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  1. Unlucky. Life isn't fair. Nobody ever said it was.
  2. Mass brawl? I prefer "Bare ruckus Pon the pitch."
  3. Ten minutes from mine too. Looking forward to it. Been a few times to watch the stags this season they do a family ticket for 18 quid (one adult and one child) and they sometimes have a buy one get one free for consecutive home games. So 18 quid for four tickets. Can't knock that.
  4. Take a look at @andyyeardley's Tweet: https://twitter.com/andyyeardley/status/594265155967520769?s=09 Hope that worked??
  5. NWas at the ground yesterday (working in a house on tailtone rd) an SWFC maintanence guy let me in the house and I overheard his walki talkie message saying the gents toilets had flooded could he attend.
  6. I like most people want to see England win. Someone asked me if i would rather England win the Euros or Wedneday win the Prem. I would rather Wednesday win their first game of the season than England win owt. I support both but I would much rather see Wednesday be succesfull. Dont have to share it with anyone then!
  7. Anyone know when the real new kits should be going on sale? I want one now!
  8. Suppose its expensive but as said. You would definatly pay it.
  9. I've had same as that with a Forest fan. Minus the goals one. Although he reckons they will go down next year!
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