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  1. The moral of this story is "Never f#*k with DJMortimer. He will disarm, maim and kill you.
  2. Have we seen the last of Almen Abdi

    Have we seen the first of Almen Abdi. That is the question.
  3. Half time - Beer Situation behind Kop

    They would be better if they just pumped the beer directly into you through your feet.
  4. Half time - Beer Situation behind Kop

    I managed 2 and a pie at Sunderland.
  5. Reach - over not around

    Who occasionally blows your mind with the odd world-class finish
  6. Quality balls

    Funnily enough she said the same to me
  7. Sky sports and Matt Murray...

    Free kick to aston villa, I heard.
  8. At least 2644. Me and my brother in law ran into 2 other Wednesday fans at the front when the team came over at the end of the game
  9. Get the f**k in. On a bus full of Sunderland fans. It's awful quiet ha ha ha
  10. 2 spare tickets for today

    Cash turnstiles open for home areas if you get desperate mate.
  11. From the Sunderland tourist board, if you fancy taking in the culture
  12. Monday

    Dunno mate. I'm sitting behind enemy lines so I'll be having a few.
  13. Fessi knows best ?

  14. FF nutmeg on Pearson.

    Is it also Pearson that Atdhe breezes past before walloping in the the third? And also gave away the free kick that Forestieri scored from? I do hope so.