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  1. ozzy

    Whose going Tuesday

    I shall be in attendance ... as always.
  2. ozzy

    A wonderful opportunity...

    Completely agree with the OP. New year ..New Start. Lets move on together.
  3. Yes it's them. Just be in shot. Oh dear.
  4. Dad gave mi this. Not sure of year.
  5. Found this an all..Looks owd.
  6. Just had a rumidge. Found this int bottom of mi cupboard. Worth owt?
  7. Just put mi stupid head on.. DONE.
  8. ozzy


    Just been for another poo.
  9. 3 Year tickets sorted for me and Grandson.. Plenty of folks renewing theirs this morning.
  10. What a stupid effing thread. Can we close it down now please
  11. ozzy


    Bootham end looks like BDTBL.