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  1. I know this sounds bad and depressing but would relegation be a bad thing in the long run ? (if we're deducted 10+ points) would finally give us the clean slate we've needed for 2 plus years and more importantly the chairman. He need's to learn how to run a club and complete rebuild would be the lesson he needs. out of contract players gone. all the high earners like Bannan would have to leave as they wouldn't take the step down. A new recruitment structure of dipping in to the lower league market. How many teams have we seen in the last 10 years come from league 1 and then go on to the prem or be on the brink. Blades, Bournemouth and then theres Brentford and Bristol who are on their way. i'd much rather take the points deduction now and go down rather then next season and sit in the bottom 6.
  2. Just come to my attention that Lewis Holtby is now a free agent. An attacking mid which we are very short on. played 30 games last season for Schalke. also linked with Cardiff.
  3. Sorry if I've already posted not sure if this is the same thread. Here's my idea for the new home shirt. The old owl silhouette faded, which would wrap around the bottom edge of the shirt.
  4. my 2 proposals for the upcoming seasons home shirt, based on the fact it will be manufactured again by Elev8 and be sponsored by Chansiri
  5. Whats everyone thinking ? id love to see remakes of some of the old strips which are fans favourites. Really hoping for a remake of the 98/99 orange away strip. This is one i knocked up earlier today ... similar to last year in ways but a more retro vibe. Loved Bournemouth's home kit this year with the umbro branded cuffs, would work a treat in the famous blue and white.
  6. Keepers Westwood - offer contract Wildsmith - loan out Defenders Pudil - release palmer - release Hector - sign Midfielders abdi boyd jones Matias ???? Get shut
  7. Chance for Hector to be tested in defensive midfield ?
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