have you been to most watching WEDNESDAY ? .mines Everton 16
  8. It’s that time of year again when rumours about new kits come out & concept kits hit the internet I personally love the blue shorts with white socks combo like this classic from the 1980 getting a bit sick of black shorts & black socks constantly think we need to totally refresh our look for next Season. Last seasons home kit wasn’t bad to fair from macron would love them to do one similar to this beauty from 1980 I’ve always liked the Porto kits which are similar to this look . Also wish the club would revert to blue & yellow for the away kit like the one in 1980 to .yellow & blue is the perfect away Wednesday combo imo .So what’s everyone thoughts on shorts & socks colour combo ? Just throwing it out there
  9. Hillsborough Throwback 1978 .just how I remember it when I was a lad takes me back to my childhood looking at this
  10. Trying to think of the last time we played at 7.45 on a Saturday night
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