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  2. WE WILL WIN... mark my words. The sports psychologist will have worked his magic and we'll romp home at Cheltenham.
  4. On a positive note... Errm, We're not losing and BPF is having a goodish game, FDB too.
  5. That sounds very much like a description of Hull last season... They went up as Champions didn't they? It can be done.
  6. I don't understand how people complain about players not getting game time, then in the next breath complain about the team being changed every game. On top of that some want to buy more players.
  7. As always I'm feeling fully confident that we will win and am anticipating a 3-0/4-0 scoreline. A resounding victory and a good performance is very much required for players and fans alike. Today is the day!
  8. Wildsmith still in contention for a starting place despite losing a leg.
  9. Who entered us into this f•••ing Squid Game again?
  10. Well at least we came from behind to pick up a point... Baby steps, let's not rush it!
  11. Didn't we come from behind to beat Brentford a couple of years ago at home? I think the last time we did it away was 2016
  12. Just stuck a tenner on us to win @ 7/1... I doubt I'll see that tenner again
  13. I think it's 20 years now mate... surprised it hasn't been mentioned in this thread before
  14. Don't worry the gameplan is to go behind early then come back to win... Time to lay that ghost to rest
  15. Pleased for Fizz, he needs a bit of a run in the side to show what he can do. I'd assumed Adeniran would be straight back in his place. I thought the midfield three work pretty well at the weekend, so leave them alone. Johnson for Brown seemed inevitable, as did BPF for Wildsmith. Fully expecting us to win this one convincingly (I always do)
  16. I can only assume none of those being left out are doing anything in training to suggest they're worth a place, which in itself is sad. I'm struggling to think who is actually on loan, I know it was a total of six: BPF Shodipo Corbeanu Gibson Wing? Sow? I can see one or two going back in January, either recalled because they're not getting game time, or returned because they're not up to standard.
  17. One day we'll finish a game without my heart pounding for the last 20 minutes. I can't carry on like this.
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