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  1. True, the Cup magic is long lost for me too.
  2. I really hope you win the final. I already wrote earlier that I would have liked both us and you get promoted, the huge fanbases deserve higher level football than L1 and you have had a lot of pain during recent years as well.
  3. The cakeball proved to be a great source of cheap laughs Seriously speaking, I'm glad to be able to survive our journey by using sarcastic and dark humour but not actually hating anything about the club. OT has also been one of the places where witty remarks have made me laugh in tears.
  4. TBH, Wakeman is a big football fan and we could do with him as our talisman progmatician
  5. He's not been used properly this season IMO. He is Captain Chaos, not Super-Mac. We have had many physical games where he should have been shithousing around but usually stayed on the bench.
  6. Our squad doesn't look half bad, if we just recruit players with correct requirements. Last summer we partly missed due to signing all the wingers, hopefully we now know what type of football we will play. However, our usual problem areas are still there - a decent GK, a midfield monster and a goalscoring striker desperately needed.
  7. Problem with BB is not the player himself but the way we drop deep under the slightest pressure. We can clearly see how different the game is if Bannan is allowed to play closer to the opposition goal than ours. Our midfield - or almost the whole team - is easily bullied, and that needs to be resolved before thinking of any other moves.
  8. With our available squad, there are no excuses for not coming out with a win today. 2-0 and then show Wycombe how to play football at Wembley.
  9. With Wednesday, you know that the last game means nothing and anything can happen. 2-0.
  10. Fair criticism or not, these are the things that will be brought up many times at OT if we lose the semi.
  11. I already predicted them to win 1-0 at home. You don't reach the playoff phase if you are not good and they are, especially at home. I also predicted us to win them 2-0 at home so I'm still very positive.
  12. The two clubs I would have liked to see promoted this season are playing today. This is going to be a very tough game, there's absolutely no time to let the game pass by like we have done too many times. I'm predicting a 1-0 win for Sunderland, their home form and support is hard to beat. We'll then beat them 2-0 at home and off to Wembley we go.
  13. A 1+2 year deal would be good for both parties. I'd expect that he'll have to start pushing for the first team next season. There's plenty of room there then. It's good that Moore has now had time to watch his development during the current season.
  14. Didn't we lose Luongo for a longer time because of a similar "unnecessary" thing? Stretching for the ball when the game was already in our pocket and final minutes ongoing. I understand the players work in the heat of the moment but it just sometimes bites back.
  15. Yes, that is true. It would be interesting to know how things would have been if we ever had been promoted. That's when the plans really fell apart and we've been drifting ever since.
  16. The milanmandarics are not a long-term solution. They are only looking to buy a distressed club cheap, lose the fat, then sell high and are not committed to anything more than that.
  17. I guess this is actually good news since we are usually very, very late with the stuff.
  18. I'm happy with that starting XI, it's the best we could do and plenty of options off the bench. The subs may become very important if we don't start to dominate the play and score early.
  19. Today's the day to make amends with the confusion of most of the season and bash the hell out of Pompey to ensure the playoff spot in style. 3-0 Owls.
  20. It's sad that he never really made it at the top level. That one season with Portsmouth was magical for him.
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