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  1. Gerry guested in the .....

    Did your uncle have a speech impediment?
  2. little bazza

    It was tongue in cheek really. Personally, I am happy to put up with a few flops if recruitment also brings in the likes of Bannan, Hooper, Forestieri. I have a feeling that we will be adding Reach, Butterfield and Rhodes to the list of fantastic signings before long.
  3. little bazza

    But our recruitment is terrible! ( I know this for a fact because Owlstalk says so.)
  4. E-Cash Payments At Hillsborough Today

    It has been a cashless stadium for me for years - can’t be doing with the over-priced, poor quality food served at a snail’s pace by innumerate staff.
  5. Hillsborough dis-organisation

    So you lost it, sat a yard from it for 3 hours and failed to spot it, but its somehow Wednesday’s fault? OK
  6. Time for the return of the reserves

    Not sure if he was the first, but I remember reading an article about Kevin Keegan scrapping the reserves at Newcastle. I can remember thinking at the time, “daft idea, that won’t last.” Always had my finger on the pulse
  7. Objection your honour!

    All the evidence suggests that this is going to be an hugely inconsistent division this year (more so than usual). Anyone who can get a bit of consistency has got a great chance. Which is what makes our recent capitulations doubly galling.
  8. What is it that John Harkes?

    Franny Jeffers James O'Connor Kenny Lunt David Graham?
  10. Serve with a Barneyaise sauce.
  11. 150 anniversary dinner

    Well it will be the first one I have been to, does that mean no one will talk to me?
  12. Best Wednesday match you have ever seen

    Owls 7, Burnley. 0. Best and worst really. Best because it seeded in my 10 year old soul a dream of glory, which despite the odds, has never really died. Worst for the same reason.
  13. Post a positive

    Reach is in good form. Bannan is in great form. Lord Snooty is in superb form!
  14. This who is making our kits

    Do they make shrouds for pontiffs as well?
  15. League Cup 3rd Round Draw - 4:15am

    Not surprised. It is the logical next step in the destruction of the peoples game. Expect the final to be played in China within the next 5 years.