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  1. FinnishOwl

    So what is the way forward?

    Do we have a strong enough holding attacking player for direct football? Would be nice to have a scary Carsten Jancker-type bruiser up there making space for others and generally just causing mayhem by his presence.
  2. FinnishOwl

    So what is the way forward?

    I think many of our players may not be good enough to adapt to the ever changing formation and squad rotation. I have problems if I sometimes cannot sit at the same desk in the office. But Snoots is right, the beard could be the key. How about those hipster buns on some players?
  3. That's true, you are probably much more passionate what comes to football than us in general. Of course, we have lots of village idiots but they don't seem to cause issues inside the stadium at least for now. Strange thing is that the Germans can behave and they should be quite hardcore supporters.
  4. I think the Americans got those points a long time ago. The baseball, American football and ice hockey matches are a big happening also outside the game itself. Many people spend the entire day around the stadium and just enjoy the atmosphere, and it's often a family thing. Beer in the stands is one small but important thing. Here the legislation was changed only at the beginning of the year so that now you can take your beer with you to the seat (reserved area for drinking) and watch the game while drinking it. Previously you had to fetch a quick beer between the periods (ice hockey) and maybe rush to the toilet too with 5000 other people. Now you actually spend more money on beer because you have more time to drink Nevertheless, it has made watching the game a nicer experience at least to me.
  5. FinnishOwl

    Thats me done

    Being a SWFC fan, you have been taught to be a realist at least over the last 25 years or so. That's how I see it. Yes, the current situation is disastrous - the result is a sum of many things - but the club is still there and hopefully will be there when DC has moved on, all the current players have moved on and so on. That's what it is being a supporter, you have to try to stay behind the club through thick and thin, and we if who should know that it's the Wednesday way to self-destruct every now and then, hopefully to rise from the ashes again. It could be worse. We could support some other club who would not provide a way to vent out all the bad feelings in your life.
  6. DC is from a culture where the hierarchy is still very important. The manager is above the players and if there is information that the lowest level (players) does not respect the higher level (coaching staff), DC may well approve any disciplinary action. Of course, provided that the coaching staff acts with proper respect.
  7. People's memory is very short, and football fans have an even shorter memory.
  8. FinnishOwl

    Press conference live now

    Exactly, and he really seems like he doesn't care whether his way is liked or not. Like any of those drill sergeants, they know they don't need to please anyone but do their jobs. As his boss, DC has given him some sort of orders, and the academy seems to be on high priority. If Jos was not as quiet and reserved and would just tell you funny anecdotes at press conferences instead of being quite direct, what then? I think some people would be making even more guesses. But footballing reasons does include moaning, that is for sure.
  9. FinnishOwl

    Penney Signs New Deal

    I love how the tin foil hats are being worn immediately because he didn't get a 3-year, 12 billion-a-week deal This is great news. He's got a year to prove the club and himself that he's able to hold a regular place in a Championship squad, he'll be rewarded with a better contract rather sooner than later if that proves to be true.
  10. FinnishOwl


    I think many people around here are missing the obvious fact that The Rebuild has already begun. The young players would not feature so much this early to the season if that was not true. Maybe the embargo ruined plan A and plan B was then the only option left.
  11. FinnishOwl

    The frozen outs

    One thing that bothers me.. Jos doesn't mention frozen out players at all, but he did mention Abdi being considered for the U23 game. So is he really frozen out or just not match fit enough to participate in the U23s to get to the matchday squad.
  12. FinnishOwl

    The pressure is on...

    I agree, he doesn't strike me as a person who would change things under pressure. He clearly has been avoiding a permanent squad or formation and some managers just do that instead of going 442 any day. Could be that the players are just not (yet) used to it. I'm sure his being a foreigner makes these things easier for him to do because he doesn't have the English mindset regarding football. That being said, it would be very interesting to see which players he would bring in if he had the chance.
  13. FinnishOwl

    The pressure is on...

    We've been on quite a rollercoaster ride since early this year and it doesn't seem to change. Personally I'm happy if we get a safe mid-table position this season and then start the inevitable rebuilding process - hopefully plans are already being made in the background, no matter what Mr Chansiri says about us being up to our necks in it if we are not promoted. Our current squad is certainly not going to challenge for promotion, we've already seen that because that requires consistency and winning games also on a bad day.
  14. FinnishOwl

    The pressure is on...

    I'm afraid that if he's out, we'll be in more problems. If there's no money for transfers or loans, there's no money no matter who is in charge. I don't think that any freeze outs are just because Jos doesn't like someone's face, it must be the general atmosphere among the whole squad that is now starting to smell through the small cracks in the surface.
  15. From someone who doesn't breath football and is not Sheffield-born - I'm sorry to say that we are not a big club anymore. We haven't been one for a long time now, and we have a very long way to go to establish ourselves as one again. Just think of ManC or Chelsea of the early 90s and look where they are now with sugar daddy's money. There's always a chance but you need to work hard to earn it. We must stick together and support the players and coaching team instead of making them scared of any error they make because they inevitably will.