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  1. I really don't like pink stuff unless they are worn by a pretty lass. Still, a kit is better than none. Well done!
  2. I don't know if all the money weighed in his pockets to slow him down, but something happened to him during his time here. He was a unit for some time but a very different player afterwards. Did he have some specific injury that might have caused something? I recall he was out and then never got back to his original level.
  3. If he had said that, we would immediately know that he's been told there's absolutely no money for new players. His words regarding player needs suggest that we could have several new ones if we just manage to get them signed or get those loans agreed.
  4. A 100% fit Dunkley should be a useful player in L1.
  5. Take him in and sell for £1M a year later. Profit.
  6. Injured often enough to join us, but still no thanks.
  7. Most of the irritation must be caused by him showing his normal smiling face even if everything goes down the toilet.
  8. BB is hard to replace but still business-wise selling him for a high enough fee could be the best option since we are still bleeding money out of the club. I don't know if Hunt or anyone we've been looking to bring in could fill his boots though, but that would be a time to step up.
  9. They definitely look like Moore's signings. I don't care if it's Att approving them as long as DM is making the suggestions.
  10. I want to see things being built, I don't need a ready-made squad but young talent being slowly brought into the first team. Inevitably we would be preparing them for bigger things and making enough money to improve the core of the club which should be an attractive academy type setup.
  11. Has Börner been told that he can leave for free if he plays, or why the happy face?
  12. It was the time when PL football was mostly British style football and many of those European stars didn't cope with it. Didn't his teammate Martin Dahlin also fail at Blackburn, and Patrik Andersson? Won't include Ingesson out of respect.
  13. I'd definitely like to see him join us, maybe it would finally make the keeper situation stable. Besides, whenever he screws up, we could just go "PFfff".
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