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  1. Time for a serious team talk and 3-2 FT. Thank you.
  2. FinnishOwl

    Almen Abdi is BACK

    He's not yet at the age to retire so he's got to work hard if he still wants a contract anywhere. That's the best possible situation for both us and Abdi - just look at Matias who seems to be fighting for an extension. We may still get a good game or two out of Abdi this season if there are no setbacks. I don't think Jos would even mention Abdi being back unless he was prepared to give him a chance at some point, provided that Abdi proves himself on the training field.
  3. FinnishOwl

    Shefki Kuqi

    To be fair, he looks just as old now as he did then. He's quite notorious here these days, a very passionate guy who on a bad day doesn't get along with referees, team owners, coaches or players.
  4. Chris Waddle and the stripes made me do it in the early 90s. I've been to England two times so I basically already know where the country is.
  5. FinnishOwl

    Lucas Joao

    Goes to show how much the things inside your head affect the result. There can be talent and potential for all the world but your mind can destroy everything quite easily. Proper man management is quite essential in modern day's football.
  6. FinnishOwl

    Morning all

    The coffee smells and tastes good, and no hangover. So what's not to love about life on a lazy Sunday like this?
  7. FinnishOwl

    Marco Matias

    Jos is proving to be a motivating person for those who are willing to work their socks off. I know that everyone around here hates Abdi, but I really hope that he has a similar resurrection. There is still time for that and at least Jos will give him a chance if he's worth it. That's what I really like in a manager or a coach, because why work if you are overlooked anyway.
  8. Thank you lads, now have a nice refreshing break with Jos cracking the whip all around you
  9. And a fresh new contract signed so one to drive us back to the PL with his goals
  10. Brilliant starter once again, thanks! I'm going for a 0-1 win, we need a clean sheet now.
  11. FinnishOwl

    Jos on Penney

    Nurturing the kids is like putting money in the bank. Penneys turn into millions if invested carefully.
  12. That the kids are all right
  13. Thank you Wednesday. A small betting victory for me but a big boost of confidence for the lads. Who would have thought that there is a quite different team playing out there after so much turmoil in the backstage.
  14. I'm loving these MDT starters. Thank you sir for making me laugh
  15. FinnishOwl


    I'm very happy to see him getting back to full fitness. He's a fighter with a great attitude, just what the club needs. The goals will come.