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  1. This ref needs to get a grip and stop all the time wasting
  2. I'm generally very optimistic in all things in life, but I'm really struggling here. There is absolutely no excuse for us losing at home to another poor/weakened team like this. fizz it, I can't help myself... Great 2nd half to come, 3-1 Wednesday
  3. OK, another opportunity to come from behind to win the game.
  4. Good start this. Can we maintain it for a full 90 minutes?
  5. How was he not getting into the Notts County side? (I'm sure I read that somewhere recently) Hopefully coming home to a bit of love from the fans and a great first game back will drive him forward. Our lack of CBs could work out perfectly for him, but we don't want to push him too hard, too soon. There must be a reason he wasn't getting into the Notts County side after all.
  6. Good on you for posting Simon, I look forward to reading many more in the future.
  7. Not a classic, but a good, confidence-boosting win, experience for some of the young players and some VOLUME in the legs for a few more. Wildsmith ended with a SofaScore rating of 9.7 - I don't think I've ever seen a score that high before. Apparently he made 10 saves keeping that clean sheet.
  8. Wildsmith's rating on SofaScore is currently 9.2 for this game.
  9. Just as well Wing hadn't been subbed, who would've cleared that off the line?
  10. Give the kid a break, he's hardly had a run of games to get up to speed has he.
  11. Olly could make a decent DoF, but I doubt DC would offer him anything if he's watching ITV today.
  12. I've heard Bannan had a painkilling injection in order to play. Carlos made him do it.
  13. Same team as we played against Sunderland, but rest Bannan and replace with Fizz. Give the playmaker role to Wing and make subs throughout the game to give others some game time/rest some starters if possible.
  14. If you listen to the interview with DM (I know that's not a pleasurable thought) he says at the end he brought him in at the start of this season. Or was it the start of the year? I'm not sure now, I find it hard to listen to him these days.
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