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  1. That is very good news and proves that we clearly have a plan for him (and hopefully the other promising youngsters as well).
  2. After this, I'd offer them 150k just to p1ss them off.
  3. Football is like the airline business. If you sum the profit or loss of all the companies in the world, you end up in the red. That's why it is nowadays a hobby for millionaires or billionaires around the world.
  4. It would so Wednesday if we ended up having to give some money back to cover the loss
  5. Oh, and just remembered that we have a club named SexyPöxyt (Sexy Pants) here. They play in the fourth division.
  6. I've always found "Vorwärts Steyr" funny. Onwards Sheffield
  7. I'm falling in love with the club again, that is how important these early signings have been. The five sub rule makes it even more important to have a balanced and large enough squad.
  8. Luongo's agent rejected it and didn't tell poor Massimo
  9. Luongo would have got us promoted if he had not run out of steam near the end of season because of those injuries. A very good player and we'll miss him, but all the best for him wherever he goes.
  10. Professionalism goes a long way. I 100% agree that we need people with a heart here.
  11. "And then, at the end of the season, I won the Golden Glove. Which was nice."
  12. I am hoping that they add "The Massive" part soon. I keep refreshing the page.
  13. Being a massive club, we need a massive brand as well. Bring them on! TBH, the official site is bland and just the same format they all are. I'd love it if we had something cheeky and outrageous there at times. And no, Chansiri's midnight rants are not that
  14. I believe we should sign the team behind that as well.
  15. I am really liking this signing. An experienced stopper and seems to be a good bloke to have around. Short term solution? Maybe, but we should make our stay in L1 also short term.
  16. Might be that no-nonsense CB we need. Just do the basic job well, maybe score a goal or two from set pieces and I'm happy.
  17. I'm only hoping it gets those couple of our young prospects more time on the pitch next season.
  18. Welcome to Hillsborough, David Stockdale. Would be a perfect match to replace BPF as the number one keeper.
  19. Wahda life he must be having there, living his boyhood dream. Again.
  20. That Star's article does have comments from the club president to a local paper. "With Josh Windass there is an agreement and yesterday the offer was sent to Sheffield Wednesday" Of course, you never really know what's true and what's not.
  21. You don't agree personal terms if you don't want to move. I suppose we have to trust that the information is correct.
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