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  1. TLDR can dish it out, can't take it.

    Regarding your first paragraph...is that fact or opinion?
  3. We will make the playoffs this season

    That's the spirit.
  4. Streams for tomorrow

    As long as its not the Croatian Andy Giddings my glass eye should make it through to bed time
  5. Streams for tomorrow

    cheers pal
  6. Streams for tomorrow

    any idea what channel it'll be on? First time attempting this
  7. DC skint

    Do you just bray your head repeatedly against your keyboard then submit reply?
  8. Ready for Derby

    They'll certainly add some much-needed height in midfield.
  9. Seemingly the Sun regurgitate the same story whenever we go through a sticky patch. They published the same article a few weeks back but with David moyes as the name "being whispered in the corridors of power"
  10. You can run

    Unlikely that Lee will start on Tuesday having just come back with no preseason. Fletch carrying a knock too from what Carlos said post-game.
  11. That first 15 minutes...

    Pep Wilder won't know what's hit him