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  1. Possession so far Them 20% Us 30% Our "throw ins" 50%
  2. I wish I'd nipped out for 90 minutes. This performance is making me angry.
  3. Possession stats so far: Leicester 25 Wednesday 25 Our throw ins 50
  4. That train of thought didn't work out too well for us last season. It tended to lead to yet more tonkings.
  5. Most likely the rest of the squad. I wouldn't be surprised if we put a different 11 out in 2nd half.
  6. He stood on his own ¢0¢k. Its ****ing massive
  7. Is he the same Toxic Monk who pi$$Ed on our corner flags for good luck?
  8. You've spent 48 hours drinking a big can of San Miguel? Jēsus.
  9. Hold fire mate, the body language experts will be along shortly.
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