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  1. Correction: 2-0 win today - Berahino and Wing I should get good odds on that.
  2. If he's not considered to be at the required standard and the club feel they could get better in to replace him next year, they'd be right to let his contract run down. A loan move would then just be giving him a better chance to get a deal elsewhere and continue as a professional footballer (probably at a lower level)
  3. How does this work with postponed games? Do we need to choose another team? There aren't going to be too many to choose from at this rate.
  4. Wednesday seem to be the obvious choice, but I'll try to save the Mighty Owls for another week. Lincoln please.
  5. If Middlesborough want him, they'd have to agree to keep Wing as part of the deal.
  6. I'd hate to lose him, but at the same time we've bemoaned the club not cashing in on players when they've had the chance so many times I could see the sense in selling him if we can get circa £4mil. Another injury or loss of form and his value would plummet.
  7. Dunkley has only been out for a couple of weeks, so should effectively still be 'match-fit'. As such he needs to come back into the middle of the 3. I'd like to see Brennan continue to develop in the way he has done so far, so would keep him on the right. It would send a good signal to other fringe players too. That leaves Palmer or Johnson for the left side. As Johnson has just come back from injury, I'd be tempted to rest him and use Palmer there, he has been in such good form recently, he shouldn't be dropped. At the end of the day, I'd be ok with any combination of these 4 really, nice 'problem' to have.
  8. I'm sure this happened to Fraser Preston v WBA. He looked a very promising prospect then seemed to lose confidence and drifted out of the club. I desperately want to see the young players given opportunities and be successful, but it has to be done carefully for everyone's sake. Having said that, as was posted earlier in this thread, there's no harm having one or two on the bench each week and give them a few minutes if the circumstances are correct. I think just being part of the first-team squad on a match day would be incredibly valuable for them and make them feel part of the club. A good advantage when it comes to discussing contracts.
  9. I think we'd all love to see our youth players given a chance in the first team and go on to become regulars. In reality, if the team don't get results the manager loses his job, so it would be very brave of him to promote youth above experience. Realistically, we can only expect the odd appearance being given to ease them in and if one or two (Brennan and Fizz?) prove themselves each season, we've done well. If we went for it and gave all our promising young players regular time in the first team and we were languishing at the bottom end of the table (Jos anyone?) , there'd be few fans hailing it a success. At least this year we're sending some out on loan to get experience.
  10. BPF IS a PL keeper, we've only got him on loan (for now)
  11. He hasn't scored his last goal for us yet. There's a few more to come still.
  12. I'd like to think Toytown will throw it away at some point. Could be injuries, could be they lose players/manager in the January transfer window, could just be a loss of form or pressure getting to them, but I don't think they're certainties at all. The same goes for anyone really. We simply need to find some consistency, and keep picking up the points as we go.
  13. That'll do. Would've preferred a bigger winning margin, but 3 points, a clean sheet and the unbeaten league run continues!
  14. Made me giggle when he was trying to name our keeper, eventually spitting out 'Peacock-Bailey'. I quite like Laws, but it can be difficult listening to him at times.
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