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  1. Happier Times promotion sealed on the back of the cup win 32k that night & Hirsty bagging his 30th & 31st goal .what a time to be a Wednesdayite
  2. I doubt very much any away fans will be allowed at any clubs
  3. Got a decent collection of shirts with names & numbers on & some without names love the old red numbers & white patches from the 80’s anyone else collect them whats guys favourite number /name combinations ?
  4. Looks like the woman in the white coat is a blunt
  5. Makes me feel old still remember it like it was yesterday .I was on the blunts kop that day along with hundreds of fellow owls .I was right behind it it was in from the moment it left his foot .still one of my favourite ever Wednesday goals of all time .TC11
  6. Posted before but added more bits & looking to add more soon if I can squeeze it in can’t get my thousands of WEDNESDAY programmes In that would clutter it up ️
  7. I think the club should name the kop after Big jack his contribution should never be forgotten he basically saved us & put us on the road to recovery if mr chansiri wants to do something to bring the club & fans together this would be a brilliant gesture & a fitting tribute to Jacks legacy at the club
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