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  1. Two months on from a Trip with BA. £1700 on Florida tickets. Still no refund. Absolute Jokers.
  2. The age profile of people susceptible to covid 19 doesn’t really target healthy under 35s at all. Unfortunately that puts the SWFC squad at risk . But the rest of football should be fine. That’s what the data shows anyway.
  3. That ‘bit of money’ is £50 odd million and more than any other chairman. ‘This grubby club’ disagree with Chansiri but season tickets are reasonable value. He hasn’t sued fans. Done the pitch and other infrastructure improvements. It might well all end badly, but then it has with English owners, local businessman. The best chairman we have had was Milan M. Just wish he had gambled and spent some serious cash and tried to get us up to the PL.
  4. Wish some of our footballers would watch the last dance. Best quote on the entire thing from MJ was when the coach was faffing around for some reason. Said sod this, we play to win. I really do think football managers should remember this when talking about keeping things tight for 30 minutes etc. That’s not what sports about, it’s about going out and trying to win games. Not just not loose them badly.
  5. No one has said that, people have questioned why on Earth he was doing a four hour commute when there were many other options as that was utter madness.
  6. *Sigh* In the article Chris states one of the triggers was a 4 hour a day commute. That’s absolute madness, no wounder he was stressed and depressed. I would be having to do Wigan to S6 and back every day. At no point have I belittled him. I’ve stated there were many options available to him that could have made his life less stressful, many many options. Having a flat in Sheffield, hotels, getting a driver. Anything other that commuting four hours a day. I can’t believe swfc didn’t suggest or try and help out. I can get my head around someone in his positi
  7. But you can make good choices to mitigate things, and money helps these good choices. Which footballers have a lot of.
  8. Not at all. Non of us can possibly know. But the story reads like he was suffering from worry and street about a two hour drive to swfc and back every day. That’s fixed by staying in a hotel. I’ve don’t it for for work. 5 hr trip to a site Monday morning. Stay in a hotel near work 10 minutes in, much better. I’ve no idea what was causing his depression none of us do, but what seemed to cause it was daft decisions and choices that just weren’t necessary for someone in his position.
  9. Not at all. People sacrifice things for work, every sympathy for Chris, but continuing a two hour commute everyday was madness,. Many many people work away Monday - Friday in numerous jobs, missing kids from schools and other day to day things in life. Life’s complex and messy and many normal people make massive sacrifices to provide ffor far far less wages than footballers are paid. if the commute was the issue, fix it by staying in a hotel. Tackle problems head on. Get other people to pick his kids up from school. Numerous people don’t get this privilege. Life can be very
  10. Welcome to the real world Chris. Lots of things he could have done, spoke to people lived in Sheffield, couple of days a week. Stayed in a hotel in Sheffield for a few nights a week, Life is complex and messy for a lot of people. Every sympathy about the depression, but the options available to a well paid football to mitigate everything are immense. Many people often work away midweek only seeing family at weekend. I have friends who are up at 5am for 7am starts. In Leeds, not getting home till 5pm for example. I’ve worked away Monday - Thursday not
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