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  1. Can't head the ball as the transplanted hair would fall off.
  2. I don't think Chelsea is after money in Hector's case, because he cannot be super expensive so it would be peanuts anyway. My guess is that a fee based on appearances or something like that is what would be the most probable one. They are probably happy to offload him because he won't get to their first team, and hopefully think of a place where he could fulfil his potential, right there under the wings of Stev3.
  3. But it would be the Wednesday way, wouldn't it?
  4. Thanks for all the work with the OMDTs, you/Stubbs have pounded the keyboard quite a lot since the beginning of the season and the quality has remained to this day. Now that you have been made temporarily redundant, just soak in the gin and beer like a good working class lad I'd love to end the season on a high note and then see the start of the great rebuild next week, so it's going to be 2-0 for us with Fletcher and Hooper scoring. I also hope that Lee will start so that he will get one more go if he happens to leave in the summer.
  5. I just love Bruce for being an honest person, and being fair in that he didn't start telling players that they're out of work until they really have finished the season. I think there are a few players he is not sure about and wants to see things till the end. I don't think it will hurt our chances of signing Westwood and Hector when he says in public that we really want them to stay.
  6. I don't think his choices are affected by what happened with the previous manager. He's been very happy playing since the Steves arrived.
  7. Thanks Snoots I like how SB is preparing everyone for a massive reset in the next few months. Of course we all know that it's absolutely necessary and that it may well mean that next season we could once more be hovering somewhere mid-table (hopefully not battling relegation) if the pieces just don't fall into place. But I'd rather see promotion with a squad that doesn't need to be rebuilt for PL, which would be the case if we got promoted this season.
  8. From what shop do we buy our dodgy hamstrings from? Aliexpress? Something positive in a negative thing - more youngsters should get their chances now.
  9. Fox probably had his best run out there before he lost his place to the Iorfa/Palmer combo. I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  10. In addition to the away point and a clean sheet, a huge positive is that Hooper got first team minutes under his belt. Just some weeks ago, I would not have expected to see him play this season.
  11. It's still an away draw we have in our hands. No panic, a valuable point nonetheless.
  12. It's all right. I thought we were fighting to reach the play dohs this season.
  13. We wanted Jordan Rhodes - he was bought for millions and what happened? Iorfa was on many wishlists in the transfer window rumour threads, he was bought for pennies and what happened? He's a monster
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