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  1. Tony Carnel the club commentator was truly awful “Gary Megson Shelton Megson Shelton Megson wrong surname right Christian name “
  2. Worst dive I’ve ever seen Worse than Gordon Watson against Leeds .Emlyn Hughes winding the Wednesdayites up big time Banno bagging 2 goals Wednesdayites getting thrown off the Tivoli end & sat on the pitchside all this on the same day HMS Sheffield got sunk in the Falklands . Anyone else there that day have memories of this game
  3. Hence why I said a long way to go on the pitch but the early signs are good
  4. I doubt that very much sometimes you have to take a step back before you go forward
  5. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but for me relegation was the best thing to happen to us the club’s bottomed out & pressed the reset button on & off the pitch the green shoots of recovery are starting to appear .we’ve got a better younger more dynamic squad got rid of lazy big earners a manager that’s bought in to what the fans want bringing the fans back in love with the club again after a divide that’s been there for over 2-3 years with poor appointments & recruitment. Chansiri’s advisors taking a back step is a massive boost better ticketing & merchandise is also better it’s a long way back on the pitch but you can feel the positivity around the club growing daily Mr Chansiri needs to learn from past mistakes & put things in place that are sustainable on & of the pitch within our finances. Uto
  6. Big chance this will get postponed if BPF gets called up for Northern Ireland which is only a formality due to him being 1st choice
  7. Got to say the standard of today’s matchday programme is very poor same price but less pages & poor articles just 3 pages dedicated to donny aswell .I know it’s a bit picky considering today’s good result but the match programme is part of the matchday experience & usually the club produces a decent programme. On to another Moan the scoreboard was rubbish to today couldn’t make out the scores graphics to small But great 3 points today onwards & upwards
  8. Wednesday fans including myself on the pitch after a 0-0 draw against Carlisle in 1980 . What a season that was
  9. We won’t sell he wouldn’t want to go plus he’s a regular in the side plus his versatility is important
  10. I was in the home end today had a great view of the Wednesdayites in fine voice once again
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