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  1. Thanks for prompt action ill try be a little cooler 

    1. @owlstalk


      No problem at all - you were correct that it shouldn't have been posted mate

      Deleted now - I'll have the mods keep a closer eye on things as they're usually in the football section doing their thing.


  2. Oy! Nah then I use to av about 1200 posts on my profile 2 years ago, so what that doin I've only got 800 an odd now. O that's giving a false reco o wot should be shown. I,m gonna report thee to consumers.

    By the way as tha got a female middle name.

    1. @owlstalk


      ha ha not sure - might have decreased during the cull



    2. (See 2 other replies to this status update)

  3. Quick warning - Im reyt ill today so might verbally attack you if prodded

  4. Wow updates your Facebook too!

    1. @owlstalk


      Yes it does !

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