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  1. He can't be going to Sunderland. I'm sure I read on here that the commute to Sheffield would be too much for him, he'll never do the trip to Sunderland every day.
  2. If I lived locally I'd definitely be there tonight. I'm not travelling 250 miles each way for it though. I wish the club would make it available to watch online, even if they charged a couple of quid to watch it.
  3. I liked the Millwall goal, for obvious reasons. Bailey is out in front so far.
  4. Brilliant! I was starting to fear the delay in getting this sorted was an indication that he'd be another young player to run down his contract and leave for next to nothing. Hopefully the club are already lining up a contract for Bailey Cadamartari to sign when he turns 17.
  5. This could be a VERY important loan for AH, a chance to play a major role in a fight against relegation with a well established club. I wish him all the best and hope to see him back challenging for a first team spot with us next season.
  6. Surely the objection is to being forced to have an 'experimental drug' injected when the person doesn't agree they are at risk. Obviously, if they have become so ill that they require emergency treatment, they no longer feel the same way and at that point are prepared to risk any potential adverse effects from the drug in an attempt to recover. I don't think that's so difficult to understand is it?
  7. I think we all need to wait for Sue Gray to investigate these things.
  8. Careful, that might suggest DM made a difference by having some time with the team on the training ground
  9. What a difference Massimo Luongo makes to us... And Josh Windass. Mendez-Laing looks like a great addition too. There's often one team that makes a late run in the second half of the season to get promoted - Just saying!
  10. Brilliant 3 points that. The new unbeaten run started now.
  13. At this stage, I think 18 months is about right. If he goes on loan to a L2 team and doesn't perform as expected/hoped, we wouldn't want him taking up a space/wage for another 2 years. Despite the current negativity amongst the fanbase, the club will still be aiming for promotion this season and if they make it, they'll be looking to upgrade throughout the squad. If he has a successful loan, we can always try to negotiate a new deal with him. It's also possible that there is an option to extend his new contract built in.
  14. I assume, even at his tender age, he has an agent. Like all agents they will direct him in the direction they thinks best for his development, but of course only if it gets them the best payment possible. Hopefully, he's strong enough to make up his own mind and that he feels at 16 years old, he's better playing with his mates, continuing to get the fans talking about him, setting an example for his younger brother to follow and living at home with (or close to) his family. He says he's an Owl, so fingers crossed that is enough for him to agree terms with the club when he's old enough to sign a pro contract. There's not much the club can do before then other than try to convince him he's part of the future of SWFC.
  15. Tommy Doyle of Man City? Just come back from a loan spell at Hamburg hasn't he?
  16. This year we're going to make a habit of coming from behind to win away from home.
  17. If you're offering those odds I might be tempted to risk quid on it.
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