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  1. I didn't make it but I would guess they bought a Photoshop template from here: https://yellowimages.com/search/?q=soccer&t=product&c=2598 Same goes for the guy that did the design for the third kit this season, only guessing though.
  2. There's been a lot of talk recently about next season's shirt and with a fair few World Cup kits getting announced at the moment I thought I'd try and put something together. I'm guessing the stripes are too thick/thin, the blue is wrong, it would look better with the old badge, the sleeves should have stripes, it should be a Bukta kit and so on but I guess you can't please everybody! What do you think?
  3. Now we're over a quarter of the way through the season, which five squad players would you say have been consistently been the best on the pitch? 1. Lees 2. Westwood 3. Forestieri 4. Lee 5. Turner/Bannan/Hutch Plus, got a bit caught up in the recent positivity and made this wallpaper, thought I'd share.
  4. Luis Suarez £75mil 11 apps 2 gls Romelu Lukaku £28mil 21 apps 6 gls Mario Balotelli £16mil 12 apps 0 gls Danny Welbeck £16mil 16 apps 4 gls Enner Valencia £12mil 19 apps 3 gls Loic Remy £10mil 8 apps 2 gls Ideye Brown £10mil 12 apps 1 gl Abel Hernandez £10mil 13 apps 3 gls Leonardo Ulloa £8mil 20 apps 7 gls Rickie Lamber £4mil 17 apps 2 gls Bojan Krkic £4mil 16 apps 4 gls Stevie May £? 21 apps 5 gls Discuss...
  5. Haven't posted anything on here in a long time but I made this recently and thought I'd share it. All images are courtesy of their respective owners.
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