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  1. after years of false hope, promises that never materialise and self bloating waffle, it feels like we have someone you can trust to do the right thing, there will still be hiccups ahead, but i feel a lot more confident about the future.
  2. only when we get a OMDT from you, do i feel that we are back in business. lets put all the past poo behind us, were on our way lets get off to a winner.
  3. grow up!, grow up have you not realised his first name is an anagram of Oral Fin is there is something we should know
  4. I live in the middle of you lot, and enjoy the banter, but in all honesty i have never known a more depressing pessimistic view than they have at the moment. every silver lining has a cloud
  5. DM is nobody's fool, he could probably get a job at a club in the division above, but i get the feeling that he knows that if gets this juggernaut rolling in the right direction then his CV will be properly enhanced, he can then either stay with us and keep pushing or take a job with a mid table premiership nonentity. Either way both parties benefit All i hope is that us, the fans keep a balanced view, yes we are all feeling positive but there are going to be some tough times this season, we have got to keep patient
  6. Narcissists never learn from their mistakes, they go quiet and then return with a bigger poo fest than before, but i do hope you are right
  7. Many years ago when I was working in Manchester, I had a Lancia Prisma, the journey over the snake on the way home was epic, wish i had kept it
  8. Many years ago Kerry Dixon, he went to Chelsea, and then Gary Birtles, went to Forest sigh
  9. Villa mate of mine, raves about Green, hopefully he does the stuff this season
  10. had the same with Sanderson, the shirt came out for sale midweek and we were in Disneyland Florida by the weekend, guy came up to us, senior level with Sanderson, was telling us how he had voted against the sponsorship but was gobsmacked at seeing it, took a photo of us wearing them, as he did a little kid wandered past with the shirt on. the look on the guys face!
  11. We are going to need players like him this season, its a big opportunity for him to push on. Rather have him with us than some of the Billy Big B0--0x we have unloaded over the last couple of summers Good luck to him
  12. Fully agree with this, forget flair, forget silky skills, this season we will need him more than most.
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