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  1. 40 minutes ago, Inspector Lestrade said:

    The moaners will be out to find fault.   



    First moan will be ten minutes after the kick off. Either on here or Twitter.  The boiling water was to hot. 


    There is (always) more people looking for moaning than there are people moaning 

    How about debate the actual threads instead of wandering round em like some sort of self appointed grief seeking critic police ffs

    Its time for the critic hunters to just foooook off and shut up as you’re ruining every thread


    Anyway - back to the thread and the subject a big well done to Liam Dooley and the team at SWFC

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  2. 22 minutes ago, S36 OWL said:


    No you didn't 


    I already have plenty of cash in the house. 


    We arrive at turnstile 


    I pull out two notes (£15) from pocket 


    You pull out card from pocket 


    I hand notes over, you scan card. 


    No difference in time that takes 


    I explained it already and blew your ‘cash is quicker’ argument right out the water 

    To the degree that it left you stood standing next to the pond with your clothes soaking wet and some kids pointing at you and laughing saying ‘look at the man over who is soaking wet through ha ha ha’ whilst one of them takes a photo of you for his Instagram and titles it ‘wet man who is soaking wet’

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  3. 2 hours ago, Weshallovercome said:

    Good, I like him and he has 3 kids to feed..........although I disagree with him on the Beres, it's a solid 10 for me.

    I think he's ace

    His little table makes it for me - some right funny stuff he does



  4. 55 minutes ago, S36 OWL said:

     I just go to the hole in the wall 


    Handing over £15 in cash at the turnstile tomorrow is as, quick as paying by contact less  



    Except you have to go find a hole in the wall, find a parking space, queue for the hole in the wall, put your card in, put your number in, wait for it to come up on the screen, press 'cash', type in how much you want, press the button with 'yes I"m ok with paying a mad fee just for taking my own money out of my own bank account', wait ages for the money to come out, take the money out, walk back to the car and get in it and drive away

    Apart from all that yeah it's as quick as paying by contactless

    Apart from having to get there, take your wallet out, start rummaging through for the right amount in notes/coins, hand it over, then stand and wait for your change after answering the 'haven't you got anything less??' question that you always seem to get asked when paying by cash

    Apart from that yeah it's just as quick



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  5. Screenshot 2021-07-31 at 12.23.32.jpg


    So I want four tickets

    I absolutely refuse to queue at the ticket office

    I just want to buy four tickets, get a QR code and show it on my phone - can't do that

    And if I want to print my own tickets out (I don't/wont) then it has to be one ticket printed per A4 sheet of paper??!


    I'll nip down with the three others that want to go and we can just pay on the turnstile as we walk in via Apple Pay or contactless - simple!

    Is that doable?

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