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  1. Mine . Waddle. Atkinson (first time) .harkes derby away lc . To many to think of . 91 season . Same . Chelsea lc semi 91 . Wembley 93 semi final . Villa park
  2. I'm sure I read that if Premier league clubs take a 30% duduction on there earnings it works out around 500 million so the inland revenue loose around 200 million in tax so wouldn't it be better increasing the tax rate for footballers to say a extra 20% from any player who earns over a certain amount for the next 3mths then than would benefit everyone apart from the super rich players
  3. Don't know if they were the best but the bravest maybe Wrexham at home put them on the cop triangle all 40 of them think they were bottom of the league and won 3-0 I think imagine that happening today
  4. Got married 20 May 93 replay night reception was a blinder especially for the blunts when woods did his sign language impression
  5. Pot Vale in 91 remember thinking for every port Vale fan there was 5 of us also Oldham away same year remember watching from a lorry park wild it was
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