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  1. Wait a minute.. if they nullify the season, they also force us to go through 19/20 again? Noooooooooooo.....
  2. They've probably deciphered the cunning plan of rolling 10-year season tickets, and will slap us with an equal rolling annual points deduction until we are in the Premier League.
  3. Beggars cannot be choosers so we have to be happy if he wants to sign a new contract. He's a good squad player and I think our LB position is one of the smallest problems we have.
  4. They think City will buy them if they have the match of their lives?
  5. I strongly agree. The Saturday afternoon football as we know it, is long gone already.
  6. Salary caps are probably the solution in the long run, but it's going to be very difficult to have one without the PL being involved and I'm sure they won't want to. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't come up with a closed league at some point.
  7. The odds at the local betting office here show that Charlton's chances of winning are 18,5%. We play home, so had to lump on. Sorry about that. Nevertheless, anything but a draw is a good result.
  8. Chansiri tried to charge him £1M for using it on his page.
  9. Maybe Joey and Nuhiu are players who listen to the manager and do exactly what they are told, and that's why he selects them. Could be as simple as that.
  10. We've not had many leading examples on the pitch lately. I hope Fletcher will be one as a senior pro and a player with the right attitude.
  11. Kind of weird to see people say that your problems with your family are much easier to handle when you earn a lot of money. As a father of two teenage girls, I can say that if I got the weekly wages the footballers earn, my problems with them would still not be smaller. The constant worry and battle of strong wills is there, and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that players have a hard time trying to concentrate on their work because of these everyday issues. Probably their missus gets on their backs the same way as anyone else's when you seem to spend too much time away from home. Sure, you can hire an army of people taking care of the house and whatever, but you are still responsible for the family yourself.
  12. Didn't Jos freeze Hutchinson after the disastrous WBA game? I'm sure some words were exchanged after that one, and I wouldn't be surprised if something similar has happened again.
  13. One problem we will have is that the place would have to be something the freebies want to come to. Any better players can choose, and I'm sure we will have to do some serious persuasion to make them even look at our direction give the state things have been lately.
  14. Maybe we could get a special permission to do 11 substiutions at half time so all of them could feature. Otherwise there could be more frozen out players after the match.
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