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  1. FinnishOwl

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    It could well be that Winnall remains a non-saleable asset for the whole season. Him getting into a good shape by January will require a lot of work and no setbacks.
  2. FinnishOwl

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Yes, he looks like a potential one who needs to get more physical toughness. It would be interesting to know how much the coaching staff of the team who wants to loan the player affects the decision. Jos should have a good reputation for letting the youngsters play if they're good enough.
  3. FinnishOwl

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Phil Foden comes to my mind but of course, they could have plans for him this season. A friend of mine had seen some Russian or Ukrainian ManC loanee play in a Dutch league game and liked what he saw. Don't know the name though.
  4. FinnishOwl

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    ManC youngsters sound good. There's no way they would get into their first team and there's talent there that needs tough, physical games.
  5. FinnishOwl

    The Westwood problem

    Yes, experience is critical and with Rhodes gone, Westwood's role is probably more important than earlier. I don't know much about Weaver as a coach, but he should also know what he's doing since he was promoted.
  6. FinnishOwl

    The Westwood problem

    It would be quite easy to sell Westwood, there would surely be lots of teams ready to sign him. It could be quite tempting for the club to do so because we have two good replacements, although not finished articles yet. We did quite well in the keeper department last season despite Westwood not playing much.
  7. FinnishOwl

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Like many others, I think he's a good enough player if he just stays fit, but the wages are the big problem. If this deal happens, it's definitely one of the best for a while. We just have to hope that Nuhiu's resurrection at the end of last season was not a hoax but credited to Jos.
  8. FinnishOwl

    Jos trimming the squad

    All we need now are teams who would like to buy some dead wood. Not too easy if you want to get some decent money off them.
  9. At least no good Scandinavians have been reported? I'd expect that there would be good, young and potential ones to try out.
  10. FinnishOwl

    New contracts

    Hopefully the players will also want to sign new contracts if they are offered one, and I'm sure many will. It would be quite an achievement to replace all of them and have the squad gel on time for the 19/20 season. I agree that they should have a contract offer on the table now and then sell them at the latest in January if they won't sign. It must be strictly business now.
  11. We'll all be crying tears of joy if Abdi proves us all wrong and has a stellar season. Or at least an acceptable one. There's nothing like a surprise like that.
  12. Considering the squad depth, there's not much other possibilities to downsize than the keepers or forwards/strikers. Also with keepers, the only sensible option in terms of money would be selling Westwood. With forwards, it's hard to reduce our wage budget without butchering the squad because the big earners like Winnall or Fletcher probably cannot be moved inside this window.
  13. Exactly. This season will be the most difficult one financial-wise, but if we make it and come out with a decent squad, the next season is where we can seriously start thinking about going up. Of course, in football anything can happen but no need to risk everything now. We've suffered for quite a long time and one season more is not that bad if the trend just is positive.
  14. (By parties I mean SWFC and Rhodes) If he gets his confidence back and starts scoring goals again, his value will go up and it will be much easier to sell him if SWFC wants to ship him out. If he is kept, there is a good chance that he returns as a better player and scores also for us. He knows how to score goals, there is no question about that.
  15. If he goes, I hope all the best for him and that he finds his confidence again. It would be a win-win situation for both parties.