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  1. I need this one explaining to me I don't understand what you mean Are you saying spending restrictions force clubs to be spending more?
  2. Every single one of those slating him currently will deny slating him in a few years Same as those who booed Sheridan etc etc
  3. That's exactly what needs to happen when the tiny handful of nutters are calling for Moore to go or Barry Bannan to be dropped
  4. This thread is like listening to my grandad telling everyone how great music used to be
  5. It makes you wonder what kind of parents these people are I mean when their son Jonny comes home from junior school and says he scored 6 out of 10 on his spelling test do these people just boot him out into the street to fend for himself and then just breed another one? People are mad aren't they
  6. Yes Provided it's not been shut down due to Brex...... Ahhhh damn I can't stop now
  7. *checks thread title* Wonders why people read the thread title, click into it knowing it's about something they claim they're not interested in, but then go on to not just read the thread but post in it Bizarre stuff..
  8. NO POLITICS This is about chinese chippy!!
  9. I bet it’s more than ten years too! im crap at maths
  10. You've been here since 2011 mate - you should know by now how this whole thing works Enjoy Filey - fab place! I like the food place down near the ramp to the beach - nice there
  11. Pics or it didn't happen! ps where have you gone to? Anywhere nice?
  12. To be fair you did that yourself defending Brexit Oh... DaMn - now you made me do it all over again!!
  13. My apologies mate just realised - thought I was in a thread in politics section mate - have deleted my post as don’t want politics in this section
  14. Is that Barry Bannan insisting on that (as his haters would have us believe) or is it the managers decision?
  15. Oh god The Bannan haters are peddling their muck in every thread now aren't they?
  16. I disagree I personally believe that they're actual real people
  17. Sheffield Wednesday v Shrewsbury Town | Extended highlights, 2021/22 Watch video here Sheffield Wednesday v Shrewsbury Town | Extended highlights, 2021/22
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