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  1. I agree with you. Brown at left back, exactly were we bought him to play and plenty on here screaming to play a proper LB. When this happens DM still gets called an idiot. Could we be hoping to start some kind of combination play down the left with Brown and Johnson similar to the days of Phil King and Nigel Worthington ?, now that was some team !!
  2. It was very obvious that we missed Hutchinson at the back today. Dom. needs his reliability at the side of him, cos he seems to lose all his confidence when covering for Dunkerley all the time.. As posted on other posts, Johmson at left wing back does not work, simply cos he can not defend.
  3. Its all about managing todays game for me. He has put the big physical guys in to control Rotherhams initial onslaught, then slowly but surely as we quieten them down and impose OUR gameplan on them we then put our aces on to smash em with late goals !!
  4. After a brilliant start where we should have been three up, i then feel we became a little disjointed for two reasons. Firstly, we were kinda dragged down to their levels by being over confident, so starting messing about a little and secondly, the referee was constantly stopping the game for petty fouls, petty fouls that resulted in 9 bookings !! 9 bookings and i can,t really remember bad foul in the match I think you will see this team rise to the occasion on the BIG match days though The only player that needs a kick up the rear end for me is Johnstone, who to be fair looks like he is nowhere near match fit yep,
  5. Up and running for Sat. he has been unwell. Moore sounds very excited about him and can,t wait to show him to our fans !!
  6. Totally agree there mate. Wing causes havoc with his forward runs BUT his team mates have to be on the same wavelength to release the ball at the right time before he runs offside. This obviously will take a little time to gel. What some fans are seeing, ( because they only watch the ball ) are the holes he leaves behind when he ( Wing ) makes these runs and Wednesday lose the ball. With proper coaching and time, his team mates will get the timing right for the pass and somebody will cover in behind his run, closing any defensive gaps.
  7. Wing, hutch and Hunt off at HT. Dunkerley, Brown and Dele on
  8. Interesting to see the picture of Len Ashurst. It brings back memories of when he and his assistant Tony Toms took the squad of players on to the moors to boost moral and togetherness. Do you think it would have worked last season ?
  9. Is it not true that the accounts don,t have to be in before 31st July because of covid ? so i would assume that this is scaremongering !!
  10. Tell you what, its a dead cert. we will be playing them away first game of next season !!
  11. chance of premiership next year, so yes for me, at this moment they are a bigger club.
  12. Barnsley are a bigger club now !!
  13. As per the title, why don,t we all go and support a successful club, who are doing things in the right way. They have made plans, stuck to their budgets, improved players, sold players for profits and still reached the play offs, BARNSLEY Lets cheer for them in the play offs, they deserve it !!
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