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  1. I’m the only Wednesday fan! Son Liverpool, friends, when I lived in Teesside - Boro, ( I did get some hassle in those days, but I was strong when following the Owls in 70 - 85). Now in Chester, my mates at walking football all follow the big four MU,MC,Liverpool and Everton, the good thing is they always have a good word regarding Wednesday!
  2. It’s got to be Mike Jones ex prem ref from Chester!
  3. The skunk has arrived at Newcastle, thank goodness we can move on!
  4. Hi Green Howard, I notice that you live in the Chester area do you go to the match?
  5. It was a long afternoon - got fed up everyone jumping up out of their seats! 8 times and they won the old second division that day - I can always remember there captain Stuart Boam a beast of a central defender. Were you in the Green Howard Regiment based in Richmond/Catterick? My grandad who I mentioned in my thread was ex Green Howard - 1st world war time,but stationed in India.
  6. Thanks Mr Tom, - I know there are thousands out there like you and me, who just like to support and follow Wednesday for good or bad.
  7. I would like to tell you my life as a Wednesdayite, it started as a boy living in the south part of Sheffield Gleadless/Greenhill and desperately wanting to go a football match. My dad not having any interest in football - my only chance was my grandad in Shiregreen so I can still remember my first game in 1967 - Burnley ( we beat 2 -1) it was the most exciting thing I had,done the buss and nearly knocking my grandads teeth out as I stood up to celebrate, arms waving around. The school yard football, mine was Jordanthorpe, United against Wednesday and if you scored a goal in that little
  8. A few weeks back, when Wednesday were training at Carden Park Chester, Hoops was with the rest of players and looked in reasonable condition. He and all the others were wearing training kit.
  9. The first week they were at Carden Park hotel, near Chester as I went to see them.
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