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  1. I think Reach hits the ball against the striker's boot and up over the bar... An even more remarkable clearance considering he had to work that out in a split second.
  2. And Windass and FDB and probably a number of youngsters. Any othe
  3. People keep talking about the lack of goals in this team. We have a lack of goals in the whole squad, so no matter who plays, there'll be a 'lack of goals'. I trust TP to pick the best available combination of players for the game against the team he knows better than any other.
  4. It's all set up for an Owls victory today: TP's first game in charge at S6 It will be his 100th victory in the Championship Playing against his beloved former club who he always gets the better of 2-1 victory with 2 goals from Rhodes
  5. If his wage demands are too high he won't be heading to S6. If he wants to play football and get himself noticed again, we could be right for him, but his agent needs to realise what world football outside the Prem is currently operating in.
  6. I don't see what the objections are to this personally. We could've done with this when Tom Lees went off injured in the 90th minute recently and we'd already used our allotted 3 subs.
  7. In a determined effort to avoid giving away penalties under the new rules, Kadeem Harris has rather extreme operation on left arm.
  8. He's spoken highly of Sam Field a couple of times, I wouldn't be surprised if he went in for him in January.
  9. What's the betting we just start to fully accept him and he heads off to take over from Giggs in Wales?
  10. I think he'll take the captain's armband off Bannan once Flint is fit again.
  11. I wouldn't fancy trying to negotiate terms with DC. He gives the impression that he doesn't easily give in.
  12. I've been hoping we'd appoint either Eddie (the Eagle) hOWLe or Ryan lOWLe. I'd even mused over the possibility of getting OWLe Gunnar Solskjaer or even resurrecting Ozzie Ardiles. However, if the bookies are to be believed, I'm going to have to accept the appointment of Tawny Pulis. Anyone think of any other appropriate Owls that could take over at S6?
  13. Quite a few decent performances today, no-one was great, but nice to see Joey, JVA, Moses, and Reach, who have all been a target for moaners over the their time with us, showing-up well. My MOM would be Borner, though, good battling performance.
  14. I'd liken those teams to Birmingham, Cardiff and Bournemouth... We took 9 points from those games. Too optimistic?
  15. We were never likely to win two appeals against the EFL in a week were we?
  16. I'm not sure why some people feel the need to accuse DC of lying. Perhaps he didn't get his figures right, he was clearly seen trying to count before saying it was an 8 or 9 figure deal. Is it really necessary to call the man that has thrown so much money at our club a liar, rather than call out the 'fans' that have undoubtedly abused him and his family on social media?
  17. How good it feels to be able to smile again! Now let's get another 3 points from beating Millwall... COME ONNNNNNN WEDNESDAYYYYYYYYY
  18. I'm definitely on board with the 'we will win today' crew. I suspect Izzy Brown will be back to play against the team he played for last season and if so he will get both assists in a 2-0 victory. We might also see Big Dom return to add some strength to the backline.
  19. Before joining us he played 154 games in four years at QPR and 102 games in 2 years at Swindon... Hardly injured all the time.
  20. I like Dawson. He does seem to have improved his distribution recently and was looking for a quick outball at times yesterday. On the other hand, he's very good a running down the clock when we're under pressure and can use up to a full minute or even longer to take a goal kick, which takes the sting out of the opposition and gives us a chance to re-group.
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