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  1. I'm very much in favour of this, I think sport is played in the head as well as on the pitch. I think it will pay dividends, but have to say I didn't realise he'd been with us from the start of the season. I'd have hoped for more of an improvement by now and not to be looking back at so many points thrown away already. Here's hoping his efforts are just starting to take effect and we've turned a psychological corner now.
  2. I see it as a natural progression (I use that term lightly) of language as young people grow older and take their influences to a wider audience. Sadly, our kids have grown up being heavily influenced by TV and easy access to social media, which is itself heavily used by Americans. It is understandable that they use words they hear frequently, much to my annoyance. It goes further than language of course, we seem to copy the USA in many ways, for example, School Proms, Halloween and blatantly corrupt political leaders just to name a few.
  3. My take on his comments about players taking painkilling injections and playing with injuries is that he was using it as an example of how desperate these players were to get out on the pitch and play for the team. He didn't give the impression that they were being forced to do it, though I'm sure the management could have stopped it if they wanted to. He was basically saying he played with some strong characters who gave their all for the club, probably to their own personal detriment.
  4. Dunkley's post match interview at the weekend suggested there was a bit of a blow up in the dressing room at the end of the game. It could have cleared the air and sorted things out a bit. It might have been the players standing up to DM and making him listen.
  5. Palmer playing with a broken nose? I hope it doesn't spoil his wonderful looks.
  6. My head is spinning after trying to figure out what just happened throughout that game. The players playing out of position thing was ridiculous, but the biggest surprise came just now when I looked at the table and saw we are somehow still in 8th place... WFT????
  7. The unbeaten run continues... But seriously, things HAVE to change, surely!
  8. Looks like the goal might have been an OG... Matty Blair (Andy's lad) He's one of our own!
  10. Is our goalscorer the only actual defender (subjective I know) we have on the pitch?
  12. WE WILL WIN... mark my words. The sports psychologist will have worked his magic and we'll romp home at Cheltenham.
  13. On a positive note... Errm, We're not losing and BPF is having a goodish game, FDB too.
  14. That sounds very much like a description of Hull last season... They went up as Champions didn't they? It can be done.
  15. I don't understand how people complain about players not getting game time, then in the next breath complain about the team being changed every game. On top of that some want to buy more players.
  16. As always I'm feeling fully confident that we will win and am anticipating a 3-0/4-0 scoreline. A resounding victory and a good performance is very much required for players and fans alike. Today is the day!
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