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  1. Tell you what even an Windass without the "minutes in his legs" made a difference tonight
  2. Just thinking about Waddles comments at the weekend... Is Windass a missing link to buzz around their defence and provide the ammo for Gregory? Not saying he is but he is certainly something different to what we have on the pitch at the minute On that note... anyone heard when he is due back, still the end of the month?
  3. Really don’t like it… like you said looks like we are watching Huddersfield
  4. We are really missing his tenacity and willingness to drive at defences
  5. 2 decent goals and a cracking assist… he’s obviously getting on a bit but after nursing him back to health I think we let go of him too quickly… Lee was a very good player. that said I agree Dennis is the future at the min… great engine
  6. Jesus wept there are some miserable folk on here. Was that an amazing performance… no… did the team actually put effort in and press to stop Wigan playing…. Yes! We have gone from the brink of oblivion not playing players to recruiting a hat full of decent new players… give them time to gel and stop moaning
  7. Are you for real? Do expect us to gel striaght away with all these new players and not have a few struggles… I’d have been happy with this side last season
  8. That was my whole point… keeping all them happy when I reality none that have played so far really deserve benching at the min
  9. Couldn’t disagree more with the slight on Palmer I think he has been excellent this season. My point was it gives us a bit better balance when Johnson is in at left back and if that’s the case either Palmer or Hunt is going to be aggrieved if they lose the right back spot. ive always rated Palmer, yes he has his weaknesses but so do all players and people forget he had reinvented himself so many times… he started off in the team way back when as a midfielder (which I still think he could do a job at by the way)
  10. Keeping all these players happy! I can't imagine many of these players have come here to sit on the bench or the players that have come on loan that their parent club will be happy if there is a lack of involvement. I know its a long old season and we are going to pick up knock etc but if you pick most positions its really difficult to pick the starting line up. Great initially in terms of getting people chomping at the bit fighting for a place but are we going to see some unrest when players don't make it week after week or play a it part. First casualty I can see is Liam Palmer... I think he had been outstanding so far this season and does not deserve dropping, but can't see him displacing Hunt and I think Marvin Johnson will move into the left back slot
  11. Going up with as winners of the play off final after a 94th minute deflection of Patos arse would be good enough for me... As long as we get out of this league this year, we have to bounce straight back up. These year extensions will be based on that and the core of our team will be gone if we don't go up. Personally I think Darren Moore is the best thing that has happened to us and although I'm sure there will be bumps in the road I do fancy us to go up automatically from what I've seen so far. Those scruffy games where we soaked up some pressure we would have lost the past couple of years, even stretching back to Carlos UTO
  12. Seriously???? last season with some of the decisions around pulis, Shaw… the list goes on I would have agreed with you. That said people make mistakes and there is no doubt he has invested a serious amount of cash. the fact that he has evidently learnt from his mistakes is a positive. This kind of childish figure pointing and creating a pantomime villain out of DC helps no one. Pipe down with the endless victimisation and support the team, who at this moment on time seem to be on an upward trajectory UTO
  13. Credit where credit is due! I was demoralised last year, with a low point coming when there was confirmation of Shaw leaving. let’s be honest we expected to go down last year and it was always going to be an uphill battle. This is starting to feel like a new era! In Darren Moore we have someone who obviously knows these leagues and people want to play for, some of the signings are exceptional for this level. Having not wanted to watch football towards the end of the season I feel enthused about the future (yes I know it’s running before we can walk) but we seem to be turning the tide and that’s the important part. Congratulations Mr Chansiri, you have undoubtedly made some major mistakes in your time so far with the owls but you appear to have made some moves the repair the damage in appointing DM and allowing him to do his job Blind optimism but I’m really looking forward to this season
  14. Its a big IF but if we can win the next 2 games there is a good chance that we will be 2 points behind Derby. Its then a case of matching their results to the end of the season and beating them on the last day... Simples!!! Rotherham have got a mountain to climb, thats a lot of fixtures with a paper thin squad
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