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  1. chance of premiership next year, so yes for me, at this moment they are a bigger club.
  2. Barnsley are a bigger club now !!
  3. As per the title, why don,t we all go and support a successful club, who are doing things in the right way. They have made plans, stuck to their budgets, improved players, sold players for profits and still reached the play offs, BARNSLEY Lets cheer for them in the play offs, they deserve it !!
  4. What about the MOJO CLUB. It was opened by the Stringfellows in the 60,s. It was only allowed to sell soft drinks, but was surely the start of the Sheffield nightlife scene. All the top motown groups/singers played there along with the Beatles ( moved to another venue Azena, due to demand for tickets )

    1. DeeJayOne


      Thanks for the suggestion! It is definitely on the list for future designs. 👍

  5. Not sure if this idea as been muted earlier, but here goes anyway. Obviously this new league is all about more money for the big clubs. So , where does all this money come from indirectly ? Yes, the fans !! by paying more for the privelege to watch the new E.S.L. games on TV through all the different outlets, advertising at the grounds, which we also pay for indirectly through dearer products, advertising during games etc. ALL revenue needed to pay these BIG clubs will come from US THE TRUE FANS OF FOOTBALL. Well i tell you what, why don,t we all just boycott all these clubs right now. Don,t
  6. Had the privelege to see him performing in the open air at midnight when living in Spain. What an experience it was, sat in shorts and tee shirts listening to this legend under the stars.
  7. Try FlashScore .co.uk its a brilliant site, gives you all details you would want, line ups,latest scores, goal scorers names, card details, previous results, fixtures, up to date league details.
  8. Don,t panic everybody, a win tonight and we are out of the bottom three !!
  9. Got to agree with Anfield, stood in that corner was the most crushed i have ever been in a football ground. Carlisle was the coldest i ever been, stood behind the goal on an open terrace with a absolute gale blowing in your kite !! Ah the good times , when will they return ?
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