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  1. This is where we need to learn from past seasons. Forest offer anything upwards of 300k and we should sell. Granted he's a good player at this level. But i don't think he is essential for success this season. Brown, Johnson and Galvin all able to play in that position. Last year of contract. 29 Years old one of the higher earners now probably. Worst case we sign a new left back in January.
  2. worth noting ... We were missing our 3 potential best attackers. Windass, Shodipo and Gregory. First game, good point move on.
  3. Do they have a facebook group? or is it organised direct through the pub. cheers
  4. Anyone know if there are any pubs offering coach travel?
  5. I've seen the club have put a coach on, but are there any alternatives?
  6. I've seen the club have a coach on. But are there any pubs putting a bus on?
  7. Little something I put together. Only used the K8 sponsorship as they have shown interest in the past when they sponsored the kit for a friendly and against Man City i believe. Looking forward to seeing what Macron have put forward ...
  8. These are some i mocked up. Taking inspiration from the 91 home shirt and 98 away shirt. Would love them to turn around and say we're going back to what we know and re-assign the old owl silhouette badge but cant see that happening. Also couldn't bring myself to add chansiri's name on the shirt. Hopefully we get a new shirt sponsor.
  9. There's actually quite a lot out there in terms of the free market. All the below are out of contract this summer ... Chuks Aneke (27) - Scored 16 for Charlton this season. 6ft 3 as well. Max Power (27) - Previously linked a few years ago. 6 goals and 3 assists for Sunderland this season. Joe Dodoo (25) - Already been linked recently. Ended the season strong with Wigan. Randell Williams (24) - Had a hard time with injury with Exeter in league 2. Previous season scored 5 and registered 14 assists from wing back. Dion Charles (25) - 20 Goals and 3 assists for Accrington Stanley. Came from Non league. with finances tight for the majority of the football league I can imagine a lot of clubs will be after these players. I can see Darren Moore getting some good Young loans from the Prem. Going to be an interesting summer.
  10. profit - a financial gain, especially the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent in buying, operating, or producing something and then selling for more. hope this helps
  11. I just think it's refreshing to see a striker who goes in behind. we haven't had that for a few seasons ... you'll find a striker with pace will get more opportunities then say someone like wickham/rhodes/fletcher. good track record, good age, good price, won't be on stacks and can play anywhere in the front line - no brainer just M.O
  12. something a little different perhaps?
  13. time for Nuhiu to move on, can't keep sticking with the same players ... need to start refreshing the squad every couple of years
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