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  1. Crushed on the end behind the goal, Wednesdayites on the opposite end in numbers. Funniest bit was some porky Ipswich fan on the front row of the stand to our right giving it the Billy big gonads, until a few Wednesdayites appeared around him, plod took him out, probably for his own safety. Hope this season pans out like that one
  2. Its probably because we have both been through the mire, and know what loyalty is all about. I hope Sunderland do well next season
  3. very happy with this, not only is he a very good player, especially at this level but he is also obviously committed to the club
  4. went to West Ham in the early 80's Mirocevic put us 1 nil up, they equalised, after the game we had to find our mini bus, fighting a rear guard action all the way back, carnage been to the New Den a few times, including midweek games, never had a sniff of trouble, different story at the old ground
  5. all these plus Ninian Park Cardiff Vetch Swansea Sealand Road Chester Elm Park Reading Fellows Park Reading Belle View Doncaster Leeds Road Huddersfield Layer Road Colchester Boothferry Park Hull Burden Park Bolton And not sure, but I don't think Spora Luxembourg exist anymore,and im not sure if the ground is still there,
  6. George Boyd, just here for a last pay packet. Jacob Butterfield, not interested Jeremy Helan, not committed to football Kachunga PHHHFF Mc Geady orrible Van Aken, what was the point? Jaden Brown Izzy Brown couldn't make a good Brown with bits of both of them Pelupessey, last name on the team sheet for me. and finally Butterfield again, just because I can
  7. I went back in the 7o's a couple of times, loads of mither every time.
  8. I was brought up through a long line of Wednesdayites, going back to before the first world war. The mantra was "if they pull a Wednesday shirt on then you support them come what may". Yup I have opinions on skill quality and commitment of some of them, but I still support them.
  9. Switched to a healthier diet a couple of years ago, the only reason i don't buy food at Hillsborough is the lack of healthy options the rest of the set up may be archaic, but that dosnt mean the catering has to be. get it sorted
  10. I was at this, first half on the away end, second half pay an extra 10 pence and walk round to the home end. Talk about segregation!
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