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  1. Hi everyone would now be a good time to mention that I have a limited edition run of injurytruck badges? do you like badges? i have injurytruck badges who wants to order an injurytruck badge?
  2. i have badges for sale on the ebay. if you want badges then get my badges on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SHEFFIELD-WEDNESDAY-OLD-STYLE-BLUE-CREST-ENAMEL-PIN-BADGE/151973457838
  3. hello sheffield wednesday fans out there. does anyone have any sheffield wednesday badges. I have sheffield wednesday badges. do you want some sheffield wednesday badges? do you want some badges? I have the badges
  4. would anyone be interested in some carlos carvalalhal badges?
  5. if anyone wants badges they should pm me i have badges i collect badges like sheffield wefnesdsy badges and bee fees badges which are my favourite badges would anyone like my badges
  6. I don't have any ticket stubs but I do have badges. does anyone else like badges? does anyone want to buy my badges?
  7. hello everyone i have badges for sale of alan irvine if anyone would like one of my badges of alan irvine them please pm me the ones of alan irvine as west brom manager are on sale offer price now at half price
  8. hello everyone i have some terry henfleet badges for sale and they are very cheap and they are for sale i have some abba badges although some of the pins on the back have gone a bit rusty but if you would like one please let me know and i will sell you an abba badge. I also have three brother beyond badges and a badge about giant redwood trees who wants to buy a badge tomorrow at the market
  9. hello I do not have passion hats but I have some passion badges for sale if anyone wants one please pm me because I am selling the passion badges. I also have some other badges like robot badges and some badges with old pictures on like faces of victorians if you want a passion badge please pm me immediately and I will sell you a passion badge
  10. i do not do the international orders as i have been conned before on ebay by badge buyers from the yemen bangkok is too much postage especially the bob monkhouse one which is heavy and would also need insurance for you to have you can have badges if you meet up with me and give me the money I will give you the badges
  11. you can have four round badges I have special offer on with one of the queen, a brown one of bob monkhouse, one that says 'i eat my greens' and a status quo limited edition You can have special offer three pound I will meet you you will pay me then you will have badges
  12. Hello I have many badges and have round badges and square badges I DO NOT NO LONGER SELL BADGES ABOUT THE POST OFFICE
  13. Does anyone want to buy my badges? I have badges !!!!! Badges
  14. hello everyone !!!!!!!!!!! i have some badges for sale including a claridge badge!!!!!!! does anyone want a claridge badge !?!????
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