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  1. FinnishOwl

    Hector’s carpet slippers

    Having a former CB like Bruce push Thorniley through the early years of his professional career is the best thing that could have happened to him. If we somehow manage to bring Hector in permanently, we could have a stellar pair in our defence for years to come. That's the foundation of a successful team anywhere in the world.
  2. FinnishOwl

    Wednesday - V Reading OMDT

    As long as we don't lose, I'm fine with the results. Bruce has a lot of work to do and I'm sure the training ground will be put to good use.
  3. FinnishOwl

    Lucas - Goal Machine

    Pukki has always been a promising player but never a really consistent one. I don't know what has happened to him because this season he has been a very different player, hungry and much more confident and probably a tad stronger too. I'm not the only Finn with such an opinion. If Norwich go up, he's had the best league to practice getting tough enough to compete in the PL. The same with João if he gets the chance up there either with us or someone else.
  4. FinnishOwl

    Bouncebackability Bruce

    From the sheer amount of chances to score, no worries so everything's looking good. Our forwards haven't had much chance to practice goalscoring on the pitch this season so it will take some time to start finding the net more often.
  5. Too bad you can't give away your deadwood to charity and ask Santa to bring better ones
  6. I think that's one huge reason why he wanted to come here. I don't think such opportunities arise too often.. My opinion of Bruce is that he's the highest profile gaffer since Big Ron, and just to think how many years have already passed since then gives me the
  7. So this is actually more like a clever plan to get more women interested in supporting the club? Seriously speaking - they're only loans so if no good, they'll be out in June anyway. I'm sure they are Bruce approved anyway.
  8. FinnishOwl

    Chairman’s statement

    I think that is our biggest problem. It's hard to sell if the player earns too much for his current form (and age). We only have a few that would be easy to sell and get us at least some money in, but really not that much. Reach is the only one who could give a real financial boost, the rest so-and-so.
  9. FinnishOwl

    Wigan Press conference breakdown

    Agnew is a coach by trade at the club. He knows his position and is wise to not get publicly involved in the discussion. In two weeks, we probably will not see him anymore as the bigger Steve (by all accounts) takes control. Please remove the tin foil hats, let's just get behind the team - whatever it is.
  10. FinnishOwl

    FF and Joao - positive news

    Let's see how motivated FF is under the new regime. I think he has the most to prove and I'm looking forward to seeing him show his best.
  11. FinnishOwl

    Wednesday -V- Luton (FA Cup) OMDT

    It could be an entertaining match. Both teams with good confidence and FA Cup is always a joy to watch. Definitely not a clean sheet game, I'd say 2-1 to the Owls. I hope Winnall will start (nothing wrong with Fletcher though), it would do good for him to play at least the first half. He should be hungry to show The Three Steves what he can do.
  12. FinnishOwl

    Aggers and Clem

    I think they'll just start assessing the squad and implement the training schemes before Bruce is in. I trust Bullen is the one who is responsible for picking the starting eleven as the matches under him have shown a nice positive trend.
  13. FinnishOwl

    Gary Hooper

    For the sake of the person himself, I hope he gets fit even if we release him in the summer. It would be nice to see him overcome the injury spell just like I hope Lee will. Both are very good players and deserve to end their careers on a higher note than a long-term injury.
  14. Collymore: " Expect lots of signings that the manager doesn't fancy " That sounds more like some DoF - or an owner - playing tricks on the manager.
  15. I'm carefully positive this time. I've followed the club for 25 years or so and there's not been that many fancy moments there apart from some very bright (pun intended) flashes. Anything positive related to the Owls must be taken with a grain of salt, but that's just what it is to be a Wednesdayite. I'd rather be like this than support any of those fancy clubs that are now in fashion because the money is there. Just look at what Man C or Chelsea were back in the early 90s.