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  1. Not too sure that Celtic is a great destination at the moment ! They are in need of a rebuild right now with things in a bit of a mess. My question is: What do you think his potential is ?
  2. I think Leicester made an up front offer that got turned down as Chansirii decided that he was smarter than anyone else. Leicester then produced a f**k you card and played it. Chansiri left some coin on the table proving that he's the man. You can't have it both ways !!!
  3. What determines "big club"status ? Leeds, Forest & Villa always refer to themselves as big clubs but it has been years since they have accomplished anything. Does big club status last forever or is there an expiry date?
  4. Excellent conversation skills !! I really can't be bothered to argue with rude people so do a search or don't . I don't care
  5. looks like Villa have pulled a similar scam but using a friendly club in Europe. Villa used Barcelona to grab a West Brom kid & now he is moving to Villa
  6. The only people who will make any money here will be the lawyers.
  7. Easy to slag a national hero after he has died. A bit slimy !!
  8. I think that is wrong. He was on the way home from Physio by all accounts unless you have some unreleased inside info.
  9. I saw him play many times at the old Filbert St ground in Leicester. Fantastic Keeper !!!
  10. Not sure what you are trying to say but whatever diet Tango is, it's not available in Canada.
  11. It will mean nothing if quality doesn't translate to promotion. I think Monk is tailor made for the Championship and will do well as long as he gets the backing.
  12. Are there not better choices out than Pulis ?? It floors me that he keeps getting recycled !!!
  13. How managers like Pulis, Bruce & Fat Sam keep getting recycled is beyond me. Are there not any young British managers who play attacking football who would welcome the chance to manage a Championship side ?
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