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  1. And it was just discussed today that Hunt cannot get game time unless Bannan is off.
  2. Same for me. It's quite clear that a single man up front doesn't work so why not try to form a pair.
  3. We already got Cadbury's, so it's logical to get someone in who can appreciate a little delicacy.
  4. I don't know if that very long shadow is an intentional clever pun pointing his age, but it made me chuckle. Which is good because laughs have been few and far between at SWFC lately. On a serious note, I believe his biggest strength right now is the database. I would assume he has followed players all the time and may have something already for us.
  5. It was quite clear in the summer window that there are no excessive amounts of money available. The promising young players from L1 already cost too much for us, that's why we have scraped the freebies barrel to just try to get a full squad at least for the seniors. Our recruitment staff are not stupid, more like restricted by resources at the moment.
  6. I really don't understand why our recruitment team didn't read the name on the x-ray photos he sent via email.
  7. If we had replaced Fletcher with a player of similar calibre and a non-biscuitlike body, our problems would ne so much smaller. I think our problems lie mostly there; you have to score a goal to win games, own goals only help so much. I can definitely understand why we didn't get any better players in, we simply do not have the financial capabilities, be it FFP or just DC's pockets getting emptier by the minute.
  8. Based on that, no question. It's a stupid red and totally unnecessary.
  9. Mi'lord, I think you hit the nail on the head there with Pulis's character. I was quite uneasy about him when the rumours started, but he himself managed to clear a lot of that feeling. He knows what he's best at and doesn't need to fancy anyone anymore. This fixture ia going to be much tougher than normally because of the injury problems, but maybe it will let some youngster shine. 0-1 for The Owls.
  10. Based on everything we've seen so far, DC is giving Pulis some ammo right from the start. I wonder what happens in the near future to the coaching staff that already were here like Thompson and Bullen.
  11. These days a manager in his 60s is almost in his prime if he has kept up with things. Networking is very important and I have no doubt that the new man wouldn't use them for us.
  12. Rhodes simply cannot get a better chance than now, if he is selected. Enough games to see if he's worth using, I am 100% sure that we'll bring in at least one striker in January whatever the outcome is.
  13. Rhodes is a confidence player if anyone is.. it doesn't work if he's in and out inside 4-5 games. I expect Pulis to give him a fair chance and probably better suited tactics too, so it's only up to him. It is a fact that we just don't have too many of those strikers.
  14. I would have liked to see a clause where 2-3 of the subs on the bench must be U23.
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