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  1. Hold fire mate, the body language experts will be along shortly.
  2. I think he got whacked or poked in the eye. There's a replay on the full broadcast footage. Difficult to make out what actually happened but he definitely didn't go down clutching his head.
  3. Jordan Rhodes. No, wait I'm wrong. Seems he's only free on Saturdays.
  4. Yep, when the alternative is spending Saturdays at home with the missus and kids I'd be pulling me finger out to be in that starting eleven.
  5. I noticed that. He was stood staring at the south stand linesman for a long time after we scored.
  6. They'll get no tickets but offered a beam back to Goodison. We'll be allocated 12 tickets in the grand stand.
  7. Knock down the West Stand and replace it with a mobile away end. No need for segregation. It can be driven in and out on the back of a flatbed after the game. Problem solved. Summat like that
  8. Vulva doesn't sign autographs. Not even for Bannan.
  9. There he is, definitely NOT in the training video.
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