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  1. Its a big IF but if we can win the next 2 games there is a good chance that we will be 2 points behind Derby. Its then a case of matching their results to the end of the season and beating them on the last day... Simples!!! Rotherham have got a mountain to climb, thats a lot of fixtures with a paper thin squad
  2. Big well done to the team last night and you can see in some of the clips how much it means to the players which is great
  3. Who authorised getting 2 in the box, it will never catch on I tell the!!!
  4. Exactly this. Just saying this is not another Chansiri out thread... can’t see him turning it round and fixing all the issues we have right now so probably best if someone else took the reigns. My post wasn’t about DC needing to be gone, it’s about my dismay and disappointedly the apathy for the situation the club is in. Half way through a game and rather than watching I’ve had a glance at the score. That not a normal Saturday for me
  5. Apologies not trying to start a Chansiri out debate this post is more cathartic than anything else. I’ve watched almost all the matches on iFollow this season through the bad to woeful performances but I’m finally broken and the club won’t be seeing another penny from me until there is serious change. The inevitability of Shaw leaving leaves a sour taste in the mouth that there is no plan for the future. The constant shroud around the ‘committee’ that make these random decisions has finally become too much. The constant finger pointing at people rat
  6. Got to be honest I'm one of those that hopes he can see a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Talk of a new left back and some things starting to whirr around a striker makes me think we will be alright... There are some bad teams in this division and surely a few tweaks will see us ok. Thats said there is something rotten, and whilst I still will not bashing Chansiri directly, he's the owner and doesn't put the team on the pitch he has seemingly made a rod for his own back by listening to the wrong people. There is seemingly a stubbornness also which is causing issue. If rumours
  7. Just saying they look lovely in parts, difficult conditions to be fair
  8. Nice having westwood back... looks confident in goal Borner having a mare tonight... still looks concust Penney not grabbing his chance Hutch looks like he never left Bannan looks solid to be fair always a step ahead Reach and Green decent to be fair windass not really done much but is feeding off scraps Joey really needs to come off or he’s going to get sent off. its an awful game to watch but I’m more confident we can come good than I was before Christmas
  9. Just looks off pace and to be fair, needs a run of games you can see he has ability but some sloppy mistakes tonight
  10. It’s 21 years since we were in the Prem what do you expect?
  11. Completely disagree, once the second goal went in it was game over but the first half we showed some really good play. Everton are a very good team... stuff to work on but some positives after Pulis ball. Green looks a different threat when he gets up to speed. Bazza and Reach looked very good in patches tonight
  12. This is better than the drivel we have been watching for months... some nice play going forwards. no shame in losing to a very good Everton side
  13. Was just about to post this... reference to the mountain to climb for us?
  14. I still think is we had some holes plugged we could play people in their actual positions. Shaw looks like a decent strong midfielder alongside Bannan. I know he hasn’t shone but Izzy Brown is another creative midfielder if we had a solid base which we don’t without putting men behind the ball and leaves people further forward isolated. Windass a decent 10 not a 9 Plenty of decent people to come back especially at CB Desperately need a LB and a 9 and a few other things would click
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