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  1. my sister used to go to uni there (Aberyswyth) but now shes in france working :):):):):):):):):):):):):)
  2. it appears im not te only one from round here! theres 2 ppl just over the wet stuff ;)having said that it says i live bout 10 raods away lolmoved it now
  3. wolleyback is a term used around here for out of towners who try to act like scousers
  4. thats were wirral is for you uneducated people therefore showing im not a scoucer as liverpool is on the other side of the mersey!!!
  5. makes sence everyone has been moaning about him not playing from what ive read today!
  6. he has an attitude problem! thats 1 reason why he doesnt play much! his goal vs everton was good but david weir is hardly a great centre back is he?!good pass from harry kewell too!
  7. cisses only attribute is his pacehe is a crap player!unfortunately he wont be sold as morientes is currently injured leaving him crouch and pongolle as our only strikers
  8. well ill take peacock and graham in exchange for cisse traore diao (we still aint got rid yet!!!!) pongolle josemi and cheyrouim not from liverpool im from over the other side of the mersey
  9. no but im interested in one richie partridge can we have him back please?
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