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  1. Brando,  Adam has played nearly every minute of every game since he signed for the Owls.  He has had good games and bad games!! Take away his "worldies",  his assists, work rate in every game, playing in many positions to bolster the weaknesses of the squad. I think the Owls would be down in the relegation zone.  He has played for several poor managers who were clutching at straws to keep their job, rather than concentrate on making the entire squad better players and consequently a better team.  I think £5 million is a snip in the current climate.  You could win 3 times that on the lottery tonight!!  More importantly how is it that, beyond doubt, the best keeper in the club, has not played for most of the season?? That surely has had more impact on the league position this season than Adam's poor games??? Hopefully the new manager will address these issues and let the players flourish and become more influential on the park. Victimising individual players, is not the way forward for this great club to regain its rightful status in the Premiership.  It is about placing trust in the new manager, who will hopefully play players where they want to play, where he wants them to play, and forget the poor miss management of the last few seasons.  It breaks my heart to say it, but one ex-Man utd star has set his former club alight, lets hope another ex-Man Utd star can ignite all the Owls players.

  2. Although Dawson did nothing wrong "AT ALL" for either goal, he did not do very much throughout the game to inspire me with confidence. As an reasonable ex-non league defender I know how much confidence a whole side can get from a really solid commanding goalkeeper who controls, not just his box, but the entire back line and beyond.  Both Boro goals could have been averted by simple gentle paced back passes. Do the players lack a little bit of confidence in their keeper??  Yes they do !!!


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