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  1. Where was this confirmed press conference I heard suggested it was misinterpreted and it’s the press that brought it up not him
  2. Jesus what has this market become James tarkowski went for about £4m only a few years back and we are talking about big hec being worth potentially £2m more???
  3. Few quick question more than anything. Did anyone actually confirm we had fallen foul of financial fair play? How do clubs smaller than us spend more money on transfers and stay within the realms of FFP? I’m just wondering if half truths got out there re FFP and nobody denied it rather than confirming it. Is Jos’s time just a holding position to sell the club without making any further significant investment? A lot of business around Hillsborough just seems a bit cloak and dagger
  4. Young goalkeeper Cameron McCulloch has put pen to paper on a professional contract with the Owls. Alright he’s come from academy but that is essenrially a contract that has been signed... would that therefore apply to free transfers?
  5. Just wondering how we have signed this keeper if we are under an embargo. I understood the issue partly to be about finances as in we weren’t allowed to spend more ( I’m presuming this lad is not on a great deal so that shouldn’t be the prime factor) but more thatbwe were not allowed to register anyone if we were under an embargo unless we had a need like Birmingham with a small squad ( again not really an issue especially in the goalkeeping department)
  6. Just wondering what the general consensus is on Winnall. Personal view, Lampard in the first year of management is going to be pulling in some big names that really shouldn’t be going to Derby... are they really going to be interested in Winnall? if that’s the case is he going to be welcomed back? He seemed to fly the Derby flag since he’s been there
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