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  1. this is a real, sleeves rolled up, don't give an inch game, and I just hope we do it 0-2 fingers crossed
  2. the people of Iraq watch television appeals to donate to the poor souls of Hull, "just £2.00 per month will provide clean drinking meths for a family of 4"
  3. to be fair, I love Turf Moor, proper old ground, went a few seasons ago and they had a big old valve television perched on top of the pie stall showing the football results. classic!, but what I would ad is the area around the ground is a poo hole, and every time I have been you end up getting mither off the locals.Years ago I spent six months working in Blackburn and not taking into account the intense football rivalry . they consider Burnley to be a deprived area
  4. I was on that side terrace, with half a dozen mates, we split up into two's and kept schtum, got some funny looks, couple of other Wednesdayites just in front of us ended up brawling, but to be fair they gave as good as they got until the plod hauled them out different times
  5. Back of my mind, i seem to remember big Jim Holton, think he played in a pre season friendly against an African club, then disappeared,
  6. The Nissan Dealership, was Portland Autos, one of the first two Datsun (Nissan) dealerships in the UK, they had a good loyal customer base, and kept going for years, despite being surrounded by several local DC Cook sites,k they eventually moved to a site at the bottom of Rutland Road and switching to Hyundai
  7. i was told by an old guy years ago that it was an old building on Warren Street, if you look on Google Maps stand on the bridge on Leveson street and look downriver its on the left, might be right, might be wrong
  8. There's a sign on the second photo that says Springwood Football Pitch, does that help in any way?
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