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  1. Wonderful play of words, sir I wish our players showed similar skill on the pitch. A tough 1-1 draw is my prediction for today.
  2. This win means that the chopping and changing will continue. It seems to produce results points-wise
  3. Despite the negativity around us right now, Kieran Lee will have a warm welcome and he's earned that. Let's just keep him off the scoresheet and grab a 1-0 win to smooth things down a bit.
  4. If the players don't feel comfortable with the tactics, they won't produce. Then again, my view is that defensive mid is a key position and Luongo is missed quite a lot.
  5. What I don't understand is why most managers nowadays are so stuck with one approach? It used to be 4-4-2 and direct football all the way a long time ago, but in modern times adaptability is a must. Hell, if I saw problems all over the pitch, I would seriously consider changing something else than just the starting XI.
  6. Oxford look a dangerous team, but Snoots' scouting team tells us that they've put Thierry Henry and Harry Kane in midfield, so it's 2-0 for us. Drunken uncle stumbles one in and Gregory nods the second from a Bannan corner (that one magnificent one out of 100 tries).
  7. Time to show Moore if we have the spark without Bannan. It's also good to see how the dead ball situations work. Other than that, I'm not too eager for this fixture, Wigan is a tough place and a point would be good.
  8. Partridge in a pear tree Thank you Snoots. I don't want to make any predictions other than that it will be a very hard game. A focused performance is needed.
  9. CM97/98 was the one I played so much back in the day. I even used to create an updated database package, which was quite popular since many had moved to the later editions. CM01/02 is the one I play now, and I think it's considered the best there is for anyone who doesn't care for the overcomplexity of later years games. It's freely downloadable and a wonderful forum at champman0102.net contains up-to-date databases and a load of patches to fix issues and bring the rules to the current level.
  10. My experiences with the club say that the less we have time for training, the better we seem to play
  11. Moore only needs to look down at Chansiri, who immediately knows it's time to step back and keep his hands off the team.
  12. Can we throw the young Cadamarteri up front, please? Or field any of those promising young ones?
  13. Luongo's days at Hillsborough are probably numbered, I don't see him getting a new contract after this season if he even recovers properly. It's a shame because there's a real player there in his prime years and he's not the type of player who is just happy to collect a wage.
  14. Thank you again, Snoots. What is a better way to start a lazy Saturday than have my breakfast and start reading the OMDT. It will be a tough game, always is with these ones where we are the clear favourites to overrun the opponent (which we rarely do anyway). Still, I predict a 0-2 win for us, BPF will have to do one or two good saves to keep a clean sheet. It warms my heart to know that these small clubs get a full house when we visit. It will do so much good for them.
  15. That bunch of five should tell us how the team is working and if the promotion push is on right from the start. All tough ones apart from Shrewsbury, who we must run over during the first 30 minutes or so.
  16. I also must remind you all that without Callum Paterson, we would not have had this classic by @Whitechapel Owl. Just gets better with every repeat
  17. If this was last season, it would be one who won the raffle to play in the next game.
  18. Every team needs a drunken uncle. Last season no one expected any of the goals he scored, he's totally unpredictable. Frustrating at times, but a definite team player.
  19. He's one that The Wednesday Curse didn't bite. And look what happened..
  20. What is happening at my club? Best signing of the transfer window.
  21. Flint stabilized the defence when he arrived. We might have survived if he had played till the end of the season.
  22. We played all the wrong players and won.
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