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  1. They are still at it, and ignore the likes of Geoff Thomas spaffing a shot to the corner flag.
  2. Catterick, Wilko and Big Ron, the what-ifs, if they stuck around and were backed with some cash.
  3. Some awesome goals, plus I like that he doesn't get injured and can often surprise you with a great cross or attacking play. But I still have a few nagging doubts about him. Makes too many errors and seems to go 'missing' in too many games. I also doubt his versatility, as he struggled in defense. Worrying that we cant pinpoint his best position. Personally, if i was a fan of a Premiership club, I'd be gutted if my club spent £20 million on him.
  4. Fair point. Cant imagine many kids making the trip though.
  5. Abdi, Matias, Fessi and Lee. All light weight build, no surprise to me they break down on a regular basic. Hooper, well, he's on the opposite scale, but a natural athlete he is not. Next time we sign a player, I hope we take into account that the Championship is a tough physical marathon of a league, and scout robust players like Reach.
  6. It did indeed, I preferred the old south stand, should have been protected and saved -- like Fulham's main stand -- and the money used to build a new west stand or invested in the team. I feel for all our younger fans who didnt witness 20k stood on the kop, it was immense, and only Villa's Holte end came close.
  7. I rate Joey, a bargain like Winnall. I'd prefer us to play three in the centre: Bannon, Joey, and Onomah, rather than playing three centerbacks.
  8. Yup, the defense isnt great, but it wasnt under Westwood, he saved us 6-10 points a season under Carlos; my opinion, and why he got the PFA award. People underestimate what a quality keeper can do. Cloughie never did, alot on Owlstalk seem to. I dont think Dawson is a terrible keeper, just that Westwood is far superior and would save us points.
  9. No clean sheets under Dawson, with 5 in defense for most of his games, is the key factor. The numbers dont lie. I think he is poor overall, doesn't inspire confidence in any area of his goalkeeping, and I've watched every game he's played, every minute. Westwood is only 33, not old for a keeper, to suggest he is past it is foolish.
  10. Dont agree. Dawson has been poor every game Ihe's played. Westwood was named in the 2014–15 Championship PFA Team of the Year,[12] the first Sheffield Wednesday player to appear in such a team since Nigel Pearson, David Hirst and John Sheridan in 1990–91.
  11. So the argument has got round to Kieran Westwood being a crap keeper, even though nearly every pundit rated him about the best in the division, and he is a republic of ireland international. Yeh that makes sense, because Jos cant be wrong.
  12. I was impressed with the villa and bristol performances. But Stoke, West Brom, Leeds and Boro, we hung on with our fingers nails. Seemed a step back from Carlos in his first two seasons. The fact Dawson has had to save so many shots with 5 in defense makes me question how good the changes at swfc really are. Without Reach's wonder strikes, we'd probably have lost 3/4 home games.
  13. fair enough, we arent going to agree. Personally, i cant see the logic of dropping a keeper widely accepted as the best in the division for a youngster who hasnt kept a clean sheet. I fail to see the logic in it, except the usual "have faith in jos" blind argument.
  14. He maybe could be if the manager is under a trade embargo and has a personal issue with the other keepers in his squad.
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