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  1. Yes but look what happened to him after his playing career
  2. Sow scores a hat trick and we'll sell him to Ajax for £1M. Good times. I'd like us to give some youngsters game time, I wouldn't mind having Cadamarteri on the bench.
  3. FDB has been better than I expected. He always had it in him, but has somehow been so inconsistent earlier that the first two games have been a pleasant surprise.
  4. Judging by goals scored and conceded today, we got 3 points. Which is nice.
  5. Iorfa hopefully gets the message here.
  6. So happy for them, and of course for England, congrats to you too! This tournament does so much good to football. Men's football couldn't have done the same in years with the sport being what it is now.
  7. Yes, the margins look very narrow in the league table.
  8. This is what Pato does. Don't expect too much and he'll do good.
  9. Welcome back! I'm only sad that now the summer's gone (and summer vacations over for me), but let's hope the Wednesday provides comfort. 2-1, Gregory scores both for us.
  10. The last season was already a big change towards the better. He stayed out of the limelight and let the manager get on with his job and apparently supported him with money as much as possible. I don't see that changing during the new season, which is very good.
  11. It was so enjoyable to first hear the commentators on our TV go all Sweden before the game, they didn't speak of anything else than the superior flexible system they use. Then things started happening I love these matches more than men's. It is so refreshing to see the old football.
  12. Host & Stay is kind of our motto from the last years regarding all the players Joking aside, nice to have this kind of a partnership
  13. That is very good news and proves that we clearly have a plan for him (and hopefully the other promising youngsters as well).
  14. Football is like the airline business. If you sum the profit or loss of all the companies in the world, you end up in the red. That's why it is nowadays a hobby for millionaires or billionaires around the world.
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