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  1. Just to sum up reach and a couple of more of our wasters will be in the championship next season we will not be I remember reach ripping us apart when he played for preston so what gone wrong he can play
  2. Our chairman and leader said he would not rush into appointing a new manager because it would need to be the right choice yet again this blivering idoit has failed us again moore is a dreadful appointment and we gave his previous employer money for him soft touch wednesday In a game we HAD TO Win turned into a toal negitive approach worst than pullis time in charge I dont want to see another manager bite the dust due to DC having to chose another victim Advice to DC 2words 4 letters PAUL COOK
  3. Dont knock the lad its not his fault he is the only left footed full back we have in the club Have ago at the abysmal prevoius mangement who after getting rid of fox failed to replace him
  4. Stop blaming reach his best position is out on the left wing banging the crosses into the box Thats where he is at his best but where do we play right midfield totally out of position we have ruined a good footballer by bad management over the period he been with Dont blame him leaving his next club will profit
  5. All my thoughts answed in previous posts We are a total shambles and embarrassment We has loyal fans do not deserve what is being offered out by management and players its a good job hillsboro not open to fan the atmosphere would be toxic plus Please DC get the hell out of our club so we get from somewhere pride and passion back
  6. If his preformance in games and training are up to requirement then yes definitely play him After he is a professional person with a contract and committment to work for his employer till that said contract expires
  7. We were dire tonight 2nd best to all balls no midfield at all therefore no service to front 2 Substitutions all poor none affected the game How does cat get on when brown dele bashy and penny are left warming the bench Reach back to his old self no influence at all Mom lees by a mile wonderful goal saving block on fletcher shot
  8. Tommy craig best ever even voted for one of his penaltys on goal of month on MOTD earlt 70s
  9. Brennan for me at least he tried to defend all game and unlucky with penelty shout Booby prize to patersonhow he can call himself a footballer we have had some useless forwards but he is up with them
  10. Good coverage on BT at least micheal owen is saying nice things about us better than sky ********
  11. Remember the ties very well went to 3 of them missed highbury and final leiceter tie due to work Didnt clear the snow off the pitch but put plenty back on when snowballing jennings Remember driving down to leicester in my beat up avenger in very thick fog The games at leicester were brillant and we matched a very strong arsenal side liam brady and all We had stars inour side dave rushbury brian hornsby etc 79 was a good year staring with the cup ties getting married and finishing with the boxing day massacre
  12. I remember last time thompson was in caretaker control just before dave jones arrived one of the games was a riviting goaless draw at rochdale we never attacked that day and how rochdale didnt take us apart I dont know. So normal service tonight then
  13. The possable return of hutchinson could had been a factor in pulis demise . No way would DC have hutchinson back in the club with the way he acted towards previous managers appointed by DC
  14. Biggest mistake dont know whose decision it was to release big dave would not have cost us a fortune in wages always was avalable for selection good team player Also bring back lee only midfield player who was prepared to venture into penelty box And offer support to forward line
  15. Joey p mom speak volumes how low we have now sunk cant see even pulis rescueing us The team of the seventies at least had passion we have totally nothing and no one to come in The dingles will walk all over us at the weekend
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