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  1. Darren Moore shows Jack Hunt the Bolluk the team dropped in the game against Accrington this week.
  2. As has been said many times the standard of refereeing at this level is generally woeful and last night's ref was one of the worst we've had this season. It's really hard to understand how he could get so many things wrong, but I don't doubt he genuinely believed he was right at the time. It would be interesting to know what he thinks of his own performance if he watches the game on video. On another note, I'm not buying the constantly trotted out phrases such as 'we didn't deserve to win that game' or 'Accrington bullied us and did their job better than we did' etc. Overall, we were the better side by some distance and created far more chances to score, but ultimately failed to convert (not for the first time) I think the disappointment of not getting 3 points makes people say things and focus on what we didn't do well, rather than acknowledging the things we did. The poor performance of the ref added to that frustration and played a part in stopping our attempts to play football in a fluid way... That's football for you!
  3. I said at HT he looked like a good player that has been out for a long time. He'll get better with more game time, but I'm not sure we can afford to give it to him.
  4. We just weren't at it tonight, but I thought overall we did enough to deserve the 3 points. sadly it didn't work out that way. Another terrible refereeing display from a ref that seemed to fall for it every time one of their giants fell over and did absolutely nothing to stop their time wasting. Nothing we haven't seen many times before, but so disappointing.
  5. Too much playing it around at the back again - STOP IT Storey playing on the left looks a shadow of the player we've seen so far - Missing Gibson tonight Iorfa looks exactly what he is, a good player who's been out for a long time Byers looks the pick of ours so far, Luongo just behind him We don't have the fluidity we've had recently, perhaps that's credit to Accrington Would've been different if Bazza's header from Berahino's excellent cross had gone in. COME ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!
  6. There's no way we'd be so worried at facing a player like him that we'd insist on such a clause (I don't think it's legal either)
  7. If I was Saido Berahino I might like it on my wall, but can't see anyone else wanting one.
  8. He's their player mate, they paid for him so they can play him when they like.
  9. That's an interesting question. Obviously I'd love to see us playing at the highest level possible,, but I get no pleasure from seeing us lose. Personally, I think I'd rather see regular good performances and 3/4/5-0 victories against Cambridge, Accrington, Charlton etc. than watching us lose regularly in the Prem to Villa, West Ham, Arsenal etc. I detest the thought of spending the sort of money required to even participate in the top flight, which would make it even harder to see us lose regularly. If we could hold our own in the Prem and seriously challenge for silverware, it would be a totally different story though. First things first, let's get into the Championship and take it from there.
  10. No keeper on the subs bench, but all U18s and Holland, who I think is even younger isn't he? I hope this is a sign of how we're taking things forward next season.
  11. Good to see the U18s being given a chance to impress at a higher level.
  12. This really should be another comfortable victory. They're playing Adedoyin up front, he never looked remotely like making our first team squad, which is an indication of the level they're at.. We'll have far too much quality for them and I'm predicting a 3-0 win for The Wednesday, with a Gregory Hattrick.
  13. David Downes (Head of Recruitment) and Dean Hughes (Recruitment Analyst) were brought in to develop a recruitment system something like 2 years ago. Darren Moore has obviously been heavily involved in player recruitment since his arrival, as can be seen by the arrival of players like Berahino, who he has a history of working with. A number of players have specifically mentioned Moore as a reason they joined, so his participation has obviously been a big factor, but Downes and Hughes should be congratulated for their efforts too. No doubt the new strategy was forced on us by the EFL sanctions, but hopefully it's been the 'tough love' Chansiri needed to make him realise he doesn't need to spend silly money via agents (Paxo) in the hope of a quick return on his investment. Long may it continue.
  14. I couldn't take you seriously once I'd read Lee Bullen on your list. I doubt even he wouldn't consider himself to be a great player. For what it's worth, I suspect the best Wednesday player this century hasn't been born yet.
  15. Hadn't appreciated the quality of Berahino's first touch for the assist on Byers' goal... A man in form.
  16. Hard to be disappointed with a 6-0 win and I'm not of course, but I would've liked to see us get another goal or two after being 6-0 within an hour. However: SIX goals Another clean sheet A hattrick for Berahino Another goal and assist for Bazza Game time for Iorfa and Gregory No injuries No bookings (for either side surprisingly) Did I mention SIX goals? Pigs lost heavily too What a day!!!
  19. A bit tired and nervous in that first half, if we can relax in the second I can see us winning this one. How good is it to see us score a few in the first 45 minutes and leave us realistically anticipating a 6 or 7-0 victory?
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