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  1. 35 minutes ago, StudentOwl said:

    I would have still been fuming at the performance mate, we weren't at the races.


    The stat of something like 8/9 shots on target in 4 league games is an early symptom of a side that can't play attacking football. And supposedly that's what Moore is all about, and somewhat supposedly we have a lot of players that you would expect to see playing for clubs at the top end of this league.


    It must must must improve. I'm increasingly feeling that we have too many players in and it dilutes the sort of tight-knit group feeling you need to consistently win football matches. If you're going to have a big squad, you need a football manager that can handle that. Moore strikes me as the type of character that could lead a small tight-knit group to playing well above their station. You need to be a big big personality to keep so many players focussed and feeling together, especially when many are new and/or here on loan.


    Fair points mate 

  2. 2 minutes ago, markg said:

    Can’t blame Moore for a goal leeeper doing something as stupid as that 


    Just now, Lawrie’s Left Peg said:

    Why blame anyone. Does it help? Does it make you feel better? 




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  3. 1 minute ago, Grandad said:


    I'd love you to post a decent amount of evidence to back this up


    Because I know you can't 


    People (who aren’t gullible sheep) just need to read your posts over the last six weeks 


    Anti Moore from day one

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  4. 5 minutes ago, StudentOwl said:

    Regardless of whether BPF was trying to play from the back in that passage of play (he wasn't), Moore is not getting the best out of this side. In fact he's making a team of supposedly good individuals look increasingly like strangers who don't know how to compete.


    It has to improve. Quickly.


    And I'm very "pro Moore".




    It does


    But truth be told we just went to Ipswich and would have won if our keeper hadn’t had that absolute horrific incident 

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  5. 3 minutes ago, Grandad said:

    And you keep on defending the indefensible 


    Saying that the keeper threw the ball into his own net which meant we didn’t win isn’t defending anything 


    it’s stating cold hard honest no agenda truth 


    Something you’re unable to do with your constant trying to recruit for your anti-Moore protest group 

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  6. 1 minute ago, Grandad said:

    You think playing out from the back is BPFs tactic?


    He didn’t throw the ball into his own net cos we were playing from the back


    He was getting ready to smash it long 

    Keep your anti Moore propaganda attempts coming tho - your brigade seems to be growing as the gullible jump on your bandwagon to sackyetanothermanagerville 

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  7. Just now, TrickyTrev said:

    He said in his interview tonight “it’s my job to see the wood through the trees” :duntmatter:


    I’ve commented on this before but I honestly think it sounds like he rehearses his post match interviews. Like he’s listened to other managers talk and thinks he needs to talk like that too in order to sound more intelligent.


    Okayyyyyyy then

  8. 2 minutes ago, sternlad said:

    Can’t wait for the post match interview with DM. I don’t think he’s got much of a clue tactically, but is there not an attacking coach and a defensive coach in the first team set up? Just how “professional” are we as a club coaching team? It all seems a bit Mickey Mouse to me, like the players are trying to play to a game plan that they don’t fully understand how to implement on the pitch. All these training videos we see are all well and good but is the coaching effective in terms of getting points?



    The goalkeeper just threw the ball into his own net 



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  9. 2 minutes ago, MarvelOwls said:

    What a lovely headline.

    I bet the ones skating were wanting to sign him up after the penalty saves.

    8 games in and we have already turned toxic. Obviously this helped last season.



    Some have tried to turn it toxic from day one of this season 


    The ones who twist anything and everything to try and get everyone hating on Darren Moore 


    Ignore em


    Vast vast majority are behind the manager and the lads 👍👍

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  10. Just now, areNOTwhatTHEYseem said:




    Plus all this talk of 'playing it out from the back' completely ignores the fact that he dropped the ball ready to punt it upfield as the team pushed up.


    If our defenders had come short, he could have just rolled it out to them.



    If our defenders had shouted ‘he’s BEHIND you!!!’ It would have been fine too - works in the pantos 

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  11. 1 minute ago, TaxiMark said:


    Big question is will Moore keep playing it ? 

    I'm quickly becoming disillusioned with his tactics already.


    His tactics aren’t for the keeper to let their players stand behind him and nick the ball off em like that though 


    If they ARE then he should be sacked immediately 


    But they aren’t 

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  12. I want to hear from all those ‘lads’ who come on when people are complaining about the quality of catering at SWFC and say ‘can’t you just go a couple of hours without eating’ to tell us why beers should be allowed in your seat 


    At which point you can guess what my reply will be…

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