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  1. Yesterday I bought my membership. Today they lift the embargo. Coincidence? I think not. You're all welcome.
  2. Auckland Owl

    Sheffield Star

    You've just described owlstalk. To a tee.
  3. Auckland Owl

    An Interesting Week Ahead

    Great. A further 3 weeks of hysterical ITK bullsh!tting and moaning until the post transfer window moan fest can really kick off in earnest.
  4. Highlights aren't on Channel 5 this year they're on Quest. 9pm
  5. Auckland Owl

    We Could Be Top Of The League Tomorrow

    If we don't win tomorrow we can forget about automatic promotion
  6. Auckland Owl

    Love for Jos.

    His moustache gives me confidence that we're in for a great season.
  7. Auckland Owl

    Hate To Mention This But...........

    Wigan 0 Swfc 2 Fletcher and Fessi
  8. Auckland Owl

    If we are Radio outraged

    No more Andy Giddings stroking himself frothy whenever the opposition has the ball in our half.
  9. Auckland Owl


    Some "fans" already have
  10. Auckland Owl

    No wonder Radio Sheffield don't like us

    It's a quid a week.
  11. Auckland Owl


    Has he had a leaving do? If so, were any owlstalkers invited?
  12. Auckland Owl

    How much will our wage bill be now?

    Probably about the same, due to Fletcher's 260K per week.
  13. Did you forget you were on owlstalk?
  14. Good idea. We'll be at least 18 points clear at the top by then.
  15. Auckland Owl

    Flash in the pan.

    Feck off we're gonna win the league.