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  1. You can run

    Unlikely that Lee will start on Tuesday having just come back with no preseason. Fletch carrying a knock too from what Carlos said post-game.
  2. That first 15 minutes...

    Pep Wilder won't know what's hit him
  3. 100 pages. Minimum.
  4. Swfc world record cake

    I think he's wondering where his watch has gone
  5. johan djourou

    Jesus would be no good at centre half. Doesn't deal well with crosses.
  6. Forestieri

  7. Wagner : is it just me...

    He sounds like a German Kermit.
  8. Praise for Alan Irvine

    He marked out the netball courts in the gym
  9. On Holiday on Sunday-HELP

    The match will kick off at 7am for you. Hope this helps.
  10. Play Off Semi Final Ticket Sales

    28 pages then this bombshell? I'm putting my ticket on eBay
  11. Where are you watching the semi...

  12. Where are you watching the semi...

    Away leg....in the living room from behind the couch if it's owt like the first 20 mins v Brighton last year....Second leg from beneath a tartan blanket in the south stand.
  13. Play Off Semi Final Ticket Sales

    Wish I'd held my nerve and waited for lower lep. Was great in there Ve Brighton last year..best dust off my tartan blanket as I'm stuck on south.
  14. Clearest handball ever...expect the ban will be overturned and given to Forestieri.
  15. Fulham fans on 'dirty Wednesday'

    Friends of Fulham. 3366 members. Both called Tarquin.