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  1. Somebody find a charismatic winner and put the janitor out of his misery.
  2. I am still Moore out though. I’ve seen more passion in white dog dirt. Find a massive personality who is a winner and end the nice guy experiment.
  3. Let’s be honest the sending off was a major turning point. However, we are still in Moore’s 3rd season and we have no out ball or pace up top. If you are down to ten men you need an outlet to prevent the opposition defence camping on our halfway line and playing the game in our half. We have basically got Bernard Breslaw and Sid James up front. The next two week will determine our season. No pace no chance.
  4. Is it April 1st? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4389760/amp/USA-women-s-team-suffer-5-2-loss-FC-Dallas-U-15-boys.html The lion is the king of the jungle, not the meerkat.
  5. Just play a back 4 and stop over complicating the game. In any level of football if you pick a 3 you need the middle man to be quick, comfortable on the ball and tactically intelligent. They should never be marking and just covering. Heneghan is a man marker and nothing more. He is just able to attack the ball and clear his lines. He doesn’t possess the ball playing ability or pace to play in the middle. This is not rocket science.
  6. He’s so far out of his depth it’s frightening. We are worse than last season and have conceded 3 goals at home. He should of gone after the Sunderland game.
  7. In all honesty it’s a shocking result. We have got an ex centre half as a manager and we are still poor and too easy to play against. If you score 3 goals at home you should be getting the 3 points. I don’t believe you can play Byers and Bannan together. Combined they weigh the same as an adult. We need a screen in front of the defence who can win the second ball and offer protection.
  8. I’m not blaming him, I’m just stating facts. He took us down.
  9. Definition of insanity The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Darren Moore Season 1 - Relegated Season 2 - Failed to get promotion with the highest wage budget in the league This drum has been banged for a while from me but you all need to wake up. The guy is a fraud and totally tactically and technically inept.
  10. Please refrain from ever posting anything like that again.
  11. No player is bigger than the club. ML is a loss but you have to factor in his injury record and possible World Cup call up. We have too many sick notes as it is so it’s a case of head ruling the heart. NML is a bad egg, we gave him an opportunity after his cocaine fiasco.
  12. Let’s stop thinking long term and just focus on signing players to get us out of this league. We have no divine right to get promotion and should sign the best players available to help achieve that. Jayden Stockley is a better target man than anyone we currently have.
  13. If they offer anything over £1.5 mill we have to accept. Have we learned nothing from Hooper, Fernando and Winnall etc. There is no point in having strikers that cannot guarantee 30-40 games a season.
  14. I wouldn’t ******** on him if he was on fire. His disgraceful actions in his final game destroyed his legacy.
  15. It’s always difficult coming on as a defender, trying to get up to the pace of the game etc and try and win your individual battles. Its arguably the most difficult substitution you can make. Let’s not forget Roberts and Clarke are arguably the two best players in the league along with Bannan and Pritchard. I don’t believe it’s fair to make Palmer the scapegoat. Storey was beaten far too easily for me. The same applies with Mendez-Laing, he’s not a full back and should not play there. He doesn’t have the instincts or awareness to play there. A competent manager would of gone 4-3-3 rather than put square pegs in round holes.
  16. And that got us where exactly? The aim was promotion not failure. We bottled the two biggest games of the season.
  17. I think it’s fairly obvious that Moore isn’t good enough to get us promoted. He had the best squad and biggest wage budget in the league. He isn’t cute enough tactically and failed to inspire any performances over the two biggest games of the season. We don’t turn up away from hillsborough and regularly get bullied and out thought.
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