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  1. This is very much true. Way too many managers and coaches who are careful not to upset anyone because "you never know who you're going to work for". I love a good banter and proper shithousery like this.
  2. Now what? If that one record setting result against Wycombe dooms us in the end, it's time to cry.
  3. Well done, lads. Also happy to see a trialist since we need to act quite fast if we want any better ones in. Asking for a friend: could we transfer the points from our U23 to the senior squad?
  4. +6 points for each promising youngster out of contract and leaving for a bigger club almost or completely free, so +12 this summer and we're back on track!
  5. More likely to get a Supper League membership I think.
  6. And at the crossfade from the previous song, someone banging the door and shouting "Time to go!"
  7. Thank you Snoots. I hope the fat lady sings the high C so loud that the other C's glass bubble finally cracks. I don't know what to expect from today. A loss would mean that we might see the young lads in the last few games which cannot be worse than what we've mostly seen lately.
  8. You know, it's really not a zero sum game. Someone has to be the sucker.
  9. I seriously think he could do better than choose either one. And I'm not talking about us as an option if he wants to build a career in football right now.
  10. Iorfa and Bannan are two to build around, but unfortunately I don't see Iorfa staying longer than till January when he probably is fit after the injuries and a saleable asset. We have some young prospects to use in L1, hope we actually use them. To let them go for free later.
  11. That was one case where a tiny investment could have saved a lot in the end.
  12. I am only hoping that the situation with cash flow and our inevitably reduced wage structure will prevent that tumour of an advisor from benefitting from our signings. Only time will tell, first we have to see if we have a manager or a first team coach and who the person is when the next window opens. And of course, Paxo's true link to the club is uncertain at least to me.
  13. I've been thinking the same. The last two-three seasons have been very much something else than fun, and the next season in Championship would definitely be our last as we have to replace almost a full squad during the summer. I can see a relegation the only wake up call we have left in the toolbox. And that it hopefully prevents Paxo from stuffing overpaid past-it players to the club anymore.
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