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  1. We are absolutely atrocious both on paper and grass. Why is anybody surprised that we are going down....
  2. Let’s make a player that gives 100%, never moans and keeps fit the scapegoat. I understand he has a limited set of abilities but we should be keeping him for next season. You will get more out of him than Luongo over a full season. I think some fans need to give their head a wobble.
  3. All you morons who thought Shaw should still play have showed how little you understand football. It was nailed on to end in disaster and the few of us who predicted it have been proved right. The most stupid decision I’ve seen in years by Thompson.
  4. Hell No. I’d put him on gardening leave till his contract expires. The only winner in playing him is Liam Shaw. We are down no matter what happens.
  5. I wouldn’t want any of them to stay apart from Shaw and Urhoghide.
  6. I understand the point you’re making. However they don’t pretend to be one of us. I take it too personally and it hurts when we struggle. Some people feel the same and others just revel in the misery and patronise and belittle other supporters.
  7. We would be developing a player for another club. We are down regardless of shaw playing. I have no interest in helping his career. Let him have 6 months off and enjoy his new adventure.
  8. The whole squad is crap. We can’t pin it all on one player. It’s just one big pile of poor players.
  9. Probably because 99.99% of football fans are morons who let their emotions take over.
  10. He’s not stabbed us in the back. We get £300k off Celtic for Judas. I’m a SWFC fan no player is bigger than the club.
  11. If the rumours are true that he has signed for Celtic then we have no choice but to banish him until his contract is up. Attack me all you want but you’re either with us or you’re the enemy. I’m 33 years old and I still have dreams about scoring the winning goal in the fa cup final. He is fulfilling everyone’s dreams by playing week in week out for his boyhood club. You pick a team and with it you accept a life sentence with no parole. We are in hell but we just have to keep going. Characters show their true colours and stand up and be counted. Cowards run when
  12. This is painfully poor. We look completely lost and incapable of creating anything meaningful going forward. Brown must have done something extremely bad to not be getting any opportunities in this pathetic attempt at a football team.
  13. I know from a very reliable source (ex youth team player at Chesterfield) that Wayne Allison would get in every piggy squad and EDITED FOR LEGAL REASONS This has been going on for years and will continue to do so.
  14. I can’t believe nobody has mentioned Carlton Palmer. Sounds like one of Del Boy’s cocktails.
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