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  1. Great clip. Bannan interviews like he plays. Straightforward. As he says, concentrate on the game plan,  best performance, and don’t settle for anything less than the win. Every team in League 1 plays for the automatics. The playoffs are not a consolation prize. You earn it and play for promotion. Sounds to me like the team is ready and confident to kickarse on Saturday. UTO 


  2. Come on Wednesday! 

    Come on Wednesday! 

    Come on Wednesday!

    The time for niceties is over. Bring the killer instinct to Fleetwood. 

    Punch those suckers in the kidneys if you have to. Now's the time. 

    We're just out of the playoffs. There's no room for conservative and soft play. 

    Take it to 'em. Win this S and roll over Plymouth. 

    Come on, you deserve this. You deserve promotion. You deserve 3 points. UTO 


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