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  1. Only if he's allowed to do his job without interferance or wage issues
  2. Not as easily as we did last season
  3. So odd So so odd (talking about yourself in the 3rd person now too - utterly bizarre)
  4. Nah you're right actually mate I've sat and thought about it and your constant outpouring of hate onto certain players is DEFINITELY the best way forward for our club
  5. You do yourself a disservice Am sure your wisdom will see us promoted
  6. pure hate mate Your obsession with pouring hate on players like Bannan and Nuhiu is just bizarre Like some kind of personality disorder
  7. Andy Blair was class - he was only ickle too
  8. I'm pretty sure we can all name the people on here for instance who will be the ones slating the young un's if they make a mistake and then call them crap until they leave the club I really hope this coming season they don't though - there's nothing more tiresome and it's a much more positive atmosphere when you allow players to make mistakes and encourage them on
  9. They're soooooo annoying aren't they BUt sometimes very funny I like it when they're completely wrong or they slate a player only for him to score 10 seconds later They're the best ones
  10. So pre-season training starts this week Our squad is down to bare bones having been relegated, a load of contracts expire on us, and players leaving. Reputationally (not paying players etc) it's going to be extremely difficult if not impossible to sign quality ambitious fit players which leaves us in the situation where we are probably fielding youngsters from the academy So the simple question is how many of our fans are ready for this? How many of our fans will give the youngsters the time, space and opportunity to actually make mistakes and learn? And which o
  11. Of course all the fans slatiing all the young lads that try and who give 100%, all those who chant for other players whilst the young lads are playing, all the fans who post how crap a player is on the players social media feed - they'll ALL tell you that they're 'right behind the lads' and 'supporting the team'
  12. He is OUTSIDE of the Sheffield Wednesday fanbase, but inside of it some of our fans still mysteriously back him It's sooooo odd
  13. So glad we let him go (although it DID cost us relegation but hey at least you can say he's gone eh!)
  14. I guess things will just go batshit crazier
  15. Well said mate! Come on Alex Hunt - have a top season - I'll be right behind you mate
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