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  1. Auckland Owl

    Adthe recovering from surgery.

    He's been on international duty with Kosovo.
  2. Auckland Owl

    Was the person who made this drunk?

    That's one of the recently released retro kits, judging by the tag in the collar.
  3. Auckland Owl


    They were waiting for you to start a thread on owlstalk. Thank god you've posted. Expect a ton of signings now.
  4. L**ds would have taken more
  5. Auckland Owl

    It's all very quiet at Hillsborough

    Fear not, I've just been past the ground and Desmond from Desso was hard at work
  6. Auckland Owl

    Breaking News

  7. Auckland Owl


    Gregor Rasiak 350K Patrick Kluivert free
  8. Auckland Owl

    Butterfield returns to Derby.

    Scenes, limbs, etc
  9. Auckland Owl

    What if it’s a 1 Stripe!?

    Good effort mate, I like that one.
  10. Auckland Owl

    Bell of the season -Championship

    His is probably already broken.
  11. Auckland Owl

    Bell of the season -Championship

    Patrick Bamford for ruffling Joe wildsmiths hair after he dropped a clanger vs the Smackheads Robert Snodgrass for getting me banned off twitter
  12. Auckland Owl

    Blue and White stripes next season

    Perhaps a bit like this, anyone?
  13. Auckland Owl

    R I P mum and fly high

    Very sorry for your loss, RIP xx