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  1. Auckland Owl

    Would have taken a pt before game

    Either way they caused us more problems with 10 men than they did with 11. A good point away from home considering, just can't help but think we've chucked 2 away by being to cautious. Onwards and upwards!
  2. Auckland Owl

    Would have taken a pt before game

    The sending off seemed to benefit them tbf. Added to the incredibly strong triple substitution it gave them and the crowd a lift. We should have imo brought Fletcher on rather than Jones and pushed them back a bit more, though the 6 minutes added time was a joke in the first place.
  3. Auckland Owl

    Jos storms out

    Can we back-date it 9 months?
  4. Auckland Owl

    Bannan Injured

    He'd probably break his ankle and miss the rest of the season
  5. Auckland Owl

    So which one is it?

    Someone on here will know
  6. Auckland Owl

    Eyad Hammoud

    Expect he'll start in the derby then
  7. Auckland Owl

    Am I wrong?

    Nah I'm spent
  8. Auckland Owl

    Am I wrong?

    It's w@nk
  9. Auckland Owl

    Matt Penny - talent beyond his years

    Cos that worked so well for for Bannon, Jaoa, Nuihiu, Pullapessy, ets, ect.
  10. Auckland Owl

    Calling all the chuffing brainiacs...

    Kick their f<ckin b*llocks off from the first minute. Then score one more than them.
  11. Give over, don't you understand how Internet era football works? We win a game = best thing since Brazil 1970 Lose = knives are out for everyone from Chansiri down to the tea lady. Take your common sense approach elsewhere pal, I'm off to book an open top bus for May