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  1. If only they had a neg button, they could all sort it out peacefully
  2. I said this myself last night. A way to go yet, but i think he has the potential to be a real legend. Love his enthusiasm and commitment and his fist-pumping celebration infant of the North at the end - Brilliant.
  3. Really? Thought the ref was pretty good last night. Five minutes was too long though.
  4. You’ve got the cr@p filter turned on. Not high enough though, if you can still read owlstalk.
  5. We had a great first season under Carlos, a frustrating second season and a disastrous start to this season. When the going got tough this season (arguably due to the poor training and rushing back of injuries), what did Carlos do? He cut and ran. He wasn't sacked and he didn't fall on his sword: he procured himself a step up to the Premiership (if Swansea could ever be described as a step up from anything). All his fine words about Wednesday and "The Massive Fans" were just that. There was no sentiment; he was purely serving his own ends. I have no hate for Carlos, but I have no respect either. He is just another chancer who has left a few ripples on the Wednesday pool that will soon be gone.
  6. Yes, much better to have a manager with skill at avoiding relegation than one with a track record of promotion.
  7. Whilst we officially changed our name in 1929, we were commonly known as Sheffield Wednesday for a long time prior to that. Lots of early reports and tables refer to us as Sheffield Wednesday, though I think the fans clung to “The Wednesday”. Certainly my older relatives always called us The Wednesday.
  8. Thought both wing backs were poor which led to a midfield three getting out battled in midfield for most of the first half. It didn't help that Joey was new to the team (although I thought it was an OK debut) and Boyd had his shoelaces tied together for the first half. Adthe and Matias were superb all night: really put a shift in and frightened the bejaysus out of the Reading defenders. Laugh of the night was that after about 15 mins of good noise from the Kop, there was a strangulated chant of "is this a library?" from about 20 in the West Stand. No, its not a library, and it isn't a reading room either.
  9. I think he had a pretty good idea which direction he was headed whren he walked. But as others have said, it matters not: we all got what we wanted.
  10. Well thanks for pouring some cold water on my mindless enthusiasm. Just off to find a rope and a chair....
  11. I really don’t get this “my crowd is bigger than your crowd” cr@p. I go to watch Wednesday because they are my team: I have been in crowds of 55,000 and I have been in crowds of 11,000: I would go if I was the only one there. I don’t care how many people watch any other team, they don’t interest me; my team is Wednesday.
  12. Do we? Where did harry catterick go then?
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