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  1. Yes I'm inclined to agree. He's the kind of player we'd probably have been better investing in 3 or 4 years ago but easy with hindsight.
  2. Just a bit of light-hearted banter as Dag accepts cautious sideways pass from Barmy. Seriously I suspect we'll be paying very little in transfer fees this summer.... nor be bent over by agents.
  3. Well Jim, I think you tried to be balanced there but your anger seeped through as you defaulted into your standard anti- **** tirade. 😀
  4. So extrapolating that over the whole season we would need to be on course for 92 points for it to be only the beginning of converting you. 😀 Seriously for me that's too small a sample. Just my opinion. For me much will depend on how the summer's recruitment goes. There are a few imponderables but I'd consider 20 points or thereabouts after 15 games as being an OKish.
  5. ........whereas I wonder how long it would take for the anti Monk camp to be converted if we had a great start to the season with a rebuilt and younger squad?
  6. Fully agree with this. I'm ambivalent to Atdhe staying or leaving personally. If he leaves hopefully it'll go hand in hand with a good recruitment window for us. I do see greater value in him as a player than you do though so wouldn't be unhappy if he stayed either; in the role he fulfills now.
  7. It shouldn't it should drive them to be better and earn selection themselves. ........ certainly not the case 🙂
  8. Purely from his perspective perhaps if he has a real affinity with the club then getting 15/20 minutes off the bench regularly plus a few starts and second 45 appearances will keep him happy; especially if he feels he's adding value. His call. If the club decided to keep him I'd be happy with that on sensible terms. Equally though if we replace him and others as part of a significant rebuild then I'd be happy with that too.
  9. To be fair that's a view from someone who doesn't rate him. Others see it differently.
  10. Absolute classic film excerpt....... the blond haired, slightly balding, Bobby Charlton.......
  11. I suspect your own myopia might well see you very surprised.
  12. Top bloke Atdhe. Would have been happy for him to stay, same with Lee, but a rebuild is overdue. Just hope we've got new recruits lined up.
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