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  1. Big week for the club, If wages aren’t paid expect points deduction, announcement soon possibly this week, mediation with the PFA to be held if this fails then the dominoes will fall, and the repercussions could further devastate the club....so this will be a big week for the future regardless.
  2. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11683/12323408/slavisa-jokanovic-backed-as-sheffield-united-plot-swift-premier-league-return What a difference having football and business infrastructure makes... light years behind
  3. He didn’t tho did he, Cooke didn’t want to come to this barm pot of a club and work for that Megalomaniac
  4. Huddersfield whatever they call it these days...
  5. We’re going down the route of Bury, the EFL we’re criticised in not getting involved earlier with them, why aren’t they getting involved in this following the Bury poo show..ridiculous.
  6. Selling tickets for seasons in advance was all everyone needed to see that Chansiri hasn’t got a pot to ******** in anymore, we’re now seeing the evidence of that, we’ll be the next Bury but on a much massiver scale... I still can’t believe we have fans supporting this loon, he’s crippled up then took away our crutches, if you’ve think we’ve bottomed out then your a fool, we have no players and the ones we have aren’t getting paid, like I said... this is exactly the way Bury went. Best outcome would be admin, then a takeover.
  7. May go ******** up, but they’ve appointed the best man for the job and he’ll be the best manager in that league, so it will probs give them a shot.
  8. We’ve not been a top club in over 22 years, we’re on no ones register anymore and we also have fans in their 20’s who have never experienced top flight football, the way we’ve been run is despicable.
  9. This coming from a man who has been anything but professional....ironic.
  10. Only really a gamble if they can’t afford it, which they can, they’ll have bagged £260M over 2 seasons in the prem with the smallest wage budget in the league circa £50m, with a net spend of around £120m even if they go down this year they’ll still have parachute payments that will more than cover the wage and operating costs, they’ll also have the best squad in the league to mount a challenge to go back up, it’s easy to see what they’re doing in terms of bringing in talented young players that will continually develop and improve them.
  11. You do realise the clubs agree and ratify the rules that all the league have to abide by, it’s not the EFL who have broke the rules but the Clubs that can’t stick to them, what do you expect the EFL to do let clubs get away with cheating. Can you imagine the backlash from the clubs that didn’t cheat if they said oh yes fine do what you want...
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