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  1. It's not on my IPTV service. Therefore I will just press F5 on Skybet while simultaneously spending my projected winnings in my head.
  2. I just pay for IPTV instead, you get a lot more for your money.
  3. This is also true, we aren't going to fly up the table. We aren't also going to start keeping a clean sheet every game by bringing in Westwood and Hutchinson. Jos still needs to go though.
  4. I'm just boycotting all the games while Jos is still in charge, season ticket is paid for but I've got better things to do with my time than watch that shower of poo .
  5. How? You sign up knowing games live on TV aren't shown on iFollow. Red button games should still be on iFollow as far as I'm aware.
  6. I thought it was only midweek games shown on Sky behind the red button, I didn't think Sunday games were included (Brentford wasn't).
  7. Were most of these posts made while on crack? Don't understand the hate, it finished 1-1 and we were absolutely battered for most of the game.
  8. It will be on Sky (behind the red button).
  9. It says Aston Villa have asked us to sell the LOWER TIER first on the Twitter post.
  10. Wednesday fans are great, when Westwood was out injured for large periods of last season all the talk was about letting him go, he wasn't needed etc. The minute he's fit then there is uproar that he's not playing. Why do people also think that the decision not to play him has come from the top, he still gets paid whether he plays or not. Maybe, just maybe it's as black and white as Jos says and he's going with youth and the future of SWFC.
  11. The entire wall is now a massive dream scene picture, looks great. I was in the shop today, hardly any staff on the tills for the amount of people wanting to be served which lead to 10-15 mins queue times. The shop was very busy and it was well stocked though.
  12. £7 I think, not checked the receipt. Used the points from my season card that I'd collected from buying the other shirts so didn't pay full price.
  13. They had all sizes in today, both home and away shirts.
  14. I bought 2 (well 5 if you include the rest of the family).
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