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  1. The players have not listened to any manager for a long time I think. They've played the same game they are used to, only with some random flashes of what is expected of them. It's quite basic that at home you will attack and push on and don't just play sideways or backwards. Monk must be very frustrated and he knows that he just cannot bllck them all because it would lead to a disaster. It's like negotiating with teenagers, frustrating most of the time.
  2. Realistically thinking, it would be quite scary if we went up. Quite a few of our players would need to be replaced during the summer to even stand a slight chance in the PL.
  3. We all know that the problems we had at the beginning of the season are still there. The stale squad has not been revamped. Before that happens, I can only expect this rollercoaster ride to continue.
  4. Let's grab some positives out of this. Even if we lost 0-10, we'd still only throw three points away.
  5. Just stop eating styrofoam instead of real popcorn..
  6. I like it. Don't change the winning team, they've earned their shirts.
  7. Fox is a good squad player and not a past-it crock, so I'd offer a new contract. There's no point in selling him now or letting go on a free; if needed, next season we could get more money for the same player with a 2-year contract.
  8. I can't see him being paid much, so it's a very low risk bet. I think the kid is genuinely happy for the chance to get to play in England..or are the Sheffield women something special that an Argentinian stallion would thoroughly enjoy?
  9. Clearly a player "for the future". Not a bad thing considering that our U23 team could also do with some refreshments and he fits in nicely. So let's just let him prove himself and see what happens.
  10. With our reputation of handling the financial side of football and strange dealings from one pocket to another, I wouldn't be surprised if something happened in the forthcoming years. Unless we get promoted, of course..
  11. What happens if the club passes away before the end of the ticket?
  12. Good luck and all the best for the future. He had a chance here so cannot complain, it's best to take a step back and try and get a first team shirt at some other club.
  13. Urho's (fun fact: 'urho' could be translated as 'valiant' in Finnish) sudden appearance in the first team could do very good for Penney. He'll know that it's possible to feature if you are good enough. I'm hoping that he gets fit and starts pushing for a place to get more competition there.
  14. I think the same rule should apply to all players regardless of the age or status: you earn your shirt and others should have to grab it from you because of your form. I don't think there is a real possibility of burning out in the Championship.
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